The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 65


Chapter 65: To the Imperial City (2)

Do they say children’s appetites grow with them?

I have already had to reset the dining table four times.

“Yum yum.”

The child’s appetite seemed to have doubled just as their size had.

Should I call it rapid growth?

It is not growing slowly over a long period but a phenomenon of quickly surging in growth once a certain stage is reached.

I’m not sure if pureblooded dragons are like this since I haven’t seen it, but for now, this interpretation seemed right.

I didn’t have any female clothes on hand, so I had her wear my uniform for the time being,

And looking at her now, she indeed looked quite noble.

In that state, enrolling her here would be perfect.


“Yes, young master.”

“We may be leaving for the imperial city as early as tomorrow. Prepare for us to depart.”

“It’s settled then? Very well!”

Brian went outside to prepare for the journey.

There would be much to do, from carriage maintenance to various arrangements.

[And what about that little one, no, the little lady?]

Keram asked with a puzzled face.

“Would they believe me if I say she is the new youngest of the Bert family?”

[Why? Why not just say she is truly your daughter?]

With no good ideas coming to mind, I just spouted some meaningless words.

Now that she has grown so much, it’s not like I can hold her and take her along.

“We might be able to disguise her as a maid…”

Of course, I said that in jest.

With those horns, those wings, and that tail, who would actually see her as an ordinary human maid?

If only we could hide them somehow…

“Puah! I’m stuffed!”

After her meal, Nana rubbed her stomach with an expression of contentment.


In an instant, just like a bird folding its wings, Nana’s horns and wings miraculously vanished.


Keram and I looked at each other with disbelief.

[What happened, little one? Where did your horns and wings go?]

“Uh, what do you mean?”

When she stretched, as if waking from sleep, her previously hidden horns and wings reappeared.

“Can you hide those at will?”

“Hm? Maybe? It just happened all of the sudden?”

Nana waved her horns and wings freely.

Was this another consequence of her rapid growth?

As absurd as it sounds, this was an excellent situation for us at the moment.

“What about your tail? Can you hide that too?”

“The tail? Hold on, let me try.”

She clenched her little hands and, as if gathering her strength with a shout, her tail just as naturally disappeared.


Watching this unfold, I immediately grabbed Nana’s shoulder and said,



“How about we go out for a bit?”

* * *


The doors to the mansion opened boisterously, more like they were smashed, really.

The high-ranking knights gathered but none could move.

Her indigo hair fluttering in the desolate wind was both fearsome enough to trigger an instinctive terror and yet paradoxically beautiful.

The knights looked at each other, not knowing how to react.

“Where is mother—no, where is the Duchess?”

Her eerily chilling tone made some of the knights shrink back.

“She is on this floor, ma’am.”

She walked into the mansion without any hesitation.

Entering the Duchess’ room on the second floor without knocking,

Margaret Erjes, visibly flustered, was faced by her second daughter, Ellis Bert, gone for three years with a suspiciously threatening look in her eye.

“El, Ellis?”

“Mother, I’ve thought of you a lot on my way here – to the point that I couldn’t bear it. So, I’ve brought you a small gift.”

“What? You shouldn’t have, just coming is more than—”

While technically mother and daughter, they weren’t exactly close.

Margaret was strangely hopeful hearing about a gift, though cautiously so given Ellis’s demeanor.


Margaret, unprepared for such a ‘gift,’ felt a stinging pain flush her cheek.

In a daze, her eyes shook violently, while Ellis’s eyes glinted with consuming fury.

“You witch! Have you gone completely mad!?”

Margaret, clutching her face, yelled at Ellis.

“Me? Mad? No, it’s you who should be worried, Duchess Margaret.”


Ellis’s tone carried no more respect for her.

“You tried to kill Si-ahn!!”

Ellis exploded with pent-up emotion.

Taken aback, Margaret lost her words.

“He is just a child! What has he done to deserve your loathing to such an extent?”

“Produce evidence, evidence! Do you have any proof that I attempted Si-ahn’s assassination?”

Ellis was firm.

“Bry-an Ken-drick!”


“The knight of Belias who acted on your orders two years ago to orchestrate Si-ahn’s assassination? He now serves as Si-ahn’s guardian knight, does he not?”

Margaret’s hands shook uncontrollably.

“Do you think I would let that go unnoticed? How could you live with yourself after such heinous acts? What would father think if he knew?”

Margaret, quivering, found her voice amid panic.

“This is all because scum like you recklessly act out of place! People of your unsure origin, if allowed to enter a ducal lineage, should behave with some dignity, not causing trouble. Si-ahn was an unnecessary existence here from the onset!”


Following a twisted sound, Ellis reached for her chest.


Margaret was pulled forward by her collar and came face to face with Ellis.

“An unnecessary existence, did you say? Funny, let’s see who is more unnecessary, shall we?”

“What are you saying?”

“What if we say that we fought to the death here? How will father react? Between his wife and daughter, who would he favor more? Are you so sure he’ll side with you, Duchess?”

“Of, of course, I’m the legitimate wife of this house…!”

Ellis’s grip intensified.

“Don’t fool yourself! You know what this household stands for! It doesn’t matter if it’s the son, daughter, or even a wife, as long as the family’s legacy continues. That’s how our father operates!”


She released Margaret’s collar, who lost her balance and crashed to the ground.

Ellis still emanated a grim determination.

“Consider this a warning. Do not touch Si-ahn again! If anything happens to him, you will receive a ‘gift’ much harsher than a mere slap!”

With that serious admonition, Ellis left the room.

Left alone, Margaret struggled to gather herself.

“To think those insignificant pests dare to defy me…”

Instead of despair, she muttered incomprehensibly.

“Unnecessary? Before that child, they are all worthless! No matter how much they struggle, they can’t compare to that child…”

Her mysterious laughter filled the room with a chilling presence.

* * *

Finishing her business with the Duchess, Ellis emerged from the mansion where a female knight approached her.

“Welcome back, Miss Ellis.”

The situation hardly seemed a cause for celebration.

Ellis replied, unfazed.

“The circumstances aren’t ideal for a reunion, are they? How have you been, Cecilia?”

“I’m always doing just the same.”

The high-ranking knight of the Light Brigade, ‘Cecilia Lien,’ held a particularly special bond with Ellis far beyond that of a dedicated maidservant.

“I don’t know if you expected this outcome, but the Duke is currently searching for you.”

“My father?”

It was rather early summons considering she had just returned to the territory.

Though it was surprising, it was not troubling.

Ellis replied with resolute eyes.

“Alright. Let’s go see him, Cecilia.”

Cecilia, along with the waiting knights, escorted Ellis to the boundary gate.

Crossing the human realm’s boundary gate, Ellis showed no hint of hesitation.

Arriving at the campsite where Duke Bert was located, she took a deep breath to settle her mind.


Without hesitation, Ellis stepped inside.

The Duke appeared busy with his work, but a seat had been prepared for her.

“Please come in, Ellis.”

“Greetings, father. It’s been a long time.”

The pair reunited after years yet the atmosphere was rigid.

The grim frontline environment only exacerbated that feeling.

“Have you completed your journey well?”

“Yes, I have succeeded.”

The journey itself had not been problematic.

The aftermath, on the other hand, was a different story.

“You seem angry despite a successful trip.”

“Do you already know what I’ve done at the mansion?”

The Duke silently responded.

“Given the current situation, I’ll ask you directly. Father, did you know the Duchess attempted to assassinate Si-ahn?”


The Duke maintained his silence.

Ellis clearly understood that silence as affirmation.

“How could you? Regardless of the peace of the continent, how could you do nothing when your own child…!”

“I have no intent to make excuses, Ellis.”

The Duke’s tone was cold and heavy.

“Since sitting in this seat, my priority has always been protecting the continent from the demons. You know that, don’t you? The maintenance of the Bert family involves such responsibilities…”

The knowledge was all too familiar, and perhaps that’s what rendered Ellis unable to speak.

The Duke continued.

“Why I looked away from Si-ahn’s situation? Nothing special. I was certain that a mere assassination attempt wouldn’t be the end of him.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“For a young child to kill six knights and head to the academy alone – do you believe it was mere luck and a change of heart from a guardian knight? Do you really think so?”

Even the often-praised genius, Ellis, needed time to comprehend the Duke’s meaning.

“Are you saying Si-ahn personally overcame the assassins sent for him?”

The Duke’s eyes were steadfast.

“Your brother may be far more extraordinary than you think.”

“But, he’s still just…”

The Duke silently handed her an envelope.

“It’s an invitation to a royal banquet. As always, I can’t attend, so I’d like you to go in my place. Take some time to cool your head.”

With the task done, the Duke rose from his seat.

“Then, I shall return to the frontline camp. Journey safely, Ellis.”

In less than three seconds, the Duke left his daughter behind.

Alone in the tent, Cecilia approached Ellis.

“Unintentionally, the Duke has granted you leave. He’s asked that I accompany you during this time.”

Ellis gazed at the invitation the Duke had left behind with a stern look.


“Yes, Miss Ellis.”

“Would there be any other siblings attending this banquet besides me?”

“In addition to Lord Eshel’s attendance, rumor has it that the fifth princess, Arin Sevillus, has personally sent an invitation to the youngest lord.”

“The Princess Arin?”

Her reaction implied surprise but something decisively changed within her as her lips pursed tightly.

“Let us depart for the imperial city, Cecilia.”

(Continued in the next part)


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