The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 59


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Link (5)

Rainbow-colored magical stones the size of small shields.

Surrounding these magical stones, sages in blue robes were seated in a circle.

Among them, hardly any were maintaining normal expressions.

More people were standing than sitting, a sign of the unrest.

Most of them couldn’t close their mouths or eyes, fixated on the face of the informant who had brought the news.

“What do you mean? Sir Rukion and Sir Kadellina are missing…?”

“Just as I’ve said. Since their last display of magic near Rowen, their energies have completely vanished.”

The informant continued calmly, as if expecting the sages’ reactions, but he too couldn’t grasp the current situation.

Missing dragons, the noblest of species.

It was more like an extinction, as there was no remaining trace of them on this land.

Two artifacts, their lights lost, stood as evidence.

“As you can see, both of these ‘Dragon Stones’ have lost their light. When they first entrusted these artifacts to us, they made it clear. The moment the light fades from these stones, they would no longer exist in this world…”

They had firmly been told to not worry about such things, to simply follow orders without question.

Neither the dragons who spoke nor the sages who listened expected such a circumstance to occur.

“Did you say near Rowen? Have you visited the last reported location of their energies?”

“Despite using detection magic and searching in every direction, we found only remnants of a battle. Absolutely nothing else, not even a drop of blood or a scale…”

The more that was revealed, the more absurd it sounded.

While everyone struggled to accept reality, a middle-aged man closest to the multicolored magic stone watched the situation with a serious expression.

This was ‘Regens Rainriver’, the head of the Garam Kingdom’s Magical Academy and one of the few Continental Grand Sages.


His concise sigh attracted all the sages’ attention.

Regens’s gaze was focused on the faded Dragon Stones.

“If these are indicators of a battle, then Rukion and Kadellina… they must have lost their lives. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes, but… given the power Sir Rukion and Sir Kadellina held, equivalent to eight stars or more…”

“Why bother with formalities for the deceased? There’s no need to keep referring to them in high regards.”

Regens gestured to cease expressions of deference to the dragons.

“Still, this battle warrants closer examination. If not a single drop of blood was found, is it possible whoever killed the two dragons used magic to erase their traces?”

“But, Lord Regens! As you know, our investigators are no less skilled than seven-star mages. If they couldn’t detect anything with their magic…”

“It must have been a darkness attribute wielder.”

The attribute not for offensive or combat magic but rather for stealth and camouflage.

To erase the traces at the site with magic, the caster’s magic level would have to be far higher than the investigators who used detection magic.

“To kill dragons, no less. I doubt the investigators come close.”

Regens spoke without surprise.

“Even so, darkness attributes are…”

Among higher-ranked mages known to the world, darkness attribute wielders were exceedingly rare.

It was improbable to reach high ranks with darkness attributes.

Nonetheless, Regens seemed fixed on the idea, repeatedly tapping the table and muttering the word “shadow.”

“Rowen… isn’t that where the Royal Academy is?”

“I see. But there’s no one there who could kill Rukion… or Kadellina, except for the chancellor, Condor Quizzel. However, his attribute isn’t shadow as far as we know…”

“There’s no rule saying it must be the chancellor. Attention to hiding skills is also part of the darkness attribute. Maybe there’s a high-level practitioner lying low there. It’s worth checking out. Extend the investigation to the Academy.”

“Yes, Lord Regens!”

After receiving the order, the investigator left, and Regens closed his eyes.

The other sages silently observed him.

Until he reopened his eyes and spoke again, nobody said a word.

“They say the devil’s work appears every now and then. It seems we’re precisely in that state.”

His tone was steady yet filled with an indescribable discomfort.

“How’s the search for a new tradesman going?”

“We’re scouring the entire continent, but it might take more time to find someone with the capabilities and resources of Zickerman Albas.”

“And the alternative bloodline of the demonic?”

“We’ve been searching everywhere, but without deploying a new supplier to the frontlines, it’s going to be difficult. Most of the blood diverted to the black market by unscrupulous supply agents has been recaptured.”

Regens exhaled another long sigh.

“Do you all really think everything that’s happened is mere coincidence?”

With that, a collective gulp was heard throughout the spacious hall.

“Renald Crimson, who’d been providing us with demonic blood, was assassinated on the frontline; Zickerman Albas, who supplied us with research materials and human subjects for years, also assassinated. And now Rukion and Kadellina, whose contributions were vital to the Academy’s survival, have disappeared. Are all these just coincidences?”

Anger and doubt mingled in Regens’s eyes.

“I for one can’t believe it. There must be a link behind these tragedies. Without resolving this, there’s no future for our Academy.”

It was suspicion, not evidence.

Yet the other sages couldn’t help but suspect there was a connection behind these events.

Frustrated by their lack of knowledge, they listened as Regens rose and admonished them.

“Steel yourselves. Something unknown is stirring in this continent. Only by overcoming it will we step into a brighter future!”

With his speech concluded, Regens turned and disappeared into an unlit space, the golden seal of the academy glinting on the back of his robe.

* * *

“How is it? Tasty?”

“Yeah! It’s really delicious! Treats from Arin are the best!”

Nana’s sheer bliss as if heaven itself was unnecessary, her cheeks full of snacks brought by Princess Arin.

They’re having fun.

They looked just like loving sisters.

Since I had given permission for Nana’s visit, I had no room for objection.

Now that I think about it, isn’t this a first?

Bringing an outsider into my room.

Not that it’s stacked with corpses or anything, but the idea of an outsider stepping in was hardly pleasant.

-Tik Tok

Nevertheless, to honor the special guest, Brian stealthily brewed tea and placed it on the table, beads of sweat dripping from his tense face.

I really must say, the man is excellent at doing things unasked for.

Seeing Brian, Arin asked, “Doesn’t Sian have any other knights besides Brian?”

“As you can see, no.”

In fact, Brian wasn’t supposed to be here either.

“That’s unexpected. I thought you’d have brought the maid from that mansion… Emily, was it?”

Impressive that she’d remembered the name.

Given the girl’s presence, or rather the lack of it, it wasn’t all too surprising.

“She’s not a guardian knight, so I didn’t really want to bring her to the academy. No desire to play tricks either.”

I believed Emily would fare better remaining in Belias than following me to the academy.

“Princess Arin, it’s time for your classical literature class.”

“Oh, is it that time already?”

Checking his watch, Resmus reminded her of the impending class.

Good, now it’ll quiet down.

Feeling a bit stiff, I thought I’d relax in peace with some exercise once they left…


Princess Arin, rising to leave, suddenly gave me an intense stare.

“Do you have something to say?”

“What are you doing?”

Her unexpected question momentarily puzzled me.

“I’m going to class? We’re in the same one.”


A deep sigh escaped me internally.

The princess must’ve intended this visit for her own purpose.

“Nana! We’ll be back from class soon! Behave and play with Brian till then!”

“Okay! Have a good time, Princess Arin!”

Ignoring my thoughts completely, Arin cheerfully waved to Nana and led me out of the dormitory.

“You weren’t thinking of skipping class again, were you? It’s great to care for Nana, but a student’s duty is to attend classes! Imagine the trouble if you fail due to absences?”

Her kind-heartedness sends shivers down my spine.

Just as I contemplated slipping away, I spotted a familiar figure in the distance – it was Kranz.


Upon noticing me, he hesitated not a moment before turning on his heels and fleeing.

It was an expected act – I had instructed him to avoid me whenever possible.

“That was your brother just now.”

“Yes, we’re not close.”

Quickly dissuading any further inquiries, we reached the main building where another dear face awaited us –Beruth Luimill, hobbling on one leg with the support of his knights.

His arrogance seemed as steadfast as ever.


He gasped at the sight of me and ordered his knights to pick him up before he hurried away.

The speed was almost comparable to an assassin fleeing the scene.

“What’s wrong, Sian? Something there?”

“Nothing at all.”

Masking my reaction, I proceeded up the stairs and into the classroom.


Dozens of eyes turned to me, chattering amongst themselves as if questioning my presence.

Unwilling to entertain their superficial attention, I made my way to my seat and sat down.

Two months have passed since I enrolled in the academy.

As I’ve said before, this place serves as a fence to safeguard my current identity.

Despite not lacking in interesting occurrences, my aim is to stand out as little as possible – to carry on with life quietly.

In doing so, I would have to carefully fix everything.

All the things I had to do but failed to.

The vague connections I have now must be maintained and advanced.

And then, naturally, it will collapse.

All the petty plans of some vile, twisted demon spawn.

I can’t help but smile at the thought.

(To be continued)


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