The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 58


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 58

Chapter 58. Link (4)

Sian, fused with the demonic sword, no longer bore any resemblance to a human.

He was the embodiment of dark mist.

Not the natural order of the primordial world, but an artificial nature that seemed to have been conjured by him.

He exuded a negative energy so potent that it invoked various emotions merely by being observed.

“Ru, Sir Rukion? That power is surely…?”

“The power of an outcast banished from the divine realm.”

Rukion Caronis Aron Zemoarian Charolt.

A pureblooded Silver Dragon, untainted by the blood of any other creature.

He watched Sian’s transformation with eyes glittering with immense interest.

“Indeed, you too have something you believe in, hence that repulsive baring of your fangs…”

Sian remained silent.

He simply strode out from the barrier he had created, confidence in his step.

His razor-sharp gaze was filled with nothing but murderous intent.

“However, no matter how sturdy the vessel, it cannot contain the overflowing river. Even if one possesses the divine armaments, the weak body of a human has its limits in wielding them. As I’ve repeatedly said, it’s crucial for your primitive kind to understand your place.”

With a peculiar smile, Rukion concentrated mana in his hand.


As if electricity collided, a strong spark ensued.

The concentrated mana gradually assumed a form, eventually transforming into the shape of a long spear.

“You should feel honored to witness my Light Spear, human. Try to resist as much as you can. If you happen to catch my interest, you might join that half-breed as the subject of my research…”

“You sure talk too damn much…!”

With speed leaving no room for response,

The Sian of dark mist instantly closed the distance and delivered a rapid strike to Rukion.


It was as if not the mind but pure instinct had blocked it.

Rukion, barely managing to block the sword with his spear, lost the relaxed demeanor he had moments before.

“How could his movements be so…!”


At the moment the purple blade slid down the spear’s shaft,

Sian’s body dynamically rotated, unleashing a flurry of strikes three times faster than the initial assault.

-Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Rukion, far from retaliating, struggled even to defend.

Any lapse in concentration felt as if the sinister sword would pierce his noble flesh,

For Rukion, who detested such an outcome, it was a desperate struggle to block.

“Dare you, a lowly human…!”

As Rukion’s fury manifested divine power, a blue magic circle, accompanied by lightning, formed above Sian’s head.


Sian then swiftly backed away, drawing his sword.

Where he had stood, white lightning swirled, leaving the ground scorched black.


Rukion thought he had managed to buy some time when he refocused on Sian,


In an imperceptibly short instance, between zero and one second,

It was hard to even take a breath.

Malevolent eyes, burgeoning with a murderous red light, once again loomed close, gazing down at Rukion.

In that moment, Rukion realized.

This attack was undodgeable…

“Sir Rukion!!”


A colorless, transparent barrier collided with the purple demonic sword.

A shield formed by the convergence of divine power and magic, an inherent defense unique to dragons, impenetrable by any human force.

“Ka, Kadellina…!”

“Please, step back and regroup! I will handle this unworthy human!”

The moment Kadellina, a dragon of proud heritage, blocked the strike, she spread her majestic wings, radiating the power of her noble race.



The divine power she channeled through her barrier spread out, and unable to withstand the force, Sian’s body was flung away.

“Stand back, Kadellina! This foe is beyond your match…!”

“Do not worry, Lord Rukion! A mere human’s power cannot penetrate my shield…”

In that instant, she saw it.

Amid the flashes of lightning created by Rukion, a shimmering space of light.Amidst the black mist as dark as the night, filling the vast view of the dragon…

The moment its crimson eyes, born of pure ferocity, locked with the fog of ignorance, an inescapable fear seized every part of its body.

Its hands, holding the barrier, began to tremble violently.

Scion murmured softly as he looked at her.

“Mist Sword: Scattering Eight Petals…!”

With the sword technique invoked, the enchanted blade danced in the air as if performing acrobatics.

Its speed was such that even the superior senses of a noble dragon could not catch up.

She could do nothing until eight slashes were drawn.

The blade pierced through the barrier and burrowed into her body, and she could only watch as it happened.

-Crackling sound


Kadellina, now split into eight pieces, scattered in every direction.

Thick blood poured over her, staining the black mist red.

Rukion watched everything unfold.

His heart beat wildly, and his blood flowed faster.

The emotion he could sum up in one word was fear.

The superior race, inheriting the blood of gods, felt fear against a mere human.

“What, what are you…?”

There was no longer any arrogance in Rukion’s voice.

Only questions.

He desperately wanted to know what kind of being before him could exhibit such grotesque power.


His hands, gripping the spear, trembled endlessly.

* * *

The dragon, Kadellina, was torn so badly that its original form was unrecognizable.

When she is reborn, I hope she refrains from such petty insults at first sight.

My gaze naturally returned to my original target.

“Suspicion, denial, caution, and fear encompassing all those emotions.

For the highest race to fear just a single human, what an amusing spectacle!”


A stream of blood slid down my cheek.

It seemed I was grazed by lightning a moment ago.

“This scent… Ah, I see. You’ve drunk the blood of a beast from the Limia Valley!”

What a remarkably keen sense of smell.

Of course, I didn’t respond.

“However, that alone doesn’t explain it! Even if you drank the blood of a beast and possessed the relics of a god, it’s not just any god but the god of the black mist! A banished god without any authority shouldn’t be able to exhibit such power! Tell me, what exactly are you!”

Unable to listen any longer, Ceyram scoffed.

I shared the sentiment.

When they encounter something beyond their understanding, they always charge like angry bulls, demanding explanations.

Such a race lacks any sense of dignity.

No matter how you look at it, they don’t seem qualified to point fingers at humans as being inferior.

Without a word, I grabbed Ceyram and slowly approached the silver-haired giant.

They say you need to experience things firsthand to understand.

That applies to dragons as well as humans.

The arrogance and scorn directed at me just a moment ago, and the confident war spirit that followed, were all gone.

One would think, witnessing their comrade torn to shreds for their sake, they’d be in tears, rushing to their defense.

And yet, he was still babbling with that insolent mouth…

Such a contemptible creature has nothing to teach me.

“Fine, if you insist on remaining silent to the end. Good! I’ll personally sever your head and extract all the memories from your dark brain myself! This is all your own doing!”


A massive magic circle formed beneath him.

Accompanied by an immense amount of mana and divine energy.

It wasn’t higher-grade magic he was preparing to use.

He was merely dropping the poor imitation of a human and returning to his true form.


A violent gust stirred, carrying away the dense mist around us.From the magic circle, a giant vortex erupted, and within, a transformation was slowly taking place – a silver-haired dragon.

To others, I’m not sure how this might appear, but right now, that creature is in its most vulnerable state. A single sword thrust above its head would suffice to end its life without so much as a whimper, for it has no means of defense right now.

Did it expect me to be standing here in awe, thinking, ‘Wow! A dragon is transforming right before my eyes!’?

I can’t remember where I heard it, but there’s an unwritten rule not to attack during a transformation. It was considered a basic courtesy in battle, right? So, does that mean I should just stand by and watch this annoyingly dramatic transformation unfold? Why would I?

I am an assassin. The moment I discern the optimal angle, regardless of courtesy or protocol, I rush in and kill. That is the fundamental principle of an assassin. And it applies to that long-haired brute just the same. As the mist shrouded Ceyram, I kicked off from my spot and ran. Have you ever seen the root of a great tree? Every plant, buried in the ground, spreads its roots in all directions to support its stem.

Just as a tiny sprout grows into a great tree and puts forth thousands of leaves, so too does a single sprout spread underground over time, growing countless roots. These prolific roots spread without knowing where they’ll go or what they’ll encounter. This minor blow that I’m about to deliver to that massive body will become like the sturdy roots of a great tree, enduring through countless years to form the very heart of the forest.

“Mist Sword: Roots of the Sturdy Tree!”


At the very moment the dragon achieved its full transformation. I leaped lightly from the ground and drove Ceyram into the very center of its body. -Hiss The mist surrounding the sword infiltrated the creature, branching into hundreds of paths like roots spreading through a tree, dispersing throughout its entire body.

“You, what have you done to me…!”

It was gallant in its transformation, but now it’s time for it to exit the stage. I looked into its eyes and smiled faintly.

“May you be more adaptable than noble in your next life.”


It responded with a gruesome scream. The mist, transmitted by the sword, soon created hundreds of holes in its body, which, without a chance to heal, split open along with the cracks, severing the massive body completely.


It’s over. I’ve killed one of the noblest species, a dragon, in just five minutes. The dragon’s body, torn into hundreds of pieces, scattered all around. It may not be the right thing to say in this situation, but why does this scene look… like a feast to my eyes?


“Yes, young master!”

I handed a chosen piece of meat to him, who hurried over. Blood was dripping from the flesh.

“Young master, why this…?”

“Eat it.”


His eyes widened as if he had misunderstood.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime delicacy that you won’t get to try again easily. It’s a tonic like no other for strengthening the body, so stuff as much of it as you can into your stomach.”

Even as I said this, I too picked a piece of flesh and sucked the blood from it. Ah… I felt the divine energy of the dragon spreading deep within me. Though it was a bit foolish, the blood of the greatest species on earth is indeed different!

[….] Ceyram, standing beside me, shook her head as if she was disgusted.

“Papa, is it yummy? Can I try some?!”

Nana, having regained her spirits, approached me and asked.

“You can’t. I’ll give you something else when we get back! Eat that.”

“No! Nana wants to try it too! I want some!”

Ah, little one. As much as I’d like to oblige, I’d rather not encourage cannibalism among your kind.

I gently grabbed Nana’s clothes as she rushed towards the corpse. Her attempts to move forward while whining were quite amusing.

(To be continued)


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