The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 57


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 57

Chapter 57. Link (3)


The night sky was blanketed with fog.

A silver-haired man flying through the night suddenly looked down below.

“Why do you ask, Lord Lucion?”

A red-haired woman flying alongside him questioned.

“It smells foul.”

He abruptly stopped flying and began to survey the vast plains stretched out beneath his feet.

“Where exactly are we now?”

“We seem to be in the vicinity of Rowen, not too far from the Royal Academy.”

“The Royal Academy, you say…”

The man stroked his chin, keeping his focused gaze on the plains.

“Do you sense some bad energy?”

“Bad energy? Well, it’s not necessarily bad energy.”

A small sneer crossed the man’s face, seemingly tinged with discomfort.

It was an unfamiliar energy from somewhere deep in his memory, yet exceedingly irritating.

“It’s an energy that I, as a dragon walking this world, cannot tolerate. It infuriates me.”

A feeling grew within the man—a feeling that he must not leave this place just yet.

“We should postpone our return.”

His fully spread silver wings emitted a radiant energy.

While illuminating the dark night sky beautifully, his eyes were brimming with an unfathomable murderous intent.

* * *


Nana, standing tall on the wide plains, waved at me.

“It’s really spacious here! There’s no one else but us, right? Nana is super excited!”

Nana, as if to release the stress built up over time, flew around the place, spreading her wings wide.

“Wait, Nana, that way is dangerous!”

Brian was hurriedly following her, trying to catch up.

They are having fun.

It was a quiet plain area, easily 10 kilometers away from Rowen.

Accepting Brian’s suggestion to show Nana around outside, I brought the two of them here in the middle of the night.

Rowen was situated on the border of the Three Kingdoms,

where the outskirts of the city had been a battlefield for hundreds of years.

Meaning, it was a land abandoned by the steps of man.

Here, Nana could run and fly, even transform into a dragon without any issues.

[Got yourself quite a merciful father, huh?]

Ceyram teased with sarcasm appeared in her materialized form.

She lay on the grass, looking relaxed, with one hand propping up her head as she watched over them.

At this point, I couldn’t really deny being a father.

[Why? Why not make her a mother too while you’re at it? That young princess would be perfect, right? I suppose she’d be thrilled.]

“That’s a horrendous thought…”

I shivered at the absurdity of it all.

[Denial, denial. But as I hear, even the place you’re living in now was provided by the emperor of this land, right? You know what that implies? It might not be soon but it won’t be too long either, right?]

I had a response, yet I did not wish to retort.

So, I maintained my silence on that question.

Instead, I let out a single laugh and continued the conversation.

“Do you know what else I learned from my past life, Ceyram?”

[What, going for a confessional?]

Ceyram responded with a seductive smile.

“That no matter how hard I try to live a peaceful life, it’s not possible for me. Even this peaceful time right now is just a brief respite. I promise it won’t last long.”

[Of course, it won’t last! You didn’t think you could live peacefully with a demonic sword like me around, did you? For my pale skin’s sake, you need to show me some blood on a regular basis! Otherwise, I will…!]



A white mana glow suddenly flashed in the sky.

Following that, the mana descended to the ground, encroaching around and seemingly sealing off the space as if preventing anything from leaving.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t last long.”



Nana, who had been frolicking about, stumbled over something and fell backward.

“N-Nana, are you okay?”

Brian quickly approached and comforted her, stroking her head.

A dazed Nana simply touched the colorless barrier in front of her as if it were intriguing.

“What is this?”

A barrier spell.

And it’s an incredibly powerful one.

Not meant to belittle it, but this wasn’t the kind of mana any rising apprentice magician would possess.

It was powerful, akin to that of an archmage like Principal Condor.

Furthermore, the eerie energy emanating from the barrier…

was not something humans should possess.


A mysterious red light flickered beneath the colorless walls that surrounded us.

It created a boundary that not only prevented entry from the outside but also ensured that we inside could not leave.

“Brian, take Nana and come over here.”


Brian quickly picked up Nana and ran to my side.


As if feared, Nana gently clung to my leg as thunder rumbled in the black sky.


She was trembling.

Not because of the thunder but because of the foul energy within that vexing thunder, shaking with fear.

I silently stroked Nana’s hair without saying a word.

Soon, with a vibration at the center of the barrier, lightning struck.

White smoke rose and from within it, an energy that was not unfamiliar was sensed.

The energy that only the descendants with godly blood, the inheriting race, could emanate, the Divine Energy.

It wasn’t exactly a pleasant sensation for me – an energy belonging to some fool.


The entity inside the smoke started with a highly irritating remark.

A towering man over 2 meters tall.

Shimmering silver long hair and a single horn rising in the middle of his forehead.

On his back, massive wings emitting a vast divine energy slowly retracted inward.

A dragon.

Full-blooded, not a half-human, half-dragon like Nana, but a pure dragon.

He belonged to a different dimension from the young devil dragon I had encountered in the Lemea Gorge, a perfect dragon that had lived for hundreds of years.

Behind him stood a woman with a similar aura.

She was a dragon as well.

The silver-haired dragon wrinkled his brow upon seeing Nana hiding behind my leg.

“So it was this. The source of the foul stench…”


In an instant, as a twitching sound struck, anger rose internally.

“You, are you the master of that half-breed? Human?”

Contempt filled the question, and I chose to stare at their faces instead of responding.

Sensing displeasure in my eyes, the red-haired dragon raised her voice in anger.

“How dare a lowly human glare at us like that!”

The silver-haired dragon raised his hand, pacifying her.

“That half-breed is a problem, but your energy is not ordinary either, human…”

His gaze shifted past me to Ceyram beside me.

“I see. I thought I felt some unusual energy amidst the foul stench; it appears to be coming from a demonic sword.”

Ceyram chuckled at this revelation.

[Oh my? Am I still so popular? There are even those who recognize me, should I grace them with an autograph?]

“Stop joking around. You possess the power of a god and have fallen to be a pawn of a lowly human? Or are you still half asleep, unable to judge the situation?”

Her face contorted in an instant.

[Do you want to die?]


[Where did those pathetic creatures come from to make me blow my top? Should I rip out your tongue and use it to shut your mouth?]

“Who dares utter such insolence in our presence!”

A roar shook the air, bringing with it a violent wind.

I continued to stare unfazedly at those creatures.

“All this while, you’ve been silent, human. For creatures like you, it must be an honor just to witness the presence of such a noble being. It’s understandable to become mute instantly.”

Such nonsense no longer amused me.

“However, rest assured, human. I have no intention of laying a finger on lowly beings like you. But that half-breed, we will need to take her with us…”


“Although an ugly being, she is still a half-blood of dragon and human… It’s worth exploring her potential. Hand over the girl, and I will personally spare your lives…”

“Shut your mouth.”

A bone-chilling silence filled the atmosphere, tensions rapidly intensified.

My eyes remained fixed on the silver beanpole.

“What did you just say?”

“Shut your mouth. Are those big ears only for show? If you don’t want your gibbering mouth torn apart, keep it closed, you brat.”

When one is dumbfounded, it seems even dragons experience a momentary halt in thought.

The red-haired dragon’s pupils shook violently, perhaps due to loss of words.


A mad cackle echoed within the barrier as he unleashed his murderous intent towards me.

“This is why inferior creatures cannot be tolerated. Unable to judge the situation, they bring upon themselves misery and despair…”

Gathering a massive amount of mana in his right hand, he extended it towards me.

“Let’s start by gouging out those detestable eyes of yours…”


As he tightly clenched his stretched hand, the concentrated mana dispersed and rushed towards me.


But nothing changed.

My eyes were still focused on him, and there was no effect on me or my surroundings.

The only thing that appeared was a round black aura centered at my feet.

“A barrier within a barrier?”

Silver beanpole’s brows furrowed deeply.

“Did you just cast another barrier within my own?”

I wasn’t in a mood to kindly answer his ridiculous question because,

our little one, who until now was only trembling,

was now on the verge of crying, her face distorted in fear.


I had seen that face too many times before.

Regardless of age or gender, every human I’ve killed always showed a face consumed by fear and dread at the end.

And now, this little one was showing the same expression,

shaking with fear not because of me, but because of those contemptible beings.


“Yes, young master…!”

“Cover Nana’s eyes and stay back. And never step in front of me.”

“As you command, young master!”

Brian took off his cape to wrap around Nana.

Quietly, she allowed it, and until the moment she left my side, she did not stop trembling.

“What are you, exactly? No matter if you possess a demonic sword, how could a mere human exert such power within my barrier…”

Ignoring Silver Beanpole’s words, I quietly closed my eyes.

A small period named peace, a brief rest.

To unleash the energy that had been dormant within me during that short time, I took a deep breath and quietly chanted.

“Black Mist 9th Technique: Demonic Sword Materialization.”

(To be continued)


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