The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 56


Matan’s Shooter 56: Link (Part 2)

The Royal Hall consists of a total of six floors.

My room is located at the far left end of the second floor,

And currently, Brian and I are positioned in the right direction of the third floor’s corridor.

If asked who lives there, I could say, it’s a princess from some country that I had just encountered in the fitness training room.

Well, that’s irrelevant for now…


Why on earth are you here?

Upon spotting me, Nana let out a cheer and dashed down the corridor.


The word ‘Papa’ left the two women looking baffled.

Ah, I really hoped she wouldn’t say that…

I quickly checked over Nana’s condition as she ran.

Her cloak wrapped neatly around her.

Her wings folded in.

Even her tail skillfully hidden beneath her clothes.

To anyone’s eyes, she was nothing but a typical child.

Not exactly fortunate, but should I say we’ve dodged a bullet?

At least she didn’t seem to have been caught looking like a dragon.

I hurriedly signaled to Brian next to me.


Catching the signal, Brian promptly scooped up the sprinting Nana in his arms.

“Alright, Nana, it’s time to go back to your room!”

“Why? I still want to play!”

Having secured Nana, he bowed to the princess and quickly made his way down the stairs.

I approached the princess with a nonchalant expression.

The Princess Arin too did not wait, and strode towards me.

“What are you doing, Sian?”

It seemed she was somewhat upset that Nana was taken away so unexpectedly.

“Why suddenly… Could it be your child?”

“How could that be? She is my cousin’s sister.”

Resmus, who had rushed over as well, then asked me.

“But she called you ‘Papa’…”

“It’s just a nickname. She casually calls others ‘Papa’ too.”

After all, thinking of me, who’s only eleven years old, as her dad is bizarre in itself, isn’t it?

They are also only eleven years old; an age hardly equipped with proper recognition of such matters, so maybe it’s not too off base…?

I shrugged off the unnecessary thought internally.

“Your cousin’s sister…?”

“Yes. My cousin’s family had business in Rowen, so she was left in my care for a while. Could you tell me where you found her?”

“Well, not long after you left the training hall, she appeared in front of us. Saying she was looking for ‘Papa’, we thought she was a lost child, so we looked after her…”

Did this kid already learn teleportation magic or something?

Well, at least it seems she hadn’t come into contact with anyone else.

From their reaction, it didn’t look like they saw any dragon physical traits, just seemed to have taken care of her passingly.

“Well anyway, it’s good that you found family. Never expected her to be related to Sian. You seem to like the child more than I thought?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nana was talking quite highly of you! Saying how you adore and take really good care of her. Hearing ‘Papa’, I naturally thought she was talking about her dad, but it seems she was referring to you, Sian.”

What on earth…

I evaded the question, saying I merely looked after her as much as needed.

“So, this child, I mean Nana, when is she leaving?”

“She is leaving today. In fact, that’s what I was preparing for.”

The mention of departing today seemed to stir a sense of loss in her.

A hint of sadness was visible in her eyes.

“Is that so? It feels somewhat sad to part without saying goodbye. Could we perhaps say our final goodbyes?”

Making excuses and now preventing a goodbye would only arouse further suspicion.

I figured we’d just show her face briefly and then make our leave.

Just as I was about to respond,


An adorable voice suddenly shouted from the bottom of the stairs, hitting my ears unannounced.In that instant, my eyes sparkled momentarily and turned toward the base of the stairs. The first thing I saw was the dark crimson wing peeking out from beneath the cloak.


A cheeky little one with both arms spread wide was running, no, flying towards me. Behind them, Brian, with a face full of desperation, was urgently chasing after. Without a chance to think of how to deal with the situation, Nana’s cheerful face soon burrowed into my embrace. And at that moment, as if a ghost had blown a breeze, the hood that had been covering Nana’s head gently slipped off. -Swish The horns that adorably popped out among her soft pink hair. It was a part of the body that should not and could not exist on a human.

I quickly raised my hand, covering Nana’s hood again with a swift movement as if to sever a target’s neck. Shortly after, Brian, having returned to the third floor, gasped for air and said, “I-I’m terribly sorry, young master! Nana suddenly insisted on going to you and ran off……!”

At this moment, Brian’s words were not important. What mattered was how many saw what should not and could not be seen. I discreetly lifted my gaze toward the places where the princess and Resmus were.


Not even a resurrected corpse could make such a face. Their eyes and mouths, wide open as if time had frozen, refused to close. The four men and women flowed silently between them, only Nana blinking her bright eyes as if wondering what the problem was.

* * *

“So, you mean… This child has nothing to do with Sian, and you just happened to find her before coming to the academy?”

“Yes. Honestly, I didn’t expect her to wake up until it actually happened.”

I responded with a naturally nonchalant expression.

“The more I look at her, the more fascinating it seems. A hybrid of a dragon and a human, by appearances, she seems no different from us…”

The same room, the same furniture, the same layout. The Royal Hall dormitory, indistinguishable from the space where I live. However, this is not my room. The room at the very end of the third floor on the right of the Royal Hall. A space where the fifth princess of the Ushif Empire lives with a commoner-born honorary noble.

In other words, it was Princess Arin’s room. I never expected to enter her room in such a manner, all for the sake of explaining the situation. Amidst this, Brian stood as stiff as a mannequin, maintaining a proper posture with a tense face.

Well, it would be nerve-wracking for a commoner to enter a room of the royal family. But no one paid attention to the nervous Brian. Arin and Resmus, still disbelieving the current situation, gazed at Nana’s ears and tail with fascination. Meanwhile, Nana, seemingly exhausted, was soundly asleep on the sofa.

“So, this child is now, Sian, being raised in your room?”

“Yes, well, that’s the case. She had no owner, and it felt too lonely in the spacious room alone, so I’ve been raising her with my knight.”

“No wonder you hardly showed up for class, it was to take care of Nana.”

Not exactly for that reason, but since it doesn’t seem bad to agree, I decided to affirm.

“Such a pitiful child.”

Arin gently stroked the sleeping Nana’s head with a look of pity. “A dragon and a human… A child belonging neither here nor there, unaccepted by anyone…”

Was she projecting her own situation onto the child? Without needing an explanation, Princess Arin seemed to have already predicted the sorrow Nana would face in the future.

“Really, Sian, you’re doing a good deed…”

Well, I’m not sure if this could be called a good deed. I just did what I wanted. How to judge that act is up to everyone else…

“Sian, you don’t want others to know about this child’s existence, right?” “That’s right. There’s nothing good in making it known.”

“Then, I too, vow on the princess’ name not to speak of Nana’s existence to anyone. Resmus will do the same, right?”

“Of course, Princess Arin! I don’t have anyone in particular to tell anyway.” After a brief pause, I asked in a low voice, “Are you serious?”

“Of course. It’s just too sad to become unhappy simply by existing. I wouldn’t want Nana to be unhappy either…”

Had I grown fond of her in just that short time?

Well, she certainly didn’t seem to be lying.

And she didn’t seem like the type to have any ulterior motives either.

“But, instead…”


“Could I, maybe, come to visit your room sometimes?”

“Excuse me?”

I asked again, thinking I had misheard.

“Don’t misunderstand! I have no bad intentions! I just want to see Nana’s face from time to time!”

Her neatly clasped hands and flushed face.

The way she cautiously sought permission was reminiscent of a young girl.

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I sighed softly and said, “But I would prefer if you could limit your visits. It wouldn’t look good for a princess to be seen frequently entering the room of another noble.”

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind…”

She said, smiling brightly at the sight of Nana sleeping peacefully.

Looking at her smile, I couldn’t help but think that she was an unpredictable woman.

* * *

After ending the conversation, Sian returned to his room with Nana.

The sun had already set beyond the western sky.

“The sun has set already? I guess I’ll have to do my training inside today.”

Resmus, who had been gazing at Arin, asked with a smile,

“You seem to be in a good mood?”

“Um? Does it look like that?”

Arin, a bit flustered, touched her reddened face.

“Your face is full of smiles. Did your conversation with Lord Sian make you that happy?”

Resmus had long noticed Arin’s feelings towards Sian.

“What are you talking about? That’s not it, Resmus!”

The person in question hadn’t even fully realized her own feelings.

“It’s just… I feel good because it seems like we’ve found even a small connection, that’s all.”

A secret connection only they knew about. Thinking they shared something made it feel as though the invisible wall between them had crumbled, if only a bit.

‘Have we gotten a bit closer…?’

Arin hoped in her heart that they would grow even closer.

* * *

[What? Did all these interesting things happen while I was asleep?]

Interesting my foot.

It’s a miracle I haven’t turned the academy upside down looking for her.

[Isn’t this little one extraordinary? Already mastering the essentials of crawling, eating, and even escaping? Is she going to grow up to do great things like her dad?]

That dad, he’s not talking about me, is he?

[But for a bribe to keep quiet, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Does that young princess really come to see this little one in your room? Why didn’t you take the chance to say she’s coming by to admire an enchanting magic sword?]

“Aren’t you embarrassed to say such things with your own mouth?”

Ceyram wore a sly smile as if there was nothing wrong.

[Anyway, you do realize you were lucky, right? This child will keep growing day by day. That means there’s more chance of getting caught.]

I know.

Nana’s rapid growth has surpassed my expectations, and it’s only a matter of time before her abilities become known outside the Royal Court.

What should I do with her?

Whether he knew of my troubled thoughts or not.

Nana was just happily indulging in the snacks Brian had brought.

“Perhaps it would be good to take her for walks at times like this?”

Caught in my thoughts, Brian suggested.


“Keeping her inside all the time will stress Nana too. Wouldn’t it be better to take her out for a look around when everyone is asleep like now?”

I stared at Brian for a moment.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“It’s just, you seem pretty smart at times like this?”


Brian scratched his head, as if to express his inability to understand my words.

(To be continued)


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