The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 55


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Link (1)


The scent of sweat permeated the air, and the strong yells resounded loud and clear.

This was the academy’s pride and joy – the physical training grounds.

It was where students trained their physical strength and swordsmanship, along with receiving personal guidance from guardian knights.

As the academy placed great importance on the training of mind and body, the facilities for the students’ individual training were equipped to the highest standard.

Of course, I didn’t come here to train myself.

I came to train our outstanding, if not somewhat reluctant, young seedling.


Brian, having completed his target number of reps, collapsed to the ground.

“I, I’ve done them all, young master!”

“Rest for 30 seconds, then we move on to the next exercise.”


He looked as though he wanted to beg me to kill him instead, but evidently, he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

With resignation, Brian took his stance and started doing push-ups.

“Is it tough?”

“Yes, it’s to-… no, I’m okay!”

For a moment, his true feelings slipped out.

“If it’s really that hard, say it now. I can always send you on a snack run or something.”

“Oh, no! Lord, I’ll take the chance you’ve given and see it through!”

With a robust yell, Brian resumed his training.

Starting anything always boils down to the basics.

Physical strength is the most fundamental means for all bodily activity,

Only when this is in place, can we move on to train in swordsmanship or martial arts.

Well, it seems like they don’t just hand out knighthood in Belias for show.

Despite not knowing how the livestock back in the domain has been raised, he did possess a certain level of physical strength.

Truth be told, simple physical training could be done inside the dormitory.

As someone who prefers to avoid crowded places, that would’ve been the comfortable option for me.

But there was one reason I brought Brian to this very place: to show him.

While direct training is beneficial, watching others train can be equally enlightening.

Around us, not only students but also their guardian knights and academy knights were engaged in training, a sight not uncommon here.

Of course, it wouldn’t benefit me to watch, but it would serve as an excellent textbook for our Brian.

*Cough, ah, ack, hhkkk!*

Unaware of my thoughts, Brian kept groaning unintelligibly while showing off his pale teeth along with the veins on his neck.


In the midst of all this, I turned my head upon hearing a familiar voice calling my name.

There she was, Princess Arin, approaching with a smile that was quite pleasant to see.

“Been watching the whole time? Came to train with your guardian knight?”

“Yes, something like that.”

Although I’m here purely for Brian’s training.

“Did your Highness also come here to train?”

“Yes! Every weekend, I train here in strength and swordsmanship with Resmus. I’m learning so much from her!”

Behind the princess stood Resmus and five other guardian knights.

It seemed like there were more knights than usual around her.

“There are more knights with you today?”

“Hm? Oh, well, that’s because… Because of the recent incident, I felt I should be more cautious.”

At the mention of the recent incident, Resmus flinched behind her.

It was no big deal.

A new academy student, Beruth Luimill, was found in front of the healing center early one morning.

One of his ankles was broken, and his body had sustained serious internal injuries. The devastating prognosis was that he might not be able to produce mana properly in the future.

Despite being questioned about the culprit, Beruth refused to speak…

Well, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to, he couldn’t.

Though not exactly praise, I considered his silence to be managed well.

As long as he keeps his mouth shut, he shouldn’t have more run-ins with me.

“Who could it have been? Even if they weren’t on good terms, for someone to attack a noble’s heir within the academy…”

Exactly my thoughts.

Who could be this malicious friend? Makes me curious to see their face.

Is this itching curiosity just a figment of my imagination?

“Anyway, Sian, you should be careful too. You never know what can happen.”

“I’ll bear that in mind.”

While not sure who should be the one concerned, I decided to respond with some acknowledgement.

But I had to admit, her stern disposition was admirable.

Despite the monotonous nature of the theoretical classes, she was among the top students, and here she was, diligently training on weekends as well. That was no easy feat.

I wonder if she still has plans to recruit me. Regardless, if she continues to grow like this, the chances of her being labeled an ‘unfortunate princess’ would decrease significantly.

At least, if she manages to build a proper power base of her own.

“Do, do, young master…?”

Suddenly, Brian called out to me with a voice as faint as a mosquito’s buzz.

Alerted by his tone, I turned to find him sweating profusely, as if he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“Th-Th-There… right now…!”

Brian’s anxious eyes turned towards something beyond the training hall.

I followed his gaze, and in that moment…

What’s this? Did I see that wrong?

Beyond the stream outlining the training hall perimeter, in the thicket of the grassy clearing, stood a familiar figure.

This was odd.

This sensation… like being struck on the head with a hammer, was one I had not felt in a very long time.

Why? Why is the child that should be in the midst of a nap within the room, here of all places?

Wearing the magical training hood provided by the academy, the audacious child roams freely through the heart of the academy grounds.

As soon as I saw those innocent, bright eyes, I felt a cold sweat running down my spine – it was Nana.

* * *

The door was just as securely locked as when I left. Out of caution, I had even set up a small magic barrier when I left, making it virtually impossible for someone to open the door and leave. Yet, seeing the curtains fluttering in the wind and the window wide open, everything became clear. Could it have been a month since our little one hatched from its egg? Not only had it started crawling, walking, and talking, but now it seemed to have taken up flying as well? Moreover, from a second-floor height no less. The speed of its growth was incredibly pleasing, yet alarmingly rapid.

I had scoured the area up to a 200m radius from where Nana was first seen, but there was no trace of her anywhere. In a rush, fearing it might have returned to the dormitory out of a homing instinct, I arrived

only to find the impressive scene of its escape.

“Could someone have already found and taken her in?”

Who could have discovered it? That would lead us into the worst possible situation. Thankfully, Nana was wearing the magic cloak I had carelessly thrown on it when it was first found. As long as it wasn’t taken off or blown away by the wind, it might pass off as a normal child at first glance. But that wouldn’t last long. If even a bit of it came off, revealing any hidden parts…

I couldn’t even begin to imagine the troublesome situations that would follow. There was no more time to waste. Closing my eyes gently, I immediately executed Mist’s secret technique.

“Black Mist 4th Technique: Sensing Killing Intent!” As I chanted, the fog that leaked out from between my collars seeped into my eyes. Although it was a secret technique used to detect killing intent through the power of fog, it wasn’t limited to detecting only killing intent. Since Nana was a hybrid of human and dragon, she must surely possess some dragon’s mystique. She couldn’t have gone far, so if I start from the dormitory and gradually expand the detection area…?

“Hmm?” Suddenly opening my eyes wide, the surrounding fog instantly vanished. What? Why are you here?

“Have you been looking for me?”

“Follow me, Brian!” I, along with Brian, kicked open the door and headed towards the Royal Wing’s third floor. It was a place I knew who resided in but had never visited before. As soon as we stepped into the corridor and reached the end, I saw three unfamiliar faces. There was Nana, smiling brightly in the middle, and two women holding her hand on either side. This is driving me crazy.

Noticing us, they looked up in surprise.


(To be continued…)

Editor’s note:

Change Form to Technique.

Uh oh, Sian’s in trouble.


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