The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 54


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 54

Chapter 54. My Person (4)

There’s a saying that the perpetrator always returns to the scene of the crime. Usually, to clean up after their mess.

Just to be clear, I haven’t done anything wrong.

I am simply returning to the scene to finish what I started.

Of course, encountering an unexpected third party there would be troublesome.

It’d be a problem even if the person I encounter is someone I expected.


The cold look in her eyes conveyed a chill like that of an ice block.

Our head, her expression today is as heavy as cotton soaked with water.


Her single-word question conveyed her negative feelings.

The scene of the bloody feast from last night looked as if time had been reversed, completely immaculate.

Moreover, another welcome face was in front of the head.

I spoke without care.

“His name is Kellin Diego. He is a knight affiliated with Belias. He’s the leader of the watchdogs who have been sent to watch over me.”

Kellin was lying helplessly on the ground with his eyes and mouth sealed.

As you might expect, the cleanup of the scene was handled by the members of Mist, including Lady Silica.

But it wasn’t just a simple cleanup.

Although I ended up handling Beruth and his group first, they were just added problems to deal with later on,

while the true crows that had been clinging to me persistently with the intention of keeping me under surveillance were another matter.

And those crows were certainly there at the scene.

I remember there were five at the time,

But now, in front of my eyes, there is only this one?

The rest seem to have flown off to the afterlife.

“All this time, I kept quiet because it seemed like you were handling things on your own, but it looks like you made quite a few enemies back home?”

“It would be more accurate to say that I had no allies.”

If there were any, it would have been Emily or my sister, Ellis, at best.

“What about Beruth?”

“For now, I left him alive and threw him in front of the healing center. I presume the healers who were about to clean the yard have found him by now.”

“It seems generous of you not to kill him.”

“If I had tried to kill him, you, head, would have rushed to stop me.”

She did not try to deny it.

Trash as he may be, he still has the noble tag attached to his status.

His position is fundamentally different from that of common-born students like Resmus.

If I had acted on impulse and killed him, not only would the Academy be stirred up, but international relations would become extremely awkward.

To exaggerate a bit, it could have broken a hundred years of continental peace.

Of course, I am not so foolish as to be unable to make such rational decisions.

Though I did consider killing him in a moment of excitement, instead, I gave him a pain worse than death so he won’t be wagging his tongue irresponsibly.

“I am constantly amazed at your abilities the more I observe. The strength that surpasses the assassins of Mist, the eloquence to deal with that steadfast Chancellor Condor, and the mental fortitude to handle a demonic sword… You show the finest qualities that a successor can exhibit.”

Who can be pleased when praised with such murderous eyes?

Regardless, she continued emotionlessly.

“I have no particular desire to pry into what happened in your hometown or how you grew up. It would be a lie to say I’m not curious, but I won’t ask. The same goes for Lord Aer.”

Sometimes, not knowing is more beneficial to me and those around me than knowing.

An assassin’s true role is to follow their target without being swayed by personal feelings or backgrounds.

She would know that better than anyone.

“However, it’ll be problematic if incidents like this continue. Whether it’s Beruth or this crow here, there will continue to be those who are suspicious and envious of your actions. That’ll become quite troublesome for you, won’t it?”

“I agree. However, you don’t need to keep cleaning up after me. Whatever I’ve caused, I shall resolve.”

She sighed at my unflinching posture.

“I wish you’d understand the heart of a teacher who finds it not so easy to do so. I like that you want to punish those who touch your people. But such extreme methods within the Academy will eventually turn into a crisis for you. It will endanger not only you but also those around you. Can’t we stand to see that happen? As an emerged successor, we will protect you by whatever means necessary.”

Protect me by whatever means necessary…

Why was this same person so cool about letting me leave the organization when I decided to leave in my previous life? I suddenly wanted to ask.

Asking wouldn’t get me answers anyway.

With a shrug, I said,

“Punishment is an act of applying negative pressure to the subject to induce positive development. But what I did is not punishment. It’s a sort of warning that if they dare climb up again after being crushed, they’ll be completely subdued.”

Why should I promote the positive development of those bastards?

I don’t hold out hope for their rehabilitation.

I just want them to live quietly without attracting my attention.

“Jealousy towards me? It’s just the self-pity of those without ability. I really don’t care about such gossip. However, if something like this happens again, not to me, but to my people…”

This incident has made one thing clear to me.

“I’ll find them all and crush them. That’s how I choose to live…”

As I reaffirmed during my encounter with Aer, in this life I have to correct what I had to and could not do in my past life.

Always looking around, wasn’t that it?

That idiotic god’s words seem to make a bit of sense.

The head in front of me and the other members are no different.

They all are within my fence, belonging to my domain.

For those who would risk their lives for me because of the problems I bring, I will never abandon them.

Well, as long as they don’t stab me in the back.

There seemed to be a slight softening in the head’s steady gaze as if she was moved by my firm resolve.

“I hope we don’t have to be too busy rushing around.”

“I’ll try.”

With an unaffected smile, I responded with a small one of my own.

“My work here appears to be done. Leave this crow with me; from the look in his eyes, he doesn’t seem to have the intention to kill.”

Leaving behind a gift (?) unintentionally, the head left the scene.

As soon as she was gone, a black mist rose from within me.

[Unnecessarily showing off…]

Ceyram’s eyes narrowed discontentedly.

“What’s the dissatisfaction now?”

[Would you understand if I spoke? Forget it! What about that guy?]

Ceyram pointed to Kellin, who was lying in front of us, motionless as a dead body.


He’s still conscious.

His thundering heartbeat is audible from here.

“Stop pretending to be unconscious. I know you’re awake.


As the mist and gag covering his eyes were released, his face appeared, dripping with sweat.

“You are Sian Vert…”

Since this was our first encounter in this life, such a reaction was expected.

“What exactly are you? How can the youngest of the Vert family have such a force? Those people are undoubtedly the followers of the Black Mist…”

“That’s not why I freed you. Think for 5 seconds about what you should say in this situation.”

He responded in less than 5 seconds.

“Do you want an answer to what you want? I regret to inform you that my mouth is not so loose. I would rather die biting my tongue off here!”

Something I’ve felt since my previous life is that this guy is really obstinate.

Once upon a time, although I was madly following that devil, I felt some awe towards him for being so steadfast.

Still, he’s a very petty person.

A foolish man who can’t tell the difference between crap and bean paste, thinking his own conviction is the most important in the world.

Do I look like him?


But I don’t feel a shred of sympathy for this guy.


He was the first person to try to kill me.

Out of jealousy and envy, claiming that someone like me was unnecessary for the family, he was the very first person who tried to assassinate me.

Therefore, he was a man that I killed with my own hands.

“You’ve been watching what I’ve been doing! It was like looking at a demon, not a person! Perhaps he realized your true nature long ago! Your existence will surely cause great harm not only to the Vert family but also to him!”

“That person,” he refers to must certainly be that guy, right?

So, he’s already scared of me while I’m still so green, wary and frightened?

It’s laughably ridiculous.

Hiding my thoughts, I asked,

“What will you do if I let you go now?”

“I will return to Belias immediately and report everything about you to my lord. No threats or coercion will work, and even if you cast ‘Binding Spell’ on me, it won’t matter. I’d rather die by biting my tongue off here and now!”

“You are determined. That must be why Aschel continues to use you.”

“Do not casually speak the name of that man!”

“Should I give you some advice? That won’t last long.”


His glaring eyes were so fierce that I wanted to gouge them out.

“If he trusted you that much, you wouldn’t have died so soon, especially not by my hand.”

By me…

“What are you talking about……”

“It’s none of your business. It’s better to roll in a pit of shit than to die. Anyway, let’s extend that life of yours a bit longer. It’s to make use of you in a way that’s more meaningful to me.”

I gathered a large amount of mana within my body and channeled it into my hand.

“It seems you do not understand me. No matter what you do, you can’t change me……”

“I never said I’d change you. I’m simply going to make you anew.”

A vast amount of mana beyond comparison to before accumulated in my hand.

“This power…? What are you trying to do?”

Think of it as an honor, if you like.

It’s a high-grade magic that I find bothersome to use for someone like you.

At that precise moment, the clouds concealing the sun dispersed, revealing shadows that had been hidden.

With the mana in my hand, I struck down towards Kellin’s shadow.

“Creation: Shadow Personality!”


Along with the spell, a jet-black light surged where my hand touched the shadow, and the congealed mana passed through the shadow and transferred directly into Kellin’s body.

Receiving it, Kellin wore the expression of a soulless shell, completely vacant.

Phew, it’s disgustingly hard to do after a while.

The 9-star dark attribute spell ‘Shadow Personality’.

A high-ranked spell that creates a new personality from a person’s shadow, which is said to house a second soul, and implants it into the target’s body.

It was a top-tier spell that even in my past life I had used only once.

After grappling my momentarily dizzy mind, I looked at Kellin again and asked.

“Do you know who you are?”

“Kellin Diego. A formal guardian knight of Belias, I came to Rowen with a mission to monitor Lord Sian.”

His tone was noticeably more submissive.

“Who do you serve?”


After a brief pause, Kellin continued.

“Originally, I served Lord Aschel, the eldest son of the Vert family… But now, I have no desire to serve him. Instead, I wish to serve Lord Sian, who created me, as my new master. Please accept me!”

At this, Ceyram clicked his tongue and remarked,

[No puppet is quite like that.]

That’s exactly why I made him such.

“Listen closely to what I am about to say. Then return to Belias and convey everything to Aschel, who awaits you. Without omitting a single thing……”

“Newly born Kellin Diego, shall heed Lord Sian’s command!”

His face, as always, was filled with determination.

(To be continued)


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