The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 52


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 52

Chapter 52: My Person(2)

Under the bright full moon and dark night clouds, the skies coexisted with both light and shadow.

It was time for our little friends to drift into the land of dreams.

Curled up in bed, Nana fell into a deep slumber.

Was she dreaming of eating candy? She absentmindedly sucked on her finger.

Normally, I might have gone out for my nightly outings as usual, but not tonight.

There was no nursemaid available to look after the little one who slept so soundly, unaware of the world.


Brian was not in the dormitory.

Usually, he would return at dusk after his daily routine of shopping for Nana’s snacks, but today, he has not returned even as the moon rose.

There’s no way he would have fled into the night by now,

Could he have been ambushed and kidnapped by some unexpected foes?

[What’s this, amateur hour?]

As if reading my thoughts, Ceyram appeared beside the sleeping Nana.

[You’ve been dealing with those crows lurking around lately, haven’t you? If something happened to that child, wouldn’t it obviously be their doing?]

Ceyram wore an amused smile, seeming quite entertained by the current predicament.

Those crows…

More accurately, they should be called watchers.

Ever since Brian and I arrived in Rowen and unpacked our bags,

strange watchers seemed to be waiting to tail us, as if they were already on standby.

If they had started following us after some time had passed, I might not have noticed, but their immediate presence indicated they had been prepared in advance.

In other words, this was not the work of the Duchess who had ordered my death.

In fact, the Duchess had been quite quiet so far, surprisingly so.

Knowing her nature, the moment she realized her plan had failed, she was likely living in fear each day, wondering when her misdeed would be discovered.

Truthfully, I had an inkling of who the culprit might be the moment I became aware of the watchers.

Thus, I didn’t waste time on baseless conjectures and dealt with them that very day.

Though they were well-trained and tight-lipped, they couldn’t withstand the cruel temptation of torture.

As I methodically peeled away the flesh from each of their fingers, they inevitably spilled everything.

‘Ke, Kellin! It’s Kellin Diego!’

A name all too familiar, even welcoming: Kellin Diego.

Although his official position might have been that of a knight for the Belias, he was unlikely to actually be serving in the order.

At this moment, he would be clinging to the side of that man, taking care of all the dirty work at the estate.

But in this life, I haven’t so much as met the man.

Meaning, it wasn’t solely his decision to send watchers after me.

Without a doubt, some suspicious higher power had ordered it.

With this knowledge, my next step was simple.

Kill every one of them that came.

No news is good news?

To those who value every scrap of information, silence only breeds meaningless anxiety.

Eventually, once all information is cut off, the real perpetrator will have no choice but to show himself.

That’s why I hunted down and killed additional watchers night after night, completely severing information to Belias.

In the end, Kellin himself would have to seek me out.

A confrontation I certainly anticipated.

But this, this was odd.

As if embodying the suspicion that Kellin wouldn’t make a risky wager without certainty, even if vital information kept getting cut off, he wouldn’t orchestrate such a reckless attack on the people around me.

The academy, watched from all sides, was particularly off-limits for such actions.

[You’re aware, aren’t you? Recently, there’s a new party tailing us. Really, our master is quite extraordinary, huh? With so much attention, how could you possibly die on schedule?]

A dedicated fan of life and death, is it?

A soft laugh escaped me as my gaze drifted towards the peacefully sleeping Nana.


She seemed unlikely to wake up anytime soon with her quiet, steady breathing.

Still, it would be problematic if she were to awaken in the absence of a guardian, so I had to hurry back quickly.

I tucked Ceyram safely in my coat and stepped outside.

The area surrounding the Royal Pavilion didn’t necessarily need academy personnel, as knights from the empire and other kingdoms were abundant, practically taking on the role of guards in the area.

Thus, even the most skilled watchers would struggle to remain in this vicinity.

I began by moving away from the dormitory.

– Chirrrrrr

Within the stillness, a sinister bird call sounded out.

The watchers were nowhere to be found, not even a hint of their presence could be felt.

Usually, by the time one exits the academy, the crows would have started to gather, but for some reason, they were silent today.

I decided to follow where my feet led me and ventured further.

Before I knew it, I had reached the commercial streets of Rowen in front of the academy.

As befitting the time, while there were lights on, no shop doors remained open.

The solitude seemed even more pronounced than usual.

But isn’t it strange?

There’s no human scent to be found… yet the smell of blood is distinctly in the air.

My body instinctively gravitated towards the familiar scent.

I eventually came upon a dead-end alley.

There appeared to be no need to search for the source of the smell.

Fresh, thick splashes of blood scattered about suggested that it hadn’t been long since they were spilled.


A deep sigh escaped me involuntarily.

[Isn’t it obvious? You don’t even need to piece together the situation to know the answer, do you?]

Ceyram’s gaze wasn’t on the bloodstains; rather, it fixated on the scattered items around them.

Candy, bread, chocolate – precisely the kind of treats that the little one would enjoy.

There they lay disarrayed on the rough dirt ground, abandoned and ownerless.

What does this imply?

The situation fits too neatly together, leaving no room for conjecture.

These items, without a doubt, were bought by Brian.

Then, whose blood is this?

There’s no need to ask; it’s clearly Brian’s blood.

The real question is why his blood and the things he bought were found in such a secluded place.

Brian was not brought here against his will.

He came here of his own volition.

Perhaps he also sensed what had been happening around me lately.

The ominous crows that recently began to follow us so closely.

So, he attempted to lure them out.

Whether he intended to beat them to death with his hands or use some sort of desperate strategy to die together with them is unclear, but…

It’s laughable.

To think he felt he had the capability, this delusion of a sense of crisis?

The idea of someone threatening me is so absurd it’s speechless.

[You sure picked a fine specimen. He truly gave his all for you. Such devotion is hard to come by in servants, isn’t it?]

Though it could sound sarcastic, Ceyram seemed genuinely impressed.

I quietly asked her.

“Do you know, Ceyram?”


“In all my past and present lives, I’ve never had a servant. Meaning, I’ve never once had someone live solely for my sake.”

The only one I ever considered worth protecting was him.

“So, I thought about it. A life dedicated to living for me. Wouldn’t it be nice to have individuals devoted to me? Like my past self, someone who would sacrifice everything for me? It seemed quite appealing.”

[Why the sudden confession?]

Ceyram’s brows tilted downward, perhaps my reflection coming off a bit abrupt.

“Despite his lack of talent and marginal ability, Brian is undoubtedly my first servant and my person. Yet, now it seems he’s in danger because of some insignificant beings? Can you imagine how that makes me feel?”

At my question, Ceyram gave a slight chuckle and replied.

[With that look in your eyes, there’s only one answer I can give, isn’t there?]

My eyes? Honestly, I’m not quite sure what expression I’m wearing at this moment.

This emotion… it’s actually new to me.

That someone who decided to dedicate their life to me is now in peril.

The sensation is really… indescribably shitty.

[You’re going to kill them, right? And very painfully…?]

The malevolent soul of the demonic blade sneered coldly at me.

How dare they lay a finger on my person when it would be futile even if they touched me?

A rage difficult to contain surged from within.

* * *

– Thump!

With a heavy blow, the sound of grunts echoed throughout the space.

“This damned lunatic! Did you swallow your vocal cords or something…?”

Despite the relentless beating, Brian only swayed helplessly like a limp puppet.

He had desperately wanted to respond, but after being hit indiscriminately, including his vocal cords, he had been unable to utter a single word.

The assailants were unaware of this and continued to press and attack for a confession, which Brian found incredibly frustrating.

His bones had practically shattered under the continuous assault.

By now, even if his voice came back, he doubted he could speak due to the pain; it was an utterly wretched feeling.

‘I should’ve just stopped showing off and informed the young master…’

During the beatings, this thought crossed his mind hundreds of times.

In hindsight, considering he had blatantly lured them out, maybe some level of conversation was an option?

He had been the one to ask them to come out, but who could have known they’d attack like a swarm without any discussion?

“It’s no use with this guy! He just won’t think straight!”

Finally, the torturer declared defeat.

The young man who had been sitting and watching silently approached Brian.

“Huff… Huff…”

Brian could only gasp with difficulty.

“I was under the impression that you, as the sole guardian knight, were someone exceptional, but it turns out you can’t even speak a word?”

It was not the heavy voice of an adult but rather the thin, light voice of a young boy.

Brian slowly raised his head to find the source of the voice.

With thick violet hair and flawless, tender skin, the boy seemed as young as Sian.

He wore a chilling smile as he asked Brian.

“Do you have any idea why you’re in this state?”

Having never met him before, there surely was no previous conflict with this stranger.

Brian realized then that Sian must have been involved.

“They say that when a master is incompetent, the subjects beneath him suffer. Isn’t that quite true? Oh, and you don’t even know what your master has done, do you?”

The boy continued with a cheerful smile.

“I utterly despise being lectured or looked down upon by anyone. Whenever I feel that way, I just want to kill everything around me with sheer fury! Once I lose it, no one can stop me. Not even my father…”

Madness began to fill the boy’s tone.

“And then your master crossed me? Sian Vert, that man insulted me, Beruth Luimill, with those contemptible eyes! Together with that insignificant fifth princess of the empire! It was a level of humiliation I had never felt before in my life! You think you can get away with such an act unscathed? Not a chance!”

As his mania subsided, his cold eyes returned to a blank gaze.

He muttered as if unsure whether to smile or cry.

“Should I tell you what I plan to do with you? First, I’ll painstakingly skin you from head to toe, wrap you up like a surprise gift! Then, I’ll send it directly to your master! Can you imagine his reaction upon receiving my present? He’ll be terrified, not knowing where it came from, trembling in fear day after day! I will relish watching his terror peak! And at the pinnacle of his fear, that will be when I kill him along with the princess!”

Brian was suddenly reminded of a common phrase Sian would use.

Utterly pitiful.

Pitiful to the point of warranting sympathy.

Brian had no idea what Sian had suffered, but he knew all too well what would happen to someone who crossed Sian.

Who was about to do what to whom?

The one thing he was sure of was that even if he perished here today, these people would soon savor an agony far worse than his own.

As if resigned, Brian closed his eyes.

Perhaps his life had already ended near Belias, so this impending death was surprisingly easy to accept.

Only a slight regret lingered.

Maybe he could’ve been of more help to the lord he considered serving for a lifetime?

That thought was exceptionally tragic.

But what could be done?

After all, these people were likely to be knocking on death’s door along with him shortly…


The shrill screams of agony filled his ears.

The cries continued without cessation, one after the other.


Sinisterly familiar, the ordeal unfolded.

Brian slowly opened his eyes once more, lifting his gaze. The familiar figure standing before him inquired softly.

“What are you doing?”

(To be continued in the next chapter)


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