The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 50


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Interview (2)


With a crisp sound, it rolled on the floor a couple of times.

If asked why I entered with such a commotion, it’s because I came in through the window, not the front door.

Quickly raising my head, I caught sight of the chancellor sitting at the desk.

I stood up without much emotion and said calmly,

“Sian Vert, a freshman at the Royal Academy. I’ve come to lodge a complaint with the chancellor.”


The chancellor wore a rather inscrutable expression.

I suppose it could be interpreted in two ways.

Either he never expected me to actually come, or

He knew I would come, but not in such a manner.

After setting up such a high-level ‘restriction barrier’, did he really expect me to enter through the front door?

Unless I used the power of Aeryl, it would have been impossible to breach that barrier with my bare body.

But an assassin doesn’t usually take the main entrance, does it?

I had climbed up another stairwell to the rooftop.a

And then I jumped.

Using a sphere of mana as a springboard, I charged straight through the window of the chancellor’s office.

Though somewhat violent, it was, after all, the most inconspicuous method I could choose.

The chancellor then looked at me with a chilly tone and asked,

“Have you come to lodge a complaint?”

“Yes. The warning notice was issued under the chancellor’s name, so I came directly to see you.”

The chancellor let out a disbelieving chuckle.

“Audacious. At this sacred educational institute, a student skips classes and I take action, and you want to lodge a complaint against that? Do you take the Royal Academy for granted?”

Every word was imbued with strong resolve.

He’s taking a hard stance.

Of course, I know the current situation is not in my favor.

If he wished, he could charge me with unauthorized entry and property damage, imposing additional sanctions.

However, if that had been his goal, he wouldn’t have sent me a warning notice in the first place.

I replied with a restrained tone.

“In truth, coming to lodge a complaint was merely a formal procedure to see you, Chancellor. As for the warning you issued, I have no intention of denying it. In fact, I think it was a natural decision.”

“Ha, so that means you have another purpose for coming here?”

With that, the chancellor scoffed and continued,

“Indeed, I sent the same warning to you and Seth. They were identical in form and format, but one thing was different — the sender. Seth’s warning probably said it was from the administrative department, but yours did not. As you put it yourself, if you had an objection to the warning, coming to me directly was the right move.”

The chancellor’s tone was unflinching and cold.

“Why do you think I sent you my warning and not both of you?”

“That would be because you wanted to test me, no? Discovering and nurturing talent is something you excel at, is it not?”

An educator’s true role is to accelerate the growth of students, contributing to the advancement of the nation and society.

And it would be unthinkable for someone who manages the continent’s top educational institution to simply overlook a talent such as mine.

Even if I criticize the Academy as a den of intrigue and deception, at its core, it is a place of learning.

Historically, numerous talented individuals have passed through here, which is why it has maintained its reputation as the leading educational institute on the continent.

“Fine. You’ve attracted my attention with your bold entrance and the duel the other day. If you’ve not come to lodge a complaint, let’s hear it then. State your original purpose…”

I had pondered this moment several times on the way here.

Whether to reveal some of my cards for a clear and decisive path,

Or choose a safer route that might be circuitous but allowed me to keep everything hidden.

Truthfully, the latter was not to my taste.

In my life where failure meant the end, the word ‘safety’ didn’t quite fit.

I don’t particularly like the phrase ‘life is a gamble’, but since I had decided to deal with the chancellor, half-hearted sentiments had to be set aside.

I firmly looked the chancellor in the eyes and said,

“I have one question for you, Chancellor.”


“Do you wish for the empire’s prosperity? Or do you seek the glory of your house?”

For a moment, the chancellor’s eyes sharpened and moved.

“Before being the head of the Royal Academy, you are also the leader of the Quizzel Ducal house. Furthermore, you were the Emperor’s father-in-law. I understand you’ve maintained a good relationship with His Majesty even after the empress passed away.”

“And what of it?”

“Please answer my question first. Depending on your response, what I have to say next will change.”

The chancellor’s gaze was as heavy as that of a predator at the top of the food chain.

As if to say, ‘Why should I answer to someone like you?’

I too did not back down, fully accepting his scrutinizing gaze.

“Prosperity and honor?”

The chancellor finally spoke after maintaining his silence.

“Neither are my concern.”

That was an unexpected answer.

“The continent has been at unprecedented peace since the founding of the Royal Academy. It has already been a hundred years since nations have crossed swords. Right now, this is arguably the most prosperous period in the history of the empire.”

It has been a hundred years since the great sage Teramile Ishpa established the Royal Academy.

Indeed, since then, there have been no wars between states on the continent.

The Academy’s central role in this cannot be denied.

As the chancellor said, this is indeed an era of unprecedented prosperity for the empire.

“Moreover, I’ve long since lost interest in my house’s glory. The house runs well without me, and I stepped down from the position of duke some time ago. For me now, this academy is all that matters.”

The chancellor’s words carried an unequivocal resolve.

I nodded and replied,

“I understand. Then since you do not care about the empire’s prosperity or your family’s honor, I assume it wouldn’t matter to you if either the 1st Prince or the 2nd Princess did not ascend the throne?”


The air in the room grew heavy in an instant.

“You’re not audacious… you’re impudent.”

The chancellor spoke in a heavy tone, a light smile on my face.

“I’ve dedicated 30 years of my life to this academy. During that time, I’ve seen many students, many talents. That included your sister, hailed as the child of the gods, and your brother, deemed to become the continent’s second guardian. I too thought of you as a talent in the same league as them.”

A bittersweet compliment, being compared with him, but I chose not to show my thoughts.

“Yet it seems I misjudged you. You are nothing but a dunce, complacent with the power you’ve been given. No matter the Duke of Vert’s offspring, have you not considered the repercussions of your words? Or has the Emperor’s favor corrupted you with vanity? I regret ever seeing you in a good light, even if briefly. Let’s consider your last statement as unheard. I’ll lower the barrier for a moment, now leave.”

That was blunt.

The chancellor was plainly instructing me to leave.

Ignoring his command, I continued,

“Chancellor, as you said, we are in an unprecedented golden age of the empire—at least during the Emperor’s lifetime. But do you think this peaceful era will continue after His Majesty passes?”


The chancellor’s eyes flashed for a moment.

“You may have withdrawn from your house, but you surely aren’t ignorant of the current state of the empire. We are tightroping at present. The factions of the late empress, the 1st Prince and the 2nd Princess, and the current empress, the 3rd and 4th Princes… After the Emperor’s death, the impending civil strife between them is almost a given.”

I’ll leave out one more person for now.

“What’s your basis for such claims?”

“Randolph Nephris, Count of Nephris, is not one to be disinterested in the world like you, Chancellor. He places his house’s honor above all and would kill a demon from hell to preserve it. Surely, he must desire his bloodline to ascend the throne.”

A flicker of disturbance crossed the chancellor’s eyes.

He knew more about Nephris than I did.

I pressed on,

“Based on legitimacy, it would be right for the 1st Prince to take the throne. But the Nephris house wouldn’t stand idly by. It will inevitably lead to civil strife. And if peace within the empire shatters, and the worst happens with the 1st Prince’s faction defeated, even the Quizzel family cannot guarantee its security.”

“Do you think our Quizzel house is so weak?”

“It’s just a possibility, isn’t it? No one knows for sure.”

The chancellor is likely thinking now,

‘How can an eleven-year-old boy predict the deep politics of the empire?’

It would seem too confident for overheard information.

After all, only a direct vassal could speak of such things.

“The empire’s prosperity and the family’s honor… You say they don’t concern you much, but what if both shatter in the near future? Even then, will you really be untroubled, Chancellor?”

The chancellor looked at me in silence, a look filled with many thoughts, but one thing was clear.

No longer would he see me as just another freshman…

“No one of my house has said such things to me… I never imagined it would come from you.”

His tone was slightly softer now.

“So, you’re saying all this to guide me towards the right path amid the prospective turmoil?”

I smiled and replied,

“I acknowledge that you are a great man, Chancellor. If a civil war really breaks out, you would lead the fray and ensure a Quizzel ascends the throne.”

Indeed, Chancellor Condor had made groundbreaking contributions in leading the Quizzel house to victory in a succession conflict, making Prince ‘Luinel Severus’ the new emperor.

But it didn’t end with the strife.

After the civil war concluded, the chancellor wanted the new emperor Luinel to embrace his other siblings peacefully.

Without their support, a conflict could erupt again—they should not be killed but kept in a friendly relationship.

However, Emperor Luinel thought differently.

Raised in a world of power struggles, brotherly love was alien to him.

They were merely insurgents threatening his position.

Even the far-seeing Chancellor Condor couldn’t predict his own future.

The civil war gave birth to another, and ultimately, Emperor Luinel ordered the assassination of the opposing Chancellor Condor while executing his remaining brothers for treason.

Princess Arin was simply banished.

“Ha! Then what was your real purpose in telling me all this?”

Unless something changed, the empire’s future would remain the same.

Honestly, I no longer care a speck about the empire’s prosperity or the family’s honor.

But the old chancellor wouldn’t feel the same.

Above all, he would hope that the current peace lasts for the rest of his life.

I would use that hope of the chancellor to my advantage.

“Chancellor, you said the academy matters to you most, so it’s irrelevant who becomes the emperor, right? Plus, if the family’s honor continues as it is, all the better. You would want to see the empire and academy flourish in this peaceful time, wouldn’t you?”

“And you will help me with that?”

He sees right through it.

I silently responded with a smile.

“Yes, I acknowledge. As long as the academy’s welfare is assured, it doesn’t matter to me who sits on the throne. So, what do you want from me? What power do you have?”

I had said all that could be said in words.

Now, what remained was to prove myself.

Can I showcase the power to turn the tide in the tumultuous state of the empire?


I formed a small mana sphere in my palm.

A mundane mana sphere, do you think?


This is a very ordinary mana sphere that even a 1-star student could create.

But this ordinary thing feels different depending on who creates it.


The chancellor’s gaze wavered intensely.

He sensed it.

The tremendous power emanating from the black mana sphere.

And he would also know,

The power I am displaying now is nowhere near my full extent…

“Who are you exactly…?”

“You needn’t think so hard about it. Think of me as a genius, prodigy, or perhaps a divine being who has descended among humans. As long as you don’t see me as just an ordinary student, that will suffice.”

The chancellor looked perplexed.

But that moment didn’t last long.

As if coming to a decision, he asked again.

“What is it that you want from me?”

Our chancellor understands the concept of give and take very well indeed.

Without hesitation, I immediately replied,

“Nothing much. Aside from retracting the warning, allow me to continue life at the academy as it is. I might not attend classes often, but I’ll go every now and then. I’ll regularly take exams as well.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, that’s all. Nothing more.”

The chancellor seemed surprised.

“What do you gain from this?”

“Peace. I too want to attend the academy without issues.”

With my smile suggesting ‘what’s the problem?’, the chancellor wore a complex expression.

(To be continued)


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