The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 49


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 49

Chapter 49: An Interview (1)

To be honest, I was a bit surprised. The magic rank of Seth, known for his elemental swordsmanship, was three stars. Among this year’s freshman class, his rank was unquestionably the highest. Considering his abilities, the instructors had installed a magic barrier of four-star strength, one grade higher. But look at the state of the barrier now. It is so fragile that it seems it could break with a mere touch. For a moment, he displayed a realm of transcendence that exceeded his own magic rank. If my Sphere of Nothingness had been any slower, there might have been damage to the arena as well.


Seth’s face was unexpectedly devoid of thought. Drained of every ounce of strength, it would have been a feat for him to even stand, let alone have any mana left.

“Sian Vert……”

He called out my name, barely able to catch his breath.

“A complete defeat on my part.”

His admission was impressively cool. Surely he wouldn’t persist in such a state.

“Swordsmanship, magic… I lost in both of the areas where I thought myself most confident. And so utterly powerlessly…”

“Take this as consolation or not, but you were amazing too. For a moment, you transcended your own magical rank, right?”

“That’s not even close to consoling! You, on the other hand, are perfectly fine unlike me!”

Hm, that’s true. Perhaps I should have pretended to be a bit more out of breath.

“This defeat is a first for me. But thanks to it, I’ve realized how much I have yet to learn! My desire to train is surging uncontrollably!”

He seemed ready to retreat to a mountain cave for solitary training. Given his state, he didn’t seem likely to show up for class for a while.

“I don’t know when, but I will challenge you again! You’ll accept again then, won’t you, Sian Vert?”

“Well, if the opportunity arises…”

Seth laughed heartily, satisfied.

“Excellent! But it won’t take long! I’ll train with fierce dedication and I will definitely…”


It was nothing. The guy who had been incessantly talking to himself finally collapsed from exhaustion. The waiting instructors hastily rushed over and took him to the infirmary.

“Sparring is over! The winner is Sian Vert!”

Despite the announcement of the victor, only a solemn silence filled the sparring ground. Not even a smattering of applause, just a pathetic murmur here and there.

“What’s that about? Wasn’t his magic rank supposed to be just one star? And his attribute, a useless darkness?”

“The Sand Prince turned out to be nothing special. All that and defeated by a mere one-star…”

“Maybe he learned some tricks from those frontline knights?”

“Look at that nonchalant face of his! Really irksome…”

Of course, nobles filled with envy and jealousy wouldn’t think of me fondly. But why would I care for the opinion of swine?

Not that there were only swine present. Among the onlookers—upperclassmen, instructors, researchers, and even the head of the house sitting in the special seats—doubt filled every gaze.

“A one-star? He seems to be at least a four-star.”

“Is this what being a scion of the house of Vert entails? Not a single ordinary one in that family…”

“To master the Sphere of Nothingness at his age… despite being a darkness attribute, his potential is intriguing.”

Among them, the gaze of our head, no, Instructor Silica, was the most noteworthy. It almost seemed to say out loud, “Was it really necessary to show off like that, Sian Vert?”

And then there was another…

Condor Quizzel, the chief administrator of the Royal Academy, watched me with a steely gaze unlike any other, hard to decipher.

Staying here any longer wouldn’t do any good.

Ignoring the many stares, I left the arena.

* * *

“My lord, this is…”

“What’s this?”

While I was resting on the sofa, Brian handed me something.

It was a thin envelope with a red background and the academy’s emblem on it.

“I’m not quite sure. Lady Silica said she couldn’t give it directly to you and handed it to me to ensure it reaches you…”

I immediately opened the envelope to see its contents.

“…A warning?”

Not exactly a welcome item to receive.

“This is quite a disappointing prize for a sparring victory.”

Did I expect too much hoping for a surprise party invitation?

“Papa! What’s a warning?”

Our little one asked with pure eyes, her cheeks puffed with candy like a hamster.

“Well… simply put, if we don’t do as they say, they’ll kick us out of here.”

“So what will we do? Will we end up on the streets?”

“…Where did you learn such a thing?”

Has she been exploring the city in my absence?

But honestly, the current situation wasn’t much different from what I explained to our little one. The warning informed me that continuous absence from classes would lead to further warnings and sanctions, and if I continued to show a lack of compliance, I could be expelled from the Royal residence, and in the worst case, expelled from the academy.

Sooner or later, this moment was expected. What concerned me was not that the warning came from the academy’s administrative department, but from someone higher up.

-Chancellor Condor Quizzel-

There it was, the name written clearly under the warning letter. The top authority of the academy had now personally sent a warning to a mere freshman.

The head had told me that I was being watched, but it seems that the sparring from two days ago heightened their attention.

“Then shall we move to a different place?”

“No, not yet. We need to be here until our little one grows up.”

I gently stroked her head as I spoke.

Still, it’s not like I’d just obediently start attending classes. In essence, this warning was like a love call from the chancellor, an invitation to come and see him if I had any complaints.

It seems I’ll need to make a deal with the head of the academy if I want to continue wandering its premises freely.

“Sir, shouldn’t you also think of a name for her?” Brian suddenly spoke up.


“Well, it might be good for her emotions. And we can’t keep calling her ‘little one’…”

It seems that not having an actual name was somewhat troubling for Brian. I hadn’t avoided choosing a name on purpose—it was just that I couldn’t think of a good one.

Dragons, obsessed with their outer appearance, also insisted on grand names. I remembered meeting a dragon in my past life whose name was ‘Marian Del Ancart Luscal Dia Postarn’, and even that was considered short by dragon standards.

I don’t understand why they need such needlessly long names. Their tradition had been going on for thousands of years; who was I to question it?

But then again, this child wasn’t obliged to follow their customs. Being half human, she could choose her own name.

“What you want is the most important,” I had told her.

I bent down to look her in the eyes and asked, “Little one, do you have a name you’d like?”


“Yes, a name. How would you like us to call you?”

After gulping down her candy and pondering for a bit, she smiled brightly and said, “Nana!”


It was easy enough to say and fairly cute.

“Yes! I want to be called ‘Nana Vert’, with Papa’s last name! Is that okay?”

“Um… sure, why not…”

I feel like she pulled a fast one on me there.

When did she learn my last name?

Nonetheless, Nana continued munching on her candy with an innocent smile, carefree of any concerns.

* * *

Condor Quizzel, Chancellor of the Royal Academy. Mentor to Emperor Dionne Severus and subsequently ascending to become the emperor’s father-in-law. After the death of Empress Diana Quizzel, he set aside his family responsibilities to dedicate himself solely to the role of academy chancellor.

Quizzel was also one of the few on the continent to have reached the grade of nine-star magic rank—a grand mage capable of wiping out a territory in the blink of an eye if so desired. It was an unwise choice to mess with such an elderly man.

However, there was no particular connection between Quizzel and my past life. Perhaps my only personal experience with him was when he scolded me a bit.

Despite not exactly being boast-worthy, in my past life, I graduated from the academy ranked fifth overall. It was a deliberate choice, as I only achieved the scores I deemed necessary at the time.

(Had I wished, I could have been the valedictorian.)

Nevertheless, the chancellor invited me, an outstanding graduate, to his office. I was half-expecting him to scout me for some academy-related job.

But instead,

“You have been hiding your power within the academy,” he said.

I didn’t show it outwardly, but my heart sank at those words.

“You’re joining the Order of Light Knights? To follow in your exceptional brother’s footsteps? Doesn’t seem like the right path for you.”

When I asked if that was because I was a holder of the dark attribute, the chancellor laughed heartily and replied,

“Hahaha! So even you realize it doesn’t suit you? Let me give you some advice. If you go there, you will definitely not end up well. While you may consider it a trial, in the end, it will be a fruitless life for you.”

At the time, I ignored even divine advice, so such words were mere spiteful comments. Yet, looking back, he really hit the mark.

Indeed, his prediction came true, and I met the most miserable end imaginable in my previous life.

The irony is that while one can see the future of others so clearly, one’s own future remains unseen. Chancellor Quizzel was exactly like that, a seer who, despite witnessing a great deal, remained blind to his own destiny. Perhaps in many ways, he was similar to me.

Remembering those days only leaves me with a bitter smile.

The chancellery was located on the top floor of the main building. Given the late hour, the chancellor would likely be in his office. I saw no guards on patrol—perhaps they had ducked out for a snack—a thought interrupted.

In an instant, I was on the top floor of the main building, thirty paces from the chancellor’s office. I could continue walking and reach it without issue.

However, I couldn’t just proceed. An unfamiliar, menacing presence filled the entire floor. Not murderous intent, but rather an aversion to even approach a profoundly negative aura. No scent of blood or signs of life, just sporadic artificial mana energies scraping against the flesh.

A restricted barrier. With a vast amount of mana, a limited area was created where penetration was impossible. A magic barricade meant to induce an unbearable feeling of rejection the moment an intruder stepped inside, to prevent any approach.

If the mana presence had been normal, I might assume it was for security measures, but this was beyond that. At least eight- or nine-star grade, requiring the reach of a grand mage to manifest such overwhelming magical power.

There is only one person at the academy capable of such a feat…

Of course, Chancellor Quizzel.

I knew immediately that at this moment, he was testing me.

(To be continued)


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