The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 47


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Duel (1)

In the eastern district of Belias, the mansion of the Duke Vert’s family.

Margaret Erzes, the mistress of the mansion, walked the corridors with an exceptionally anxious expression.


Hands and feet trembling like aspen leaves.

Lips quivering as if covered in frost.

She seemed like a sinner hiding a grievous wrongdoing.



The unexpected touch of a stranger made her body ripple like a wave.

It was the firstborn son of the house, Aschel.

“Are you alright? You look very pale.”

Margaret, reassured by Aschel’s presence, calmed her startled heart.

“Ah, ah… no. I, I’m fine, really fine……”

Aschel, with a gentle smile, reassured her by taking her hand.

“Please tell me if there’s anything troubling you, Mother. As your son, I will do everything within my power to assist you.”

“Tha-thank you, Aschel……”

Although he was not her biological son, he was by far the most charming child in the house.

As if enchanted by his gaze, Margaret cautiously caressed Aschel’s cheek.

After she departed, Aschel, now alone, was approached by the head retainer, Kellin.

“Bodies were discovered in the mountains near Belias. All of them belonged to knights of our fiefdom.”

“How many were there?”

“Six bodies were found in total. However, the Duchess had dispatched seven men, so one is presumed missing. Furthermore…”

Kellin hesitated for a moment.

“Continue, don’t stop now.”

“Well, amongst the party led by the youngest master to Rowen, we confirmed there was a knight from our fiefdom……”

Aschel turned his head towards Kellin without a word.

“It is assumed that the missing knight might have been him……”

The Duchess’s failed assassination plot against Sian Vert.

However, the plan ended in failure, and Sian safely enrolled in the academy.

Upon discovering this truth, the Duchess desperately covered it up, but Aschel, who had detected her unease, came to know of these facts.

Despite the gravity of the report, Aschel laughed heartily.

“How amusing. So you’re telling me, one of the knights who went to assassinate my brother might have ended up enrolling in the academy with him?”


Aschel’s maniacal laughter continued.

Kellin waited silently for his laughter to subside.

When it came to a sudden halt, Aschel asked with a composure in his tone.

“What happened to the agents we dispatched?”

“That, well……”

It was the question Kellin least wanted to answer.

“The last contact indicated they had been given residence in the Royal House after academy entry, but since then there’s been no further communication……”

“No communication?”

“Yes! So I dispatched additional informants, but there’s been no news from them either to this day……”

In fact, Kellin had sent a total of three additional informants after the initial spy had infiltrated the academy, but after notifying they had arrived, they vanished without a trace.

It was enough to drive him to madness.

He couldn’t help but wonder if they were cutting their ties or if something more sinister was at play.


Aschel turned away, silent.

Perhaps Kellin felt he had let down his master?

Disheartened, Kellin clenched his fists tightly.

“I shall go myself.”


“It won’t take long. I’ll just ascertain what’s happening around the youngest master and promptly return. I assure you, I will not lose contact!”

Kellin spoke with confidence, then bowed his head towards Aschel.

“Look at me, Kellin.”

Aschel, with a bright smile, said.

“Your misguided concern leaves you no need to struggle so. Let us put aside matters regarding my brother for now. You’ve worked hard thus far.”

Though it seemed like a gesture of gratitude, Kellin did not take it that way.

He knew his master well.

Once Aschel set his mind to something, he would see it through to the end.

For him to suddenly give up on a task?

Aschel’s message was clear.

He no longer wanted Kellin to handle matters concerning Sian.

To Kellin, such disgrace was unbearable.

“I pledged to serve you for life, Master Aschel! This matter is not a burden for me. Please, allow me to go to Rowen!”

With the resolve akin to facing death, Kellin conveyed his sincerity to his master.

The response he received was Aschel’s warm laughter.

“Haha. As expected, I cannot prevail against you, honored Kellin. Very well, your wishes shall be respected. But make haste. I have need of you as well.”

“I will follow Master Aschel’s command!”

Kellin’s face spread with a smile, feeling validated.


In contrast, Aschel’s expression, as he turned away, was utterly emotionless.

* * *

“Papa, open this for me!”

She handed over a glass jar filled with candies, each as big as an eyeball.

It seemed she was too young to have the strength to open the lid.

“Do you even have teeth for sweets?”

“Yep! Look, my teeth are all grown!”

She widely opened her mouth, proudly showing off her newly sprouted white teeth.

With incisors and molars fully grown, there were even sharp canines characteristic of a dragon.

I easily opened the lid and handed the jar back to her.

“Make sure to brush after eating. Otherwise, your teeth will rot.”

“Yep, got it!”

She cheerfully stuffed a handful of candies into her mouth.

[Father of the year, are we?]

Ceyram remarked, half teasingly.

“Kids are always like that.”

[To an observer, they’d think you’re an old man who’s lived 40 years or more.]

I didn’t deny it given that it wasn’t inaccurate.

The little draconian had been with me for a week already.

In that brief period, she displayed a terrifying rate of growth.

From birth, she climbed, walked, and spoke immediately,

and her stature had grown more than twice in size.

What’s more, she adapted remarkably quickly to the sprawling dorms, already confidently navigating them as if it was her own home.

[Draconian growth is known to be rapid, but she might even outpace you at this rate.]

“Growing quickly is a good thing.”

[Is that so? You’re aware of what that implies, right?]

I was fully aware.

It meant that her time with me was growing ever shorter.

But conversely, it also meant she’d reach a day when she could stand on her own sooner.

In the end, she would live hundreds of years longer than me.

The sooner she adapted to this world, the more capable she’d become to live on her own.

Well, for now, she’s happily sucking on candy with innocent joy.

“I’m back, sir.”

Brian returned from shopping for groceries, with the head of the dormitory at his side.

“What brings you here on a day without classes?”

She wore an unusually frustrated expression.

“Well done. You’ve caused quite a stir, student Sian.”

“What kind of trouble do you mean?”

Suddenly accused of causing trouble, I was perplexed.

She silently handed me a piece of paper.

‘Approval for Duel’ was written boldly at the center of it.

The moment I saw the words, I immediately understood the situation.

That muscle-brained prince actually got approval for a duel.

“How could you even think of this? Instead of remaining unobtrusive, you arranged a duel with the Sand Prince? The rumors are already flying around the academy!”

“He initiated the request…”

“That’s not the point! This duel is the first face-off between freshmen and it’s attracted a lot of attention! The key academy officials will all be present, even the chancellor is rumored to be attending!”

[What are they all lacking in things to do? What’s so interesting about eleven-year-old freshmen swinging at each other?]

Ceyram shook his head, unable to fathom.

Indeed, her point wasn’t invalid.

Duels to measure student abilities were common in the academy, and it could happen daily as long as both parties agreed.

Though it might be odd to say out of my own mouth, I had become quite a celebrity at this academy.

Noble origins as a duke,

Glamorous past on the battlefield,

Unprecedented attribute scores and physical grades at the academy.

Now, the moment had come for me to show my abilities for the first time.

It was inevitable I would garner attention.

And against the Prince of Sand? The case spoke for itself.

I shifted my gaze and asked frankly.

“So when is this duel set to happen?”

“In two hours.”


That’s unexpectedly soon.

– Bang, bang, bang.

A loud knocking erupted from the door.

There wasn’t a need to check; It was fairly obvious who it could be.

“Sian Vert! I have secured approval for our duel as you requested! Why wait? Come forth and show your power!”

A headache began to surge.

* * *

The rooftop of the academy’s main building, transformed into a magical dueling arena.

Large enough to accommodate a thousand students.

Students, from all grades and genders, huddled together.

It was unusually crowded; not a single seat was empty compared to the norm.

“Princess, this way.”

Resmus, having secured a spot, guided Arin to her seat.

“Thanks, Resmus!”

Once seated, Arin slowly scanned the surroundings.

Freshmen, upperclassmen, a diverse group of students had gathered.

Instructors responsible for lectures and high-ranking researchers were present.

Even Kundle, the head chancellor of the academy, was there.

The upcoming duel between the two students had evidently piqued significant interest.

“Princess, have you ever seen Sir Sian fight?”

Resmus inquired to the somewhat distracted girl.

“Huh? No, I’ve never had the chance. Now that I think about it, there was never an opportunity to see him in action. We met in a frontline wartime zone, after all.”

Arin suddenly recalled the time when Sian volunteered as a decoy when they fled the military camp to save her.

His audacity in the face of dire beasts, showing no sign of fear or cowardice.

Thinking back, he had never exhibited fear or dread from the very beginning.

“That’s why I don’t know much! We’ll see today. We’ll find out just how powerful he is!”


Resmus seemed somewhat disappointed with his reply.

“What do you think?” Arin prodded.


“It’s okay. It’s just between us. Who do you think will win today’s duel, Resmus?”

He hesitated briefly before cautiously answering.

“While I’ve never directly observed Sethra, I can’t make claims without knowledge… but as far as freshmen go, I believe there is no one who could best Sian.”

His response was bold.

Taken aback, Arin asked again.

“Why, why do you think that?”

“From the moment I first saw him in the park, I felt it. It’s hard to describe, but… not like a swordsman or a warrior, but more like a ruthless predator. As if I was facing an assassin who could easily take my life right here, right now…”

“That, that serious?”

“Yes, but this is solely my opinion! Please, take it lightly!”

Resmus quickly waved his hands, urging her to dismiss the thought.

Shortly after, instructors appeared at the center of the dueling arena to create a massive magic circle.


A four-star magic barrier suitable for the students’ abilities was erected.

Soon after, the two contenders rose from their seats on either side of the arena and confidently walked towards the center.

A strange tension filled the air.

(To be continued in the next part)


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