The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 46


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The Half-Blood

There are myths in the continent about creatures that are half-human, half-beast.

A monster, half human and half beast, born from the union of a human and a non-human creature.

In other words, a unique existence born with the characteristics of both sides.

But conversely, it can be said to be an existence that is rejected for not fitting into either side.

Let me explain more logically why they are inevitably shunned.

You are human.

You are human but have a special power to transform into a dog.

Even though you can transform into a dog, would you mate with one?

No matter how much someone loves and cherishes dogs, it is only as a human loving a pet, not as an object of sexual desire.

The same goes for not just dogs but also cats, cows, chickens, etc.

Unless one is mentally disturbed, no one would commit such madness.

When even humans think this way, what about our almighty race, the dragons?

They disdain humans to the point of considering them less significant than the dirt beneath their claws.

For such a race to share an intimate moment with a human and conceive a child.

(By the way, dragons can transform into humans.)

Even a passing dog would bark in disbelief at such an absurd notion.

But that absurd event was now unfolding… right in front of me.

The child shook her head in refusal and brushed off the fragments from her hair.

Silence filled the unfamiliar space while her bright, wandering eyes looked around.

From head to toe, I scrutinized the child.

Horns, wings, and a tail that a human couldn’t possess.

And, long pink hair that reached down to her hips.

Moreover, her gender… she was a girl.

Her wandering eyes finally settled on us.

We were all startled, without saying a word, and simply accepted her clear gaze.

For some reason, I felt she was especially looking at me.

Then, as if she had drilled into me with her gaze, she suddenly started crawling towards me.

What, is a newborn already crawling around?

I didn’t know if this child was special or if it was the fast growth due to dragon’s blood, but she was crawling directly towards me with a straightforward gaze.

Seeing this, Brian and Ceyram moved discreetly to the side.

At an arm’s reach, the child looked at my flustered face with puzzlement and then smiled.


For a moment, I was so stunned that I blinked in disbelief.

My mind went blank, and I couldn’t think of anything.

Ceyram’s laughter broke the silence.

[Ha ha ha! Papa! Really, our master who is only eleven years old has become a father! Kyahahaha!]

Brian, too, couldn’t hide his laughter and chuckled softly.

For a moment, I considered silencing those mouths with magic or a cursed sword…

But looking into her pure and shining eyes, I couldn’t bring myself to exert any force.

The child tilted her head as if wondering what the problem was.

* * *

In my previous life, I never married.

Not having married, I also never had the chance to have children.

So when I heard a newborn calling me ‘Papa’ for the first time, I had no idea how to respond.

“Truly, you live and you learn. To think I would ever see the hybrid offspring of a dragon and a human…”

Silica commented with interest as she observed the child.

“Putting everything aside, why does she call me ‘Papa’?”

“It must be the effect of imprinting,” Brian hesitantly offered.


“All creatures, upon being born, naturally recognize the first living being they see as a figure to rely on. Since the young lady here saw you first after hatching, she may have naturally recognized you as family, but…”

“You seem quite knowledgeable?”

“Well, when I was with Belias, I had some experience raising livestock…”

An experience in raising, I see.

“That does seem plausible. The child doesn’t even know what existence she is right now. She just hatched and saw Sir Sian first, so we can conclude that’s it.”

It was so clear that I was left speechless.

Oblivious to my inner turmoil, the daring young half-dragon had already nestled into my lap, taking sweet slumber.

She woke from her sleep and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

“Papa, I’m hungry.”

I was no longer surprised.

So, a child that has barely been born for two hours starts crawling and even begins to speak clearly?

And now before you know it, she’ll just start walking…

Before I could even finish that thought, the child stood up and walked steadily towards the kitchen.

[The dragon’s blood really seems to speed up her growth, doesn’t it?]

She naturally sat down at the dining table and began eating the prepared food.

“Her appetite seems quite good…”

The dishes for at least two adult men were quickly emptied in the blink of an eye.

She belched in satisfaction, showing off her belly with joy, and then became sleepy, soon falling asleep.

“She’s just like a newborn, eating and sleeping,” I muttered.

My head was a whirl of confusion.

I thought she would just remain a rock until death.

Suddenly born out of nowhere, calling me ‘Papa’ to boot.

What am I supposed to do with this little one?

Looking back, I now understood why that woman at the slave market was obsessed with the egg.

She must have been this child’s mother.

Meaning that woman was the one who had shared a passionate moment with a nameless dragon…

In the end, she entrusted her child to me, offering the egg as a pretext.

What does she expect me to be? A foster parent for a half-dragon?

“What does Sir Sian want to do with this child?”

The head of the household asked me, apparently noticing my complex feelings.

“Honestly, I’m not sure.”

“I’m not trying to rush a decision, but for now, the child cannot leave the dormitory. If her existence becomes known, the Academy will be turned upside down. She’ll be captured immediately, and Sir Sian’s safety will also be endangered.”

Not just for me, but it could also harm Brian and the head of household.

“For a while, she might be able to stay here, being a newborn. But once she grows into a toddler, she might begin to showcase a true dragon’s talents. Depending on how potent that is, at the very least, the headmaster-level figures are bound to notice. That there’s a dragon within the Academy…”

Perhaps, using my dark attribute magic, I might manage to cope until she reaches the vicinity of the Royal Hall.

The problem is, if people beyond a certain level of magic proficiency come by, they will immediately notice.

The most dangerous one would indeed be the headmaster.

“Also, as you know, dragons basically belittle humans. This half-dragon existence might be a deeply humiliating presence for them. They may want to eliminate her from this world… so much so…”

I know.

If her existence became known to the dragons as well, they would stop at nothing to eliminate her.

They’d likely even seek to kill anyone associated with her.

“But there’s also potential merit. Having the traits of both humans and dragons, the possibilities for her development are boundless. The organization could raise her, or Sir Sian could guide her growth in any desired direction. Whatever happens, she’s bound to exhibit extraordinary growth.”

The desired direction of growth…

As I’ve said before, I’ve neither raised a child nor trained a disciple.

I can’t guarantee whether it would end up good or bad, no matter the direction I take.

[Why? I think she’s worth raising. Right now, she may just be a hatchling, but if she grows, turning into a full dragon is also possible, right? Then she could fly, which would be great!]

I’m not sure what that would mean.

First of all, I have no idea how long it will take for this child to reach adulthood.

Moreover, I do not really desire conspicuous acts like dragon riding.

To be honest, from what I’ve seen so far, there seems to be no reason to adopt this child.

Above all, I’m not prepared to pursue an uncertain future by shouldering such great risks.

“Um… Young master? If you are worried about raising her…”

Brian, who had been quietly listening, suddenly raised his hand and spoke up.

“I believe I could take on the responsibility of raising her as long as we’re within these walls.”

In other words, he offered to be a nanny.

“Raising pets is a different feeling, wouldn’t you say?”

“It’s fine. After all, that child is still a human, isn’t she? I had a lot of younger siblings at home, and I’ve raised babies from newborns. I can’t promise to raise her perfectly, but at least I can ensure the young master’s daily life isn’t disturbed.”

A human…

Yes, that child is also a human after all.

Born from a human mother, unquestionably human.

Admittedly, this harsh world will not see her for either side…

“I’ve said before, we have no authority over the child. It will be entirely up to Sir Sian’s decision.”

As when with the egg, the head of the household stated they would not get involved.

I approached the child, who was sleeping peacefully as if being guided by some mysterious force.

Her innocent sleeping face.

Although not a drop of blood between us was shared, she recognized me as family the moment she was born.

What would happen to her if I abandoned her?

She’d be entirely rejected by the world without any affection.

I can assure that she wouldn’t integrate into any group, either humans or dragons.

In that case, maybe it would be better to spare her from any pain right here and now?

Yeah, that might be better.

Rather than suffering in this indifferent world, it might be better to shorten this life quickly and let her live a full next life for her own sake.

As I decided, I felt a murderous intent in my eyes.

Those around me seemed to have noticed what I was about to do.

However, no one took action.

They knew that, at the end of the day, the act was my responsibility.

Carefully, I reached for her neck to ensure she wouldn’t wake.

Not rough and coarse but soft and delicate to the touch.

With this, it wouldn’t take much power to simply snap her neck.

I felt no remorse.

I’ve said over and over, this is all for the child’s sake.

To ease her pain in this cruel world ahead of time was a gesture of care…

Just as I was about to exert force, she awoke from her sleep.

She looked earnestly into my eyes, blinking.

At that moment, no more strength would flow into my hand.

In fact, it was trembling.

What is this?

Am I hesitating?

I, an assassin?

While I hesitated for 10 seconds, the child looked at me once more and smiled brightly.


And she naturally embraced me.

The child in my arms fell asleep again shortly after.

I could feel it.

The beat of her heart against my own skin…

“Yo-Young master?”

For the first time, combining my past and present lives, a new emotion took over my mind.

How should I express it? I became indifferent to the potential consequences of what may follow.

A vague idea blossomed – whatever happens, I would just handle it.

Lifting the child with ease, I looked at them and calmly declared.

“Let’s raise her.”

(To be continued)

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How to raise a draconian daughter???


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