The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 45


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Purification Work (3)

“Get off! Get off me!” echoed the violent beating noise throughout the dungeon.

Zickerman ruthlessly trampled over the woman clinging to the box.

“You filthy thing! How dare you get in my way…!”

“Ah… Ahh!”

Despite the bone-crushing and gut-wrenching pain, she remained unwavering.

He had tried kicking her, even striking her with chains, but she showed no signs of letting go of the box.

Panting heavily as if drained, Zickerman eventually pulled a small dagger from his bosom.

“This is why scum like you can amount to nothing! You should’ve known your place instead of involving yourself in matters beyond your reach!”


Realizing he couldn’t remove her with beatings alone, Zickerman aimed the dagger at the woman’s nape.

“Aren’t you lucky? Rather than growing up disgracefully under the likes of you, I am graciously helping you leave for a better place. You’ll be thanking me even in the afterlife!”

Zickerman, with a laugh tinged with madness, mercilessly brought the sword down.



However, what the dagger’s point met was not the woman but the dull metal floor of the box.

Feeling something was amiss, Zickerman, with trembling eyes, slowly looked at his right hand.


Blood gushed from his severed wrist. Before he could even scream, something blunt struck his vocal cords.


Losing balance, his body tumbled forward.

“Zickerman Albas, one of the continental magnates and a significant power in the Ushif Empire…”

A young boy’s voice came from somewhere, an unfamiliar voice that surely didn’t exist in his memory.

“Through murder and threats, monopolizing the empire’s commerce, conducting bribes to silence the officials, and illegally operating slave markets prohibited by the empire…”

Those were the evils Zickerman had committed.

He wanted to speak, but only guttural moans emerged.

“Is that reason enough for death?”

Zickerman desperately shook his head summoning all his remaining strength.

However, the enigmatic voice continued without care.

“I’ll give you one minute…”


“Just one minute. Spend it repenting for your misdeeds and wrongdoings. After one minute, the pain you feel now will completely vanish…”

Zickerman well understood the meaning of those words.

Once the minute passed, his life would be extinguished without mercy.

“But in that minute, no matter what happens, you shall not die. Of course, pains far worse than what you’re feeling now might be inflicted…”

The situation was beyond comprehension.

Despite his weakness, Zickerman managed to lift his head slightly.


The enigmatic boy gazed down impassively.

But Zickerman immediately knew he was no ordinary boy.


In a moment of utter hopelessness, all that was left for him was the worst minute of his life that would feel the longest.

* * *

Was it luck?

Never did I imagine he would come to me willingly.

With the target right before my eyes, there was no need to waste time.

After allowing him his last moments of repentance, I immediately severed his heart and ended his life.

I stood up, turning my attention toward the woman.


She was gravely injured but not yet dead.

Clinging to the box with yearning eyes, she caressed it incessantly. Perhaps the child she so desperately called for was inside the box?

I approached her.

“I’m sorry… truly sorry…”

Her frail voice and the tears streaming down her face revealed her intense emotions.

She was acutely aware her end was near.

Do I pity her?


To be honest, I’ve grown numb to it long ago.

When I first started this work, rage was all I knew as the world revealed its heinous side beyond the protection of the Duke’s house.

Accustomed and desensitized to the world’s cruel reality, before I knew it, my gaze and lips drew a straight, indifferent line.

Because too many like her have met with miserable ends.

This woman before me – she happened to catch my eye, nothing more, just another life passing through my hands.

“Please… my child…”

I was taken aback as she pushed the box towards me, a keepsake she seemingly would never let go of.

In an instant, when I hesitated, confused, looking into her eyes,


Her face lifelessly hit the ground – drawing her last breath.

Her body would be left unattended, unnoticed by anyone.

I gently laid my hand over her head.


Mist emanating from my hand wrapped around her body, enveloping it warmly. Soon enough, it turned to smoke and dissipated.

[Why not pray for her peaceful afterlife?]

“That might be too much…”

I couldn’t guarantee that the other side was any better than this world.

My cleansing task complete, all that was left was to report back to my master.

[Are you leaving this behind?]

A trophy, though somewhat peculiar.

[Since outside, I’ve sensed a distinctive energy emanating from this box. That idiot mentioned a special item, could this be it?]

Zickerman, the target, held it, and the woman fought so desperately to protect it.

Ceyram felt a distinct energy too, so perhaps it contained the special item mentioned at the auction…

I reached out to uncover what lay within when suddenly –



The box stirred unexpectedly.

“What’s going on?”

Clearly feeling something alive inside, I hesitated, wary of carelessly touching something mysterious.

[Is this… could it be…?]

Ceyram seemed just as surprised by the movement detected.

[Well, aren’t you opening it already?]

Regardless of how I felt, Ceyram urged me to open the box.

Alright, I’ll look, but could a real child be living in a box without air holes? What could it possibly contain?


Upon lifting the golden lid, something wrapped in a vibrant cloth lay inside—slightly larger than a human head.

I cautiously unveiled the cloth, wondering if perhaps the relic was a Death Knight’s head or worse…



Both Ceyram and I were astonished.

The contents of the box were unlike any speculated item.

“An egg?”

An egg, it was. But this was no ordinary egg.

It shone with a brilliant luster – a white egg radiating an ethereal glow.

If it emitted such divinity, surely it must be…

[A Dragon’s egg?]

* * *

In my past life, I only once glimpsed a dragon’s egg.

I didn’t experience any particular fascination at the time;

merely a thought that it was a large and mystical egg.

Even such huge and mighty dragons start as embryos no different from a human’s, I had mused without much emotion.

And what about my sentiments upon this second sighting?

All other thoughts aside, just this one kept coming back to me:

Why is this here?

“It seems we underestimated this man Zickerman. Who would have imagined he planned to auction off a dragon’s egg?”

The master also appeared surprised, absentmindedly stroking her chin.

“Was there anything else?”

“There was nothing else of note.”

Nothing could stand out next to this egg.


Her gaze shifted sharply toward me.

“You seem quite composed, considering.”

“About the egg, you mean?”

“No, about killing Zickerman. That must be the first human you’ve killed with your own hands since joining the Mist, yet you appear so naturally unfazed.”

The master wore a strange smile, twisted between curiosity and approval.

I had nothing to say in return.

“Well then, our target Zickerman is dead, all the slaves at the other locations have been released, and we’ve accidentally secured the special item mentioned by Lord Aaer. You’ve done well, Siyan.”

A Mist’s mission only goes that far. Once the target is assassinated, the cleansing task ends, and it’s not our responsibility to care for the lives of the freed slaves. We are assassins, not saviors.

“What about the egg?”

“Why ask me?”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s your prize, so you should take responsibility. We have no authority over it!”


I felt duped. It was only meant to be confirmed, not looted.

[Why not try raising it since it came to this?]

Now, this perverted magic sword was throwing out madness. Could the egg even be hatched?

For dragons born with immense lifespans, even the gestation periods match, much longer than any human’s life.

At the least, 50 to 100 years.

Moreover, I had no idea when this egg came into existence. If luck was poor, I might die without seeing even a single crack form. No matter how holy and noble a dragon’s egg might be, for now, it’s just a weighty stone.

“What do you know? Might it hatch sooner than expected, and one day it just “suddenly” hatches?”

[Yeah, maybe look forward to it when you’re around a hundred? Kah kah kah!]


At this point, might as well just eat it. Containing the dragon’s essence and blood, wouldn’t consuming this egg be akin to feasting on a dragon’s flesh? I immediately dismissed the ludicrous thought.


As if the egg sensed my gaze, the immaculate shell gleamed with a light that was otherworldly.

* * *

“Master, what is this?”

“A dragon’s egg.”

“Excuse me?” Brian scratched his head as if hearing incorrectly.

“Leave it anywhere it’s convenient. It’s unlikely to break.”

I handed Brian the egg that I had been holding.


Caught off guard by its weight, he staggered.

“Where did you get this…?”

“Just found it while out for a drink.”

I might never see this egg hatch in my lifetime. Best to forget about it and focus on other matters.

Fresh from a shower and feeling revitalized, I was toweling off my hair when suddenly,

“Ma, Master…!”

Brian called out urgently, his voice fraught with panic. He hastily ran to me without waiting for me to approach.

“What’s wrong?!”

“It’s hatching!”

For a moment I doubted my ears.


“The egg is cracking! Just when I thought I saw a fissure. It’s shaking and breaking apart…!”

“The egg is hatching?”

Wasn’t there a long time until hatching?

I rushed to the living room with Brian to see for myself.

-Crack crackle!

It was true!

The egg wasn’t merely cracked, it was shaking violently as if struggling to emerge.

[What’s this? Is it really hatching?]

Even Ceyram, in a hurry, materialized beside me in her physical form.

She had not expected the hatching to happen so soon. “…!”

We all held our breaths, watching the egg. No one dared touch it, instead, only sweat poured down our faces.

-Crack… pop!

[A chick has come out!]

Finally breaking free of its shell, a sacred new life appeared.

With the cracking of the shell, a bright light shone forth, which gradually receded as time passed.

It seems regression truly brings the most unexpected experiences.

To witness the birth of a dragon…


Abruptly, everyone tilted their heads, momentarily confused.

“Master… Is this truly a dragon?”

Two horns protruded above the forehead.

A set of wings spread from its back.

With a long tail dangling below, it was undoubtedly a dragon’s body…

[What kind of dragon is this? It looks more human to me!]

Ceyram voiced the very thoughts I had been having.

The skin was devoid of scales, pure white.

Tiny, curled hands and feet.

A face that didn’t seem out of place on a human.

It wasn’t a dragon at all, but instead…

“A Draconian?”

(To be continued)


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