The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 41


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Greatest Sword of the Continent (2)

Princess Arin thought the current situation was quite unfair.

A boy being bullied by several students, and people passing by without doing anything to help.

None had extended a hand to the boy in need.

She could guess why the boy was being tormented.

He was probably a commoner who entered the academy with an honorary noble status.

A portion of the students who didn’t look kindly upon it were now insulting him.

She had anticipated the Royal Academy wouldn’t be all peace, but she never expected it to be this bad.

It was more than just physical assault; they were trying to force a mana sphere into his mouth.

Was this not equivalent to trying to kill someone?

She had heard one should build good relations with the nobility, but this was not acceptable.

If no one else would stand up, she had to.

“I am Beruth Luimill, the eldest son of the Duke Luimill of the Garam Kingdom. May I know who you are?”

The blond student demanded to know her name after introducing himself without hesitation.

“I am Princess Arin Severus of the Ushif Empire.”

He twitched momentarily at the mention of ‘princess’, but upon hearing her name, Arin, he offered a distasteful smile.

“Ah, I see. You’re the Princess of the Ushif Empire? It’s an honor to meet you.”

“As much as I regret saying this, I’m not in the mood to exchange pleasantries with you right now. You need to explain what this situation is.”

He shrugged as if he did not understand what he had done wrong.

“It seems there’s a misunderstanding. We were merely enjoying a bit of fun. It’s not bullying.”

“Shameless. I saw with my own eyes your cruel maltreatment. Are you telling me that wasn’t bullying?”

“Shall we ask him directly then?”

Beruth grabbed the hair of the boy who was sitting down and asked with a brazen voice,

“Tell us yourself. Are we bullying you?”

The boy hesitated.

“It’s okay! Speak freely! The Princess here is curious, so hurry up and answer!”

Seemingly coerced, the boy slowly opened his mouth.

“I-I wasn’t being bullied…”

“?! What did you say?”

“I said I wasn’t being bullied! Please don’t worry about me and just go…”

However, Arin quickly understood.

The boy’s words were meant to protect her, his frail eyes conveying the message to stay out of trouble and leave quickly.

“You don’t have to hide anything! It’s clear that you were being bullied. If these people are threatening you…”


Arin tensed up at the sound of vile laughter.

“Threats? You do go too far with your words. Now this is starting to make me uncomfortable.”

Beruth sneered, and Arin bit her lip in anger.

“To go so far as to accuse an innocent student of being a bully and a threat, isn’t that a bit much? I think I deserve an apology, or I’m going to feel quite downhearted.”

He clutched at his chest, feigning being wounded. To Arin, it seemed only more evil.


At Beruth’s signal, multiple men emerged from behind the trees, armed with swords and dressed in plain clothes. They were probably his guards.

In response, Arin’s knights also appeared, confronting them.

The tension simmered.

No one wanted to draw swords in the middle of the park, but ultimately, the situation would have to be resolved by Beruth and Arin, not the knights.

Collecting herself, Arin spoke again.

“Alright. Then, I will take this boy with me. I’m not sure how these wounds appeared if it wasn’t bullying, but I will ensure his healing.”

As Arin reached to help the boy up,


Beruth grabbed her arm.


“You don’t seem to understand what I’m saying…”

He looked at her with a face that indicated his annoyance had risen.

The knights were about to draw their swords when

Arin raised her hand to stop them.

“It seems it is you who do not understand, Baron Beruth. Shall I officially report this situation to the academy?”

She glared back at him with defiant eyes.

“You are quite old-fashioned, Princess. By showing concern for such an insignificant commoner, who do you think will appreciate it?”

“I cannot find a shred of noble pride in you. If those who have the moral duty to lead don’t care about such matters, then who will?”

Beruth grinned disdainfully.

Arin was infuriated but held back showing her feelings.

“Kekeke! Very well, let’s ask the friend here then. Tell us, Resmus! Do you want to be healed with the Princess here?”

Again, Beruth passed the decision to the boy.

Arin reached out to the boy and said,

“You don’t need to be subjected to any more of this injustice. As a Princess of the Ushif Empire, I promise to rescue you. So come with me.”

The boy trembled, unable to believe that a Princess was pledging her name to help him—a situation he could never have imagined.

Amid his conflicting feelings and shaking hands,

—Thud, thud

Footsteps approached from the front.

Two legs entered the boy’s field of vision as someone plopped down in front of the boy, catching his eye.

“Si, Sir…!?”

Princess Arin stood up in surprise, covering her mouth in shock at the sight.

Beruth was also startled, having apparently not noticed the arrival of this mysterious man.


A man of similar age silently stared at the boy’s face.

* * *

I thought the situation was getting interesting:

Three nobles bullying a pitiable schoolmate, the princess stepping in unable to tolerate it, and the commoner friend saying he wasn’t being bullied and to pay him no mind.

The atmosphere was charged, and even the knights intervened, though realistically, they couldn’t do much.

What was unexpected was the firm stance of Princess Arin.

She appeared much more resolute than the hesitant and naive princess a year ago.

That blond brat, too, I remembered him as soon as I heard his name.

Beruth Luimill was already infamous in my former life for his problematic personality.

This round was quite exciting to follow.

But then, looking at that commoner friend, his face is somehow familiar.

I’m not one to remember faces well, but I do pick up on scents, as I mentioned before.

Let’s say, this friend has not an evil but an exhausted scent.

Did I have any connection with this guy in my past life?

Something tells me that he might give me quite the trouble in the future—

“Tell us, Resmus! Do you want to be healed with the Princess here?”

The name from the blond brat caught me off guard.


The Resmus I know?

The last guardian of the Garam Kingdom and the greatest swordsman of the continent, Resmus?

The commoner sitting here woefully, he’s that Resmus?

Haha, impossible.

It must just be someone with the same name.

It’s not like there’s only one person named Resmus in the world; it could be a mere coincidence.


Yet against my will, my body moved first.

Drawn as if by something, I started to approach them.


Half doubtful, half curious, I faced the boy’s face.

Ah, now that I think about it, he’s not even a boy.

The Resmus I spoke of, the greatest swordsman, is a woman.

Considering the short hair and masculine features, most people here must think of her as a man.

But with the yin energy emanating from her face…

It’s a woman.

A woman pretending to be a man.

And despite the wounds, look at those firm and steadfast eyes.

Before long, she will dominate as a true champion, a martial artist’s spirit lying dormant.

Hearing just the name, I was unsure, but seeing the face, I was certain.

This boy, no, this girl… she is the Resmus I know.

She blinked in confusion, not understanding what was happening.

“Si, Sian… how did you…?”

“Ah, it’s been a while, Your Highness.”

Arin stuttered, startled by this sudden encounter.


The name makes the blond brat’s eyebrows twitch.

“That’s the youngest of the Vert family, Sian Vert?!”

Apparently, he knew of me by the reaction.

Ah, I remember now. He’s someone with ties to me.

The greatest swordsman of the continent, Resmus, and the madman of the Garam Kingdom, Beruth Luimill.

I killed them both.

Beruth, especially, was dispatched brutally.

The heir to one of Garam’s influential noble families, the Luimill family, who wielded real power in the kingdom.

Spoiled as a late-born child and pampered throughout his life, he developed into an unparalleled psychopath.

Beating servants was just the start. He would lure beggars with the promise of food, only to give them animal waste, and he’d burn animals alive under the pretense of practicing magic.

He was someone whose actions were unfathomable to other humans, doing unspeakable things casually.

His cruelty continued at the academy, culminating in killing a fellow student during a magic duel. And even that was swept under the rug by his family’s influence as an accident.

Those who knew Beruth had no doubt that he intended to kill from the start.

And so I put him down.

Under the pretense of purification work for the Mist.

He was returning home after being suspended when I ambushed him, making him experience everything he had inflicted on others, one by one.

At first, he grinded his teeth, barking that such methods would never break him, but after the torture, he pleaded—not for life, but for death.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. You survived that terrifying front line, didn’t you?”

I simply nodded without a word.

“Do you also intend to get involved in this situation? Despite what you may think, we were not bullying this student.”

“I heard the gist. Some sort of amusing game, right?”

Unsettled by my informal tone, Beruth’s face turned sour.

“Amusing indeed—to put one’s mana sphere into another’s mouth. That’s a game I haven’t heard of. Is it really so fun?”

“Haha, yes, something like that…”

“Then let’s try with you.”

With a flick of my wrist, a mana sphere, dark and condensed, formed.

Upon seeing it, his face paled.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you brave?”

(To be continued)


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