The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 39


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Followers of the Black Mist (3)

People say,

“The God of the Black Mist seeks to deny the intrinsic dignity and values inherent to mankind.”

“He incites humans to commit heinous acts they would not normally conceive, justifying them as right deeds for the sake of the world.”

But the god I know once said,

“It’s because they wished for it.”

“I merely bestowed power to fulfill the desperate wishes of those who couldn’t rise.”

“Ultimately, it’s not others but oneself who judges what’s right and wrong.”

To the unacquainted, it might seem like a god’s irresponsible abstinence from interference.

However, I’d like to make it clear.

This god isn’t irresponsible but deficient.

A foolish god who has forsaken the dignity of divinity; focusing solely on fiercely defending those who believe and follow him…

At the far reaches of a subspace where the presence of a transcendent being is felt, there was an altar similar to where Ceyram had once slept.

Enveloped in black mist with a faint human silhouette within, the figure sat calmly on the altar as if it had been waiting for my arrival.

(Do you know who I am?)

Without delay, he posed the question.

“Aer, the god of the black mist.”

It was clear; he was the master of this space.

(I didn’t particularly expect it, but you don’t seem at all surprised.)

Although it had been a long time, the omnipresent mist that lingered around me felt familiar, not strange at all.

He continued to ask.

(What is your name?)

“Sian Vert.”

(Since when did you know you were my successor?)

“Since a year ago.”

It wasn’t a lie.

Considering current history, it must’ve been around that time when I obtained the Mist Stone after ending my previous life and returning to the past.

Aer maintained silence for a moment before speaking again.

(There are two ways to become a successor. First is when I myself appoint a successor and grant them a Mist Stone engraved with my mark…)

That was me in a previous life.

(The second is when someone worthy of succession emerges, and the Mist Stone finds its way to them. You have the Mist Stone now, but I don’t recall giving it to you. So, it must be the latter.)

This meant the Mist Stone had come to me at the same time as my return to this world.

In other words, a swap had taken place.

The Mist Stone from my past life had vanished, and a new one from this world had entered me.

And with the disappearance of the Mist Stone, the organization must have realized that a successor had appeared and begun the cleansing.

(Furthermore, you’ve even managed to awaken and control a cursed sword that even I did not know of… Your way is quite unprecedented for me. Ceyram…)


Despite the mention of his name, Ceyram made no response, only glaring intensely while biting his lips.

(I see in your eyes recognition of me, a Mist Stone I never gave, and secret techniques never taught by those children… From the outside and within, it seems there’s nothing left I can do. You’re the finished product itself.)

While Aer seemed puzzled yet content, I could tell the look he had seen in me was quite familiar.

(It seems you come from a different timeline that’s not in my memory…)

A successor who appeared suddenly and fully formed without any warning signs.

Perhaps, my current existence is defying all the natural order that Aer and the Mist were supposed to fulfill.

Considering I had skipped all the intermediate steps they were meant to lead and nurture their successor through.

That’s why I thought the source of this absurd situation might lie with this banished god.

“I had thought this was somehow related to you.”

But Aer scoffed as if that weren’t the case.

(What power do I have to do such things? It’s been a long while since I was stripped of the title ‘god.’ If you expected an all-powerful being, it seems you’ve come to the wrong world.)

That didn’t seem to be right.

At least, the Aer I knew was very much present here, examining me with a curious gaze.

(Hmm… Involuntarily, it feels like things have become quite convenient, haven’t they?)

“…For what reason?”

(Without needing to teach or give anything, a complete successor has appeared before me, reducing the necessity of guidance. From my perspective, it’s as if the role of benefactor has been tossed aside, isn’t it?)

“How very like you to say…”

In my past life, I’d have wondered how a god could say such a thing.

But now I know those words were spoken in complete sincerity.

On the other hand, Ceyram’s expression looked as if he was genuinely disgusted.

(Just bear in mind one thing. By your existence, the causalities of the world have already twisted greatly. It’s solely your burden to bear.)


(So at times, look around you. Those whose lives you’ve touched may return to offer their hands again.)

The people whose lives I’ve touched…

To be honest, all I recall are bloodstained memories, but advice is advice, and should be heeded nonetheless.

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

Aer showed a more satisfied smile than ever.

(Now, I guess it’s time for me to finish an overdue conversation with my daughter.)


Suddenly, his gaze turned from me to Ceyram.

(You’ve changed a lot since we last saw each other, Ceyram. I don’t know how much your master has dominated you, but your compliant look suits you well.)

[What are you talking about, you foolish god? Who decided I’m your daughter?]

Ceyram protested fiercely, trying to hide behind me to prevent him from getting closer.

Ceyram, barely half my size, was trying to… block him with what?

[Won’t you go away? This libertine seeks to mischief me again…!]

(I have nothing to give your master, so why not give something to you? Stay put for a moment.)

In the end, Aer grasped her wrist and inscribed a magic circle on the back of her hand.


Through the completed magic circle, a large amount of mist poured in, and Ceyram clutched her head as if in pain.


My strength, instead of fading, was improving.

Even though maintaining Ceyram’s full corporeal form had been constantly draining my energy, it felt as if the supply had been cut off.

[What, what did you do to me?]

(Nothing much. I’ve merely shared a part of my life force with you. It’s unclear how often you’ll need to fully materialize in the future, but it wouldn’t be right to always leech off your master’s life force, would it?)

That was it.

Instead of relying on the life force of the owner, we’d be using the life force of the creator for actualization?

It wasn’t just life force he had transferred.

The vast amounts of energy felt through the mist most likely meant he’d passed on a substantial portion of his godly energy (神氣) to her.

[You did something unnecessary…]

(Why think it unnecessary? Isn’t actualization important? Now your master can legally embrace you. Ah! Since your physical development isn’t complete yet, would that be considered a crime…?)

[What?! You imbecile!]

Ceyram exploded in fury, grabbing Aer’s collar and shaking him violently.

Like father, like daughter, both seemed quite similar.

Weakened, Aer was unable to respond and was simply shaken back and forth.

(To be continued)




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