The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 35


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Royal Academy (3)


It was an inconceivable number he had never seen or heard of in his life.

At this rate, it wasn’t so much a divine selection, but as if a deity from the divine realm had directly descended into a human body.

I dare say that since the attribute examination began, no human has ever possessed such high numbers as this student.

“Is this magic circle broken?”

“Impossible, it worked just fine until recently…”

The two instructors double and triple-checked the numbers written on the parchment.

It remained unbelievable, even after checking it a thousand times.

“Are we done?”

Sian calmly stepped down from the magic circle and checked his parchment.

His gaze was indifferent, not even a flicker in his brow at the 92% figure, and he left the room without a reaction.

The two instructors could only stare in bewildered silence.

“A 92% attribute score and an S-rank physique… At least he’s got some conscience with a 1-star magic rank.”

But even that seemed meaningless.

Magic rank was something that was expected to improve over time.

“Certainly it’s a historic number without precedent…”

Rodin, one of the instructors, was nonetheless feeling a bit regretful.

“Why did it have to be the darkness attribute… It’s a shame when you think of it the other way around.”

Darkness attribute.

Though a rare attribute, in this land, it was not well-received.

Its scarcity was one thing, but fundamentally, the Ushif Empire revered light.

In a nation that favored light, the opposite attribute of darkness wasn’t welcomed.

Not only in neighboring countries but in other regions as well, this had led to a near complete lack of research in darkness-based magic.

In other words, it was an attribute with good looks but no substance.

“Exactly. With a maximum of 92%, that leaves only 8% for other attributes. Magic development doesn’t seem promising for him.”

“You never know. With that level of compatibility, if he has any genius, he could create new magic.”

“Big spells of darkness, huh… I honestly can’t imagine. At best, maybe spells for hiding or illusions… How can an attribute so scorned be developed?”

Silica shook her head in disbelief.

Rodin, on the other hand, appeared deep in thought, his face imbued with significance.

“Rodin, do you have any ideas?”

“Not really. It’s just… there’s an organization I think might welcome a student like Sian.”

“Which one?”

Rodin hesitated for a moment before scratching his head and speaking.

“The Mist…”


“If you say his magic might be limited to stealth and illusions… well, such specialties might not be unwelcome among assassins.”

Her gaze at Rodin held what appeared to be genuine contempt.

* * *


In his previous life, it seemed like it was in the 80% range; the number must have increased since then.

Well, considering how much mana he’s used hunting demonic beasts, it would be strange if it didn’t increase.

Naturally, the attribute scores identified now didn’t stay the same for life.

Like any strength, it would grow with use and dull with neglect,

and attributes were the same—they could increase or decrease depending on how mana was used and applied.

People varied, but a typical change was around 10%.

Of course, there were cases of greater changes.

In his past life, he had received considerable attention because of this outrageously high number.

Although he was mostly taunted with claims of being as incapable as his attribute…

Ah, he didn’t feel like thinking about the past anymore.

Back then, he just let it go, but this time, it didn’t seem like it would pass so easily.

Perhaps they’d make an example out of someone, plunging them into the abyss of darkness, to show them despair and pain…

Well, that would undoubtedly spell the end of his quiet and peaceful academy life.

As he drank the muscle enhancement potion he had brought from the dormitory, he tried to shake the unsettling feelings.

Hmm, this is actually quite good?

Sweet and slightly bitter, it almost reminded him of troll’s blood.

Not that the effectiveness could compare, but as far as reminding him of the past…


Turning a corner, he came face-to-face with a familiar figure.

“Si, Si…”

Eyes and mouth trembling as if struck with an acute disease.

Looking as though he had seen a ghost, it was Kranz.

You little… perfect timing.

“Know this guy, Kranz?”

Beside him stood a chubby blond kid, so fat it looked as if his head was placed directly atop his chest.

Oh, I remember you too.

The son of the Penéron Marquess of Garam Kingdom, Popper Penéron.

Along with Kranz, he was one of the ones who made his early academy life a complete mess.

“Uh, well, you see…”

Despite the pig-like boy’s question, Kranz continued to stammer away. Oh, can’t speak all of a sudden, can you?

Have you forgotten your dear brother’s name already?

Surely, our Kranz, who complained to our mother wishing I’d vanish from this earth, couldn’t have forgotten his brother!

“Tha, That’s my brother! Sian Vert, he came to the academy with me this year! You made it safely, didn’t you, Sian?!”

Look at this shameless guy.

Still trying to play it cool in front of his friend?

Let’s just watch silently and see how long he can hold out.

“Ah, you’re the brother he used like a slave while living at the mansion?”


Whatever spirit Kranz had managed to recover with his act abruptly drained from his face.

Unable to look at me, his eyes wandered in panic.

Well, yeah, it’s true.

He had treated me like a slave up until the swordsmanship duel.

Since I’m a merciful person, I could easily overlook such minor slips of the tongue.

“Moreover, he said you’re a bastard child whose mother is unknown, right? Wow! Just like he said, you do look quite ill-bred!”

– Thud

A heavy sound echoed as if something solid had dropped.

Presumably, that would be the sound of Kranz’s heart sinking.

“Ah, ah no, what I meant was…!”

I didn’t wait to hear his excuse and immediately grabbed the back of his head.

His hair was so damp with sweat, but that didn’t mean I was going to let go.

After all, it seemed a beast like him only learns after a beating, so a re-education seemed in order.

After momentarily lowering my head, I raised it again with a bright smile.

“Shall we talk for a moment, Kranz?”

* * *

“Attribute score 92%?”

As the white-haired old man read the report and stroked his chin, he muttered.

“Yes. However, unfortunately, the primary attribute in question is darkness…”

“No real value to it then.”

The old man continued to scrutinize the report of Sian Vert with refined gaze.

“It’s true that it’s an unprecedented figure. Even that ‘Child of God’, Ellis Vert, was at 81%, if I recall correctly?”

“Yes. At the time of graduation, it had risen to 88% in the water attribute.”

“Interesting. The figure that we praised as an extraordinary talent was surpassed by a newcomer, something Ellis herself could not achieve.”

The dean’s face bore a smile of amusement that was rare for him to show.

Noting the unusual situation, Silica felt out of place.

She was in the dean’s office on the highest floor of the academy’s main building, there to report on the day’s attribute tests.

It made sense that the old man engrossed in the report was indeed the person in charge of this room.

Condor Quizzel, the dean of the Royal Academy, the head of the illustrious Quizzel family of the Ushif Empire, father to the emperor’s first empress, Diana Quizzel—in other words, the emperor’s former father-in-law.

Furthermore, he was the only one amongst the current members of the academy to have reached the 9-star level.

“Do you know, that this lad Sian has been assigned to the Royal Dormitory?”

“Yes, I’ve heard from other instructors.”

“What do you think allowed someone who is not a part of the imperial family to get assigned there?”

Silica broke out into a cold sweat as the quiz took an unexpected turn.

The answer seemed obvious.

A common noble, not of the imperial bloodline, getting assigned to the Royal Dormitory?

Without overthinking, it indicated someone had used their influence—and whoever approved it must hold power at least equal to the dean.

That person could only be Dean Condor.

In other words, Dean Condor must have been persuaded by someone, and hence Sian Vert was assigned to the Royal Dormitory.

“…Perhaps the Duke Vert had something to do with this?”

“Ha, that’s not it. How upstanding is the Duke of Vert? He is not one to seek personal favors for his child.”

“Then who could it be…?”

“The Emperor, His Majesty Dionne…”

Silica thought she must be misunderstanding her own ears.

“The emperor Dionne, His Majesty?”

Without a word, Condor simply lifted an eyebrow in confirmation.

“Why would the emperor take interest in that child?”

“What is your current magic rank, my dear?”

Suddenly, Condor inquired about her magic rank.


A mundane rank among the academy’s instructors.

“A 7-star can wipe out an entire village with a single lethal spell. So what would you do if a dragon appeared before you now?”

“A dr, dragon?”

What would one do if faced with an heir of divine blood lineage?

Though she didn’t see why he was asking this, Silica decided to answer honestly.

“I would fight it with all my might… Well, I would try to escape, but I believe I’d soon be begging the gods for mercy.”

“Quite honest of you. If a 7-star like you says that, then what about the others? Most will likely accept their death and give up on life. But…”

Condor’s eyes sharpened for a moment.

“That boy came back alive. From a dragon, no less…”


It wasn’t just her ears in doubt anymore, but her reality as to whether she was dreaming.

“Unbelievable, isn’t it? His Majesty told me so himself. The boy was kidnapped by a Devil Dragon and then fell into a river, missing for two days before being found unharmed…”

“I heard he lived on the front lines, but to think something like that happened…”

Condor continued to speak.

“It seems His Majesty was deeply impressed by the boy’s act of safely evacuating Princess Arin from the beasts during their tour. And then seeing him return alive from the dragon… there’s not much more to say. Who knows, maybe we’ll hear wedding bells in a few years.”

His joke didn’t sound so far-fetched, considering the emperor’s involvement, it could be a real possibility.

Having understood the situation, Silica asked with mixed feelings.

“…Was he really chosen by the gods?”

Without much concern, Condor replied.

“No need to overthink it. All we have to do is watch. Even with a seemingly useless attribute, who can say? He might reach a unique pinnacle that no one else can…”

With a satisfied smile, Condor looked at Sian’s report as if watching a flower bloom.

(To be continued)


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