The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 226


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 226: The Day of Reformation (5)

Two years ago, in the heart of the mountains in the southeastern region of the Garam Kingdom, an ancient relic lay hidden underground. Lunev brought her steps to a halt before an old book resting alone on a dust-covered shelf. Despite bearing the grand title of ‘Scriptures of the Deity’, its condition was far from decent.

Gently lifting the book, she dusted it off and opened its covers, which released a brilliant array of polychromatic light that burst towards the ceiling, as if greeting her in welcome.

“Have you grown quite a bit, little lady? Should I now simply call you ‘lady’?” teased a playful voice that tickled her ears. Lunev glanced indifferently toward the source.

Sitting atop the bookshelf, chin on hand and smirking with amusement, was a man. It was the spirit of the sorcerer Remiharam. This was their second encounter since their first meeting at the Nodeli ruins five years ago, with an ambiance unchanged as if time had stood still.

“You haven’t forgotten our promise, have you?” Lunev inquired.

“Huh? What promise?”

“You said to seek out Remiharam. That you’d grant my wish if I found you.”

“What’s the rush? Skipping pleasantries and going straight to the point?”

With an expression suggesting the question was pointless, Lunev simply looked at him.

“Same as ever, our lady.”

At the unchanged visage, Remiharam’s shoulders slumped as if deflated.

“How did you find me? It couldn’t have been easy.”

“That’s right. It wasn’t easy. Life doesn’t pan out as expected.”

Lunev, haughtily crossing her arms, recounted the process.

“I’ve compiled every book and record from all across the continent, from the nations of Garam, Ushif, and Spania, to identify places where you might be. Most had less than a 1% chance of being correct, but…”

“How many were there?”

“All combined, 742 places.”

Momentarily stunned, Remiharam cocked his head.

“You, you visited them all?”

“I intended to. But as it happened, it was the 100th location where I found you. Perhaps luck was on my side.”

Speechless, Remiharam simply closed his mouth.

“There’s more than just you here, isn’t there? I sense the magic of light in the other room…”

“Ah, yes. Light and darkness coexist. That place was inhabited by someone different from me, who still roams free in the world.”

With that, Remiharam leaped from the bookshelf.

Approaching Lunev, he leaned in intently.

“Handling the Scriptures of Divine Magic is no simple task. A regular human brain might not be able to contain the knowledge I possess.”

“Is that so? Then how do I appear to you, Remiharam?”

Pausing mid-sentence, he scratched his head.

“Wow. What have you been up to these past five years?”

Lunev blinked blandly, unfazed.

“As the soul of a sorcerer and the would-be owner of a sorcerer’s tool, I must ask you one thing,” Remiharam said, voice shifting to solemnity.

“You who seek the truth! Do you have a future that you wish to change through me?”

“My future has already changed.”

Without hesitation, Lunev answered firmly.

“I only wish to eradicate those who stand in the way of that altered future.”

She glanced subtly at the open pages of the sorcerer’s tome—a blank sheet.

However, as if proving her ownership, words began to etch themselves on the empty paper.

A future that had shifted—and now, it was one she was determined to protect.

<'Together with Sian.'>

“Even if that means going against a deity…”

* * *

“I’ve had my eye on you since the Academy. The granddaughter of the great sage Regens Rainriver, and a magic prodigy said to come once every few centuries. Still, I never imagined you would possess the same Scriptures of Divine Magic as I do,” Boris confessed with a peculiar smile, laying bare his feelings.

“I felt the same way. Apart from Sian, you were the only person whose magic I couldn’t detect. While Sian sparked my curiosity, you… you invoked an inexplicable repulsion.”

Lunev, too, revealed her inner thoughts.

“It seems you have a significant misunderstanding about me. I am pursuing a peaceful future as revealed in the holy scriptures, one that I desire to enact. I definitely do not wish for chaos in this world.”

“Do you really? The future you desire doesn’t seem particularly favorable to Sian or myself. I’m not interested in such a future.”

The sorcerer’s tome in Lunev’s grip then began to shine.

“What do you intend to do?”

“You are also a sorcerer, just like me. I know all too well what sorcerers detest.”

Boris’s face twisted for a moment.

“The dismantling of long-crafted theories and plans in an instant, leaving no contingency in place—a total collapse. For people like you, that’s the moment of greatest defeat…”

With the tome’s power responding, a crack appeared in a section of the void.

“I will now eradicate the false space you’ve created, leaving no trace behind.”

“I don’t understand. What would you have left by doing so?”

“It may leave me with nothing, but Sian will have something.”

Boris, wordless and incredulous, laughed out loud.

“Truly a frightening obsession. They say there’s nothing more terrifying than the obsession of a genius.”

With that, he too turned a page in his scriptures, unleashing its power.

“However, that obsession can sometimes harm you. Inexperienced with failure, you fall into the delusion that anything is possible. I’ve seen many others like you.”

The previously formed cracks were mended with light, gradually returning the space to its original state.

“Divine scriptures cannot bear change. Not even with the power of a sorcerer’s tome…”

Two scriptures, each projecting their power to erase the other’s dominion.

Both sorcerers stood determined to topple each other, without a moment’s hesitation or retreat.

* * *

[How could you be so ungrateful? Even if I ground my bones to dust and mixed it with my blood for you, it wouldn’t be enough…!]

Ceyram, her outcry filling the air with rage, seemed ready to tear Mia apart with sharp hands and eyes.

“It’s been a while, huh?”

I offered a casual greeting, but received no response.

Look at that obvious face.

She’s pretending not to hear me.

“Without asking, you disappeared and now you ignore the words of your master, oh grand sorcerer’s sword?”

[Oh my! Who might this be? The assassin who spared the princess out of sentimentality and let her escape? Who are you showing that shameful face to?]

Caught off guard by her sudden attack, I couldn’t help but laugh.

So she was playing dumb while watching all along?

Such a cunning and foul…

I barely restrained myself from uttering harsh words.

[What do you even see me as?]


[What were you doing while that abominable copy of me was roaming free?]

She really is becoming bold.

Does she not realize who should be angry?

“You, Ceyram, what are you thinking?”

The clan leader, who had been watching with a twisted face, stepped forward.

“I told you before, did I not? I won’t reveal Ceyram’s secrets, but if they pose a threat to the successor, that’s a different story!”

[Will you shut up? Taking advantage of me being asleep, you really flew off the handle, didn’t you? Seething with fighting spirit and unable to contain yourself, shall I relieve you of it?]

The two women should never be in conflict.

The stress accompanying their confrontation was all mine to bear.

“Stop this pointless fight and explain, if you will.”

Their gazes turned back to me.

“What’s with her?”

These two knew something about Mia Hapencus that I did not.

Now that I’d caught on, they surely wouldn’t deny it.

The clan leader spoke first.

“Hapencus was a lineage that followed the old deity Aer. Dio Hapencus, the author of the scriptures you showed me, was their leader and the former owner of the sorcerer’s sword. I heard it directly from the deity, and no one can deny it,”

With the truth-telling deity confirming it, it must be accurate.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“At the time, Ceyram glared at me so negatively. It was necessary for my survival.”

She looked at Ceyram with a rare bit of smugness.

“Furthermore, she was once a child we considered as a possible successor.”

This was an intriguing turn.

“Given she’s the last of the Hapencus bloodline on this continent, we thought she’d be able to wield the power of the Black Mist and the sorcerer’s sword better than anyone. Of course, that all changed because of you, but I never expected to meet her again like this.”

“What about that sword?”

I gestured with my eyes to the other sorcerer’s sword in Mia’s hand.

“A replica of the power, perhaps. I asked if you had ever used the sorcerer’s sword in front of the girl. Likely, the sword is a magical creation based on the traces of the sorcerer’s sword you used.”

If it was a power of that magnitude,

“From the power of the scriptures?”

“What else could it be?”

It wasn’t surprising.

If the power of the holy sword was generously shared, why not a replica?

In the end, she was a puppet created by them, intent on erasing my existence.

A typical act of those foes.

My gaze naturally shifted to Ceyram.


Ceyram retorted with lit eyes, but I didn’t break my stare, sending a clear message for her to explain.

Rolling her eyes in irritation, she looked at me and said,

[Yes, it’s true! Dio, that wretch, was my previous owner!]

She couldn’t have hidden just to avoid saying that.

[He was not only my previous owner but also the one I devoured! I consumed that pathetic soul and controlled it at my whim! Are you happy now?]

After spewing out her bottled frustration, she waited for my response, simmering down.

So that’s why she kept it from me?


What can I say about that?”

As I voiced my internal thoughts, Ceyram’s eyes flickered.

“It’s not a big deal. That’s your nature. Haven’t I tried to consume you several times too?”

Ceyram struggled to respond, only blinking back at me.

(To be continued)


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