The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 224


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 224: The Day of Reorganization (3)

Assassins more often use side paths than the main gate.

From the moment I was capable of creating my own subspace,

I have freely traveled back and forth to Aer’s subspace whenever and wherever I desired.

Therefore, this time too, I intended to use that pathway, but what do you know?

The head of the family had blocked the connection to Mist’s subspace, preventing my entrance.

Being someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy using my brain, I immediately gave up at the blatantly complicated mess they had set up.

I had no choice but to take a detour.

There’s something you should know—since the head and I left the academy, there was no longer a need to maintain an agit (safehouse) in Rowen for Mist.

Instead, gates that lead into the subspace were established in various parts of the empire.

One of these gates is right here in the Imperial Library.

Haven’t they said the darkest place is right under the candlestick?

If you go to the secret archive room on the second floor over there, there’s a gate that leads to Aer’s subspace.

So did I use that path to rescue Princess Arin?

That is strictly speaking the main gate.

It makes no sense to block the side paths and not to block the main gate.

The side path I’m talking about isn’t here,

It’s another route that leads to Aer’s subspace.

“Did you really visit, as I suspected?”

As soon as I opened the door and swung my sword, the head of the family looked at me and asked.

“Apparently, you didn’t have enough time to block it?”

“There wasn’t a need to block it. I didn’t think you’d go through the trouble of returning to Rowen just to rescue that girl.”

“If you’re to be resentful, hold it against the dimwit god, not me.”


The place I visited was the route in Rowen, where the Royal Academy is located.

It took a full five days to rush there and rescue Princess Arin.

Why is it still there, you may ask?

Why, indeed?

Because the owner of the space, the dimwit god, didn’t bother to close the gate out of inconvenience.


After a brief exchange of pleasantries, I sheathed my sword and widened the distance between us.

The head smashed her way through one of the main gates and entered.

None of the other Mist members seemed to be around.

“You came alone?”

“Because of your incapacitating the officers who went to persuade you, we’ve had a few setbacks. They’re all at the scene right now.”

“The, the scene?”

The head’s gaze shifted to Princess Arin, who wore a complicated expression.

“In this situation, I assume you’re not just looking to have a pleasant date with her, then where do you plan to take her?”

“I haven’t decided on any particular place just yet. Just want her to witness everything that will unfold before me.”

“That’s interesting. Are you planning to turn that child into a puppet called the Emperor?”

“I don’t see anything wrong with that.”


Ignoring the distressed look coming from behind me, I continued,

“I’d rather use her than watch her be swayed here and there by others.”

“Really selfish, aren’t you?”

Presently, I’m willing to take that as a compliment.

“Is it fun for the two of you to talk without the party involved?”

Princess Arin, whom I thought would remain silent, opened her mouth with an annoyed tone.

“I may not know the significance of my existence that you make such a fuss over, but I find it a little unpleasant. I’m not a doll that just stands idly by without any thoughts.”

Her defiant and assertive response was hard to come by in such a tense atmosphere.

Then again, considering the current her, it wasn’t particularly surprising or alarming.


“Your Highness, you may be glad that Sian appeared for you, but…”

Sometimes it’s better to stay silent in certain situations.

“No. If you had, Your Highness might have been able to live a much better life than before. Not as a princess but as an ordinary woman.”

“Who said they wanted that kind of life?”

The princess threw back her bold question without any intimidation.

“[To be continued]”

(Disclaimer: This translation is a work of fiction, any names, techniques, and places are part of creative liberty taken by the author, and do not reflect any real-world counterparts.)


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