The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 223


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 223: The Day of Restructuring (2)

Although she still clung to life, the precariousness of her condition was such that it would not be surprising if she stopped breathing at any moment. The state of Princess Arin was that dire.

And in that moment, there were unidentified assailants holding swords to the throat of such a princess. While their identities had not yet been made clear, most had already assumed who they might be – the followers of the Black Mist God, the foremost assassination organization across the continent.

“It’s Mist!” was the exclamation in the midst of the bewildering chaos.

Schultz, who had been momentarily stunned by the scene unfolding before him, quickly produced a communication orb to relay the situation to Lunev.

“L-lord Lunev! People presumed to be Mist have appeared on the platform with Princess Arin!”

Shortly after, Lunev’s voice came through the communication orb. “What’s the condition of senior Arin?”

“It’s extremely serious! She’s completely covered in blood! She needs urgent treatment, or she might actually die!”

“And what about senior Sian? Is he there too?”

“That’s just it…,” Schultz hurriedly scanned the assailants on the stage.

“He’s not there! I can’t see the young master anywhere!”

It was Brian who answered in his place.

“Not only the young master but also Silica and even the senior members are nowhere to be seen!”

At such a crucial moment when Mist had revealed themselves before the crowd along with the kidnapped princess, the organization’s key figures were conspicuously absent. On hearing the situation, Lunev hastily sorted out her thoughts. It was abnormal that not even the high-ranking members of the organization were present when even the organization’s leader had sufficient reason to demand what they wanted.

As she quickly sifted through the theories swirling around, a single conclusion emerged, “The Arin there might not be real!”

“No other clues have surfaced. Please examine the surroundings more carefully. Are there others around…?”

“Lady Lunev, please look at this!” Hastia urgently called to her through the orb just as Lunev was about to give further instructions.

Turning to look, Lunev’s eyes sparkled with realization. “The Soul Stone is reacting! It seems to have detected the same energy as Sian!”

The Soul Stone was congregating with an even denser and more intense mist than usual. Lunev pushed Hastia aside and channeled mana into her hand. Then, focusing all her mana into the tips of her fingers, she traced an unknown gesture into the air, as if inscribing letters.

With a sharp sound, a diminutive gate materialized amidst the mist. “The gate has opened!” Without hesitation, the two women entered the gate.

The space beyond was little different from before, a dark void enshrouded in an unknown black mist. Although it might be mistaken for the same space, “It doesn’t seem to be mismatched,” Lunev was certain they had come to the right place.

“Lady Lunev, look there!” Hastia, with her nervous rabbit eyes surveying around, soon pointed to one side. At the location she indicated, an old chair was left standing alone. Touching the part of the chair that someone would sit on, a lingering warmth could still be felt.


Beneath that was the rope presumed to have been used to tie someone to the chair, now sprawled on the ground.

“At least, five minutes…”

It was certain that someone had been there just moments before. Yet, there were no immediate traces to be found now. To reach a definitive conclusion, more concrete evidence was needed.

Lunev attempted to channel mana for another spell, but the moment she did, it dissipated as if snuffed out.

“Is it because this is a divine subspace that we cannot use magic carelessly?”

While it was not impossible to use other powers, Lunev opted for a different approach due to the associated risks.

She bit down hard on her finger.

“Lady Lunev! What are you doing?” Hastia quickly tried to intervene, but Lunev, undeterred, let the blood from her bite drop onto the surrounding area.

The blood began to tint the black, mist-covered ground red.

“If senior Arin was really here, at the very least, there should be bloodstains…”

Schultz had described Arin as being covered in blood. “Not a drop of blood? Everything is too clean.”

(We might be too late.)

At the sudden, unfamiliar voice from behind, both women turned around.


A dubious entity had appeared out of nowhere, shrouded in black mist, obscuring its form. However, it was clear that it was humanoid. A faint smile visible through the mist seemed to take interest in the women.

(The boy who just left has gone to another place.)

“Who took him away?”

(I cannot tell you that. To say would be to break a promise I made to him.)

Unlike Lunev, who persistently asked questions, Hastia faced the entity with a mix of panic and excitement on her face.


It seemed she had an inkling of who the person might be.

(My successor, the more I learn of you, the more amazed I am. Every woman you meet is incredible…)

The mysterious figure, hardly deterred, lauded them with admiration.

(The Empire’s princess and an elf blessed by the gods and…)

“Are you Aer the God of Black Mist?”

Ignoring his trailing words, Lunev boldly carried on with her question.

(Such grandiose titles were stripped from me long ago. Now, I am simply the master of this wretched space.)

Aer revealed his identity with neither a confirmation nor a denial.

Lunev remained unflinching even in the presence of such a high being.

“First, let me apologize for showing up uninvited. It was a bit urgent for us.”

(There’s no need to apologize. While I might not always welcome men, the visit of such lovely ladies is always a pleasure.)

“How long ago did senior Arin leave this place?”

(She left exactly 1 minute before you arrived. It was a very close call.)

Lunev bit her lip in frustration.

Realizing there was no reason to stay any longer, she turned to leave.

‘Are you leaving?’

“Yes. There’s no reason to stay. We didn’t come to chit-chat with someone kicked out of the heavenly realm.”

Despite the seemingly disrespectful remark, Aer didn’t seem to care.

As they prepared to open the gate to leave,


Lunev hesitated while channeling her power.

‘What’s wrong, Lady Lunev?’

“What is this energy?”

Her eyes widened in astonishment at the unfamiliar sensation.

In the divine subspace, where the presence of mist was overwhelming, she felt a completely different new energy emanating from beyond.

(Surely the master of one artifact recognizes the energy of another.)

Aer spoke, observing her reaction.

“What do you mean?”

(Nothing complicated. Besides you and I, there is another subspace nearby, is there not?)

Lunev’s pupils briefly shivered.

(A space so repulsive to you.)

A different subspace not belonging to her, Sian, or any god, but to someone else.

While it could have been irrelevant to her current matters, Lunev felt that it wasn’t.

With renewed vigor, she activated her mana and a new gate materialized amidst the white light.

‘Where is this?’

Hastia wondered upon the sensation of unfamiliar energy from beyond.

“Lady Lunev, where are we?”

“Definitely not a good place for Sian and me.”

However, opening the door was as good as declaring their intent to enter.

“But on the contrary, it means it’s a place that needs to be eradicated…”

The dark space was brightly illuminated by pure light.

To Lunev, it was more revolting than disgusting.

“How can I not enter?”

Ending her words there, Lunev threw herself into the gate.

* * *

Thinking back, it had been roughly a week.

She had been in a semi-conscious state for about five days.

Completely restrained and blindfolded, occasionally someone would force water and food into her, keeping her alive yet heightening her anxiety.

Why did they kidnap her? Instructor Silica, now known as Assassin Silica, intended to use her as a sacrifice for the start of some plan related to Sian, but Arin, ignorant of the true circumstances, found her mind muddled with confusion.

Just when her anxiety and fear were becoming unbearable, something unexpected occurred.

– Pop!

Suddenly, all her restraints were released, and someone lifted her up.

Briefly disoriented by the abrupt action,

Arin soon realized her body was engulfed in unknown energy, transporting her somewhere else.

The place she arrived at felt vaguely familiar, accompanied by a familiar voice.

“Are you coming to your senses?”

The owner of the voice relinquished the blindfold, questioning as he did so.

After nearly a week of obscured vision, Arin’s eyes snapped open.

“Si, Sian?”

She rubbed her eyes in disbelief and looked again.

There was no doubt.

The man before her was definitely Sian, the only one in this world who could look upon another with such detached disdain.

“How is this possible? I was sure that I was…”

As Arin attempted to rise, she lost her balance and staggered.

– Thud

Sian caught her as she was about to fall.

“It’s strenuous to move immediately after being confined for a long while. Acclimate as quickly as possible. I won’t catch you a second time.”

Sian spoke to her in an unchanging, indifferent tone.

Arin raised her head once more to survey her surroundings.

The library, filled with countless books and bookshelves, was a place all too familiar to her – the imperial library.

“Did you rescue me?”


“Why? You’re definitely with Instructor Silica…”

Arin halted mid-sentence without knowing why.

“Do you not desire to see the true nature?”


“Follow me. From now on, you, Princess, will see the true face of light and mist alongside me.”

Arin was utterly dumbfounded.

She was already disoriented by his sudden return, and now he spoke of true natures?

Sian gazed at her more earnestly than ever.

“After seeing that true nature, please make your judgment.”

“Regarding what?”

“Which order the Princess ought to follow…”

She had no time to ponder this sudden proposition.

Amidst her profound disorientation, Arin quickly nodded her agreement.

“I understand.”

As soon as she confirmed, Sian turned on his heel.

At the moment the two were about to depart,


Sian grasped the doorknob but hesitated in opening it.

“Why, Sian?”

“Step back three paces.”

Arin did as he instructed, retreating three steps from the door.

About a minute passed.

Sian did nothing but hold onto the doorknob, showing no reaction.

Yet, Arin couldn’t bring herself to ask what was happening. Sian’s eyes, fixed on the door, were filled with intense murderous intent and vigilance.

– Clank!

Finally deciding to act, he threw open the door wide, and a threatening clash of metal resounded throughout the library.

(To be continued)


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