The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 222


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 222: The Day of Reorganization (1)

After several years, the lights in the Emperor’s office were lit again. Aschel and Violet stood before the office, seeking entry. Aschel’s face bore a trace of displeasure.

“Do you really have to do this?”

“People become complacent when they grow too accustomed to their surroundings, forgetting their place.”

Violet responded with a shrug, as if to question what the issue was.

“Why do you think someone like you, not even a royal family member, could wander around the imperial palace as if it was your home? Because you’re the son of Duke Vert with a close relationship with Abamama? Because you are the owner of the glorious Holy Sword? Utter nonsense. It was all possible because of me!”

Violet leaned in so close that their lips nearly touched.

“Being human, you cannot be perfect. So, let me remind you of who I am to you.”

Aschel stared at Violet’s triumphant gaze for a moment.

“You will regret this,” he said, leaving the remark hanging in the air as he knocked on the office door.

-Knock knock

“Come in,” came the Emperor’s dignified voice. Without hesitation, the two entered.

“His Imperial Majesty, I greet you as Violet Severus, the second imperial princess of the Ushif Empire.”

Violet greeted the Emperor with a refined gesture.

On the other hand,

Aschel stared at Emperor Dione without offering any greeting.

“What is this rudeness, Aschel? Hurry and pay homage to Abamama…”

“Welcome, Lord Aschel.”

Violet doubted her ears for a moment.

“You have suffered much because of my wayward daughter who has yet to mature.”

“Abamama? What are you talking about…?”

Violet was briefly startled by the Emperor’s unexpected behavior, then she noticed something in his gaze and froze on the spot: His eyes were not the deep black she knew, but a pale violet. An eye color that no normal person could possess.

Violet realized something was critically amiss with the Emperor.

“Sometimes, it’s better to live in comfort not knowing the truth than to fall into confusion upon learning it.”

Her gaze inevitably shifted to Aschel.

“You may have thought the rapid weakening of the Emperor over the past few years was due to a chronic illness… but no.”

This time, Aschel leaned in close enough for their lips to touch.

“Aschel? What in the world did you do to Abamama?!”

“Try to guess. What do you think I did?”

Aschel asked smugly, turning the question back on her.

“It was surely some bizarre magic you learned from that man Boris! How dare you do this to Abamama without my permission!”

“It’s not magic.”

A single statement was enough to shut her up.

“This is my own power. The highest entity who can turn all those who meet my gaze into my people has blessed me with this special power.”


“Yes. But I did not use this power on you, Lady Violet. Not even on Lady Arin. Can you guess why?”

Violet was unable to answer.

“It’s simple. Because I am lonely.”

Aschel explained it clearly with a smile.

“What’s the use of ruling over people who do not understand me? It’s just the same as owning puppets. Wouldn’t life be tastier when someone like yourself, who truly shares emotions with me, is by my side?”

Violet’s expression was awkward, unable to laugh or cry.

“So please remember this once more. I am someone who aspires to reach the highest position accessible to humans. Whatever scheme my brother laid upon you doesn’t concern me. All you need to do is watch closely with your own eyes until I reach the position I desire.”

Violet, her legs finally giving out, collapsed to the floor.

With her expression a mix of hollowness and futility, it was short-lived.


She burst into hollow laughter, whether out of madness or understanding of his true nature, she didn’t look sane.

“In five days, during the conferral ceremony, please take my place, Lady Violet. The script will be delivered to you through someone else soon. Please prepare well.”

Leaving the princess behind indifferently, Aschel left the office.

“Vi, Violet?”

The Emperor, returned to his senses, spotted the collapsed Violet and his eyes flashed.

Violet, unable to reply to his call, simply continued laughing.

As Aschel left them behind and stepped outside, he called out wistfully,


His smile twisted with ecstasy and anticipation.

“How much I look forward to seeing you again, fully confident that you understand my true nature!”

* * *

By the fifth day, Brian and Schultz were speechless in disbelief.

Lunev Rainriver.

Was she really human?

It was no lie that for those five days she hadn’t frowned once.

It was hard to believe something not made of magic had that level of focus.


After five days, she finally showed a reaction. Hastia, who had been assisting, sighed as well.

“It seems that even if exiled, a god is still a god, huh? The barriers are intricately layered.”

Lunev’s face showed discomfort – not from fatigue, but what appeared to be a blow to her pride.

‘It’s already been five days! While we’re doing this, who knows what may be happening to Princess Arin…’

Hastia was filled with concern for Arin amidst her fatigue.

If only Sian had returned, they might have gained a clue. However, even after five days, Sian had not come back.

Lunev turned her body for a moment.

“How’s the atmosphere at the imperial capital?”

“It’s quite busy due to the upcoming royal audience. But…”

Brian hesitated slightly.

“Something is very off. People seem quite displeased with holding an audience without Princess Arin.”

Schultz added his observations.

“Checkpoints were cleared in just two days, and they’re now preparing for a sudden audience before commoners, creating considerable resistance. I’ve heard the nobles are also reacting quite negatively…”

Though Arin previously received only token acknowledgment from the royals, she was now in a pivotal position where she could play a significant role.

In a situation where searching for her across the empire would be strenuous enough, focusing on preparing for the audience instead seemed absurd even to a child.

“So either the royal family has decided that Arin is already dead and is continuing with the planned event, or…”

Everyone held their breath to hear Lunev’s hypothesis.

“…they believe she will appear at the audience. That’s what I’m thinking.”

Lunev seemed more certain of the latter.

‘Is there a reason for your assumption?’

“There’s nothing more convincing. Based on how Sian is acting, he probably knows that Arin is still alive too.”

Having finished, Lunev took out an object from her chest – a small, fist-sized white glass orb.

She immediately handed the orb to Schultz.

“Lunev, what is this?”

“It’s a magical artifact, a ‘Messenger Orb’ resized for portability. With it, you can communicate with me even beyond the spatial void.”

Everyone except her marveled at the Messenger Orb.

“Carry that with you to the audience tomorrow. Report every event that occurs to me from there.”

“I will attend as well!”

Brian volunteered to accompany them.

“Good. Based on that report, Hastia and I will keep an eye on the spatial energies.”

Hastia nodded energetically in agreement.

Having confirmed their plan, Lunev crossed her arms and closed her eyes briefly.

If their assumptions were correct, then tomorrow, Princess Arin would appear at the audience, along with Mist.

They must seize that moment.

If they used the gap when they opened the gate to let Arin out, Lunev was certain she would be able to reach it.

Into the spatial void of the Black Mist God.

* * *

In the heart of the imperial capital, preparations for the royal audience were underway atop a tall platform.

The watching crowd shared sentiments of discontent.

“Has the royal family lost its mind? Holding an audience when we don’t even know what’s happened to Princess Arin?”

“What’s become of the Princess?”

“What are they planning to announce that they need to do this now?”

Reflecting the people’s emotions, even the sky seemed oppressively murky.

As the appointed time approached in the midst of a restless atmosphere, Princess Violet ascended the platform, revealing herself to the crowd.

After looking around, she cast a magic spell to amplify her voice and began to speak slowly.

“Under normal circumstances, we should have held a ceremonial audience and declared a new order today for the Knights of Salvation, the Redeem. But as you all know, the mood isn’t appropriate for that.”

Murmurs began to rise from the audience.

“Arin is a precious sister to me, more than just a member of the royal family. Despite her turbulent circumstances, she did not despair and diligently improved herself to fulfill her role as a noble princess. But what became of her? Abducted by vile minds that I dare not even mention.”

Her voice grew increasingly intense as if overwhelmed with emotion.

“Those miscreants’ intentions are clear. They wish to deny the value of Princess Arin. Every day, she prayed to Lumen Del for peace and well-being, sharing her heart with everyone. They must have been terribly annoyed by her!”

The murmurs in the crowd started to shift with growing agreement with the Princess.

“Come out and show yourself, Mist! If you dare, appear here and state your purpose for kidnapping my sister!”

Violet shouted towards where she suspected Mist to be watching, but no reply came. Instead, the voices of angry people filled the air.

“Those undeserving devils!”

“Show yourself, Mist!”

“Return the Princess to us!”

As such voices of defiance resonated, the silent observing Jereon clicked his tongue.

“With things like this, it seems impossible to save even the beings of the mist.”

The tension was high enough to reform the Purification Army then and there to subdue them.

Just as their voices against Mist seemed endless,


A mysterious black mist began to envelop the platform.

“Take cover, Princess!”

Sensing the ominous presence, the knights quickly evacuated Violet, while the crowd watched the scene on the platform with bated breath.

From within the mist, an unfamiliar group appeared.

Those who saw them were horrified.

Not because of the dark-clad figures exuding a gloomy aura of murder, but because of someone who was sitting among them, bleeding.

Some screamed in shock.

“A, Princess Arin?!”

(To be continued)


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