The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 221


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 221: Each Their Own Plan (2)

Thirty minutes before Lunev and Schultz’s arrival.

Brian was awestruck by the scenery of the pocket dimension, which was a first for him, while Hastia, having seemingly grown accustomed to such spaces, did not pay it much mind. However, her gaze remained fixed on one thing she couldn’t ignore:

“Where exactly has Lord Sian reached?”

The White Elves, historically aloof from humans, had close ties with other transcendent beings. Hastia had occasionally seen the power of these beings, including the protective dragon of Fruina and the lesser gods of the divine realm, but:

“To think I’d see such power coming from a human.”

It wasn’t through the use of a cursed sword or another’s borrowed might; this was Sian’s own, innate power. The mere fact that he could create a pocket dimension was enough for Hastia to feel with her entire being that Sian had reached the realm of gods or even beyond.

But while the two were still struggling to find the right words:


Sian’s expression was anything but pleased. He was staring intensely into the void.

“Why do you look so troubled, Lord Sian?”

“You’ve blocked it quite effectively, haven’t you.”

Instead of answering her question, Sian muttered something cryptic to himself.


“Never mind. You two won’t need to move anytime soon. Just wait here until I get back.”

“Where are you going, my lord?”

“If the main gate is closed, I must take a side path.”

Brian’s questions only yielded enigmatic responses from Sian. Left without a clear idea of what to do next, Hastia and Brian could only wait silently, as commanded, until Lunev and Schultz appeared.

“So this is not Mist’s dimension, but yours, senior?”

Lunev began to scrutinize their surroundings with keen interest, intent on observing every detail, even the smallest particle floating in the mist.

While Lunev was fully absorbed in her observations, Schultz explained how they had come to be here.

“The princess Arin has been kidnapped?!”

Hearing news from the palace for the first time, both were naturally shocked.

“You didn’t know about this?”

“We were transferred here not from the palace but from elsewhere. The lord told us nowhere would be safe once things started, so he asked us to stay put here…”

After completing her inspection, Lunev approached the two.

“Senior Sian didn’t know about senior Arin’s kidnapping?”

“He must have known. Up until yesterday, he had been at the palace. I assume he’s aware, although…”

Brian hesitated, a thought occurring to him. Yesterday evening, Sian had mentioned going to the palace, the same evening the news spread of Princess Arin’s kidnapping. It was impossible to miss the connection between the two events.

“What was he doing here?”

“He was… standing there with a displeased expression, staring at nothing. Then he mentioned something about the main gate being blocked and having to take a side path, and that was it.”

“That confirms it.”

Lunev’s eyes glittered with certainty.

“What do you mean?”

“Senior Arin is not here but trapped in another dimension. Specifically, the Black Mist God’s dimension.”

Everyone’s expressions stiffened at this revelation, Brian exhaling a sigh of relief. He had been worried that Sian might have been the kidnapper, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“A god’s dimension has the special characteristic of connecting two similar dimensions together.”

It was by utilising this nature of pocket dimensions that Lunev and Schultz had arrived here.

“Senior Sian must have known that senior Arin was trapped in a dimension and had intended to connect two dimensions to find her.”

“Just a moment! Does that mean you managed to create a dimension to come here too, Miss Lunev?”

“What’s the issue with that?”

Faced with a response as indifferent as if discussing a massive city wall, Hastia could only flicker her eyes in bewilderment.

“But it seems he gave up for some reason. He must have encountered an unexpected difficulty.”

Lunev seemed to effortlessly piece together Sian’s situation.

“However, I don’t intend to give up. I’ll try to connect the two dimensions in his stead.”

She then sat down in the spot Sian had been occupying.

“Is that possible?”

“I’ll make it possible. If it’s something he gave up on, it must be exceptionally challenging, but…”

Undeterred, she began to draw upon her mana.

“I’ll help you.”

Hastia approached to assist her.

“If we just need to find a dimension with a similar energy to Lord Sian’s, I’m confident I can do it!”


There seemed to be a hint of displeasure in Lunev’s voice.

“Because I always carry Lord Sian’s energy with me!”

Hastia proudly showed off her soul stone. At this, Lunev’s expression turned cold.

* * *

Do you know what’s a favorite saying among assassins?

The darkest place is under the candlestick.

With the palace in chaos due to the kidnapping, the knights were scouring every corner for even the smallest lead.

But they were bound to overlook a few places. Where I am is one such place.

Surrounded by dozens of bookcases and tens of thousands of books within a vast, open five-story space. It didn’t suit me, being surrounded by unfamiliar books.

This was the royal library, located very near the palace. Despite the turmoil, the library remained eerily silent.

-Click clack, click clack-

The familiar sound of footsteps reached my ears and halted precisely on the opposite side of the bookshelf.

Then, a minute passed in silence.

“You have the nerve to show your face.”

From the only gap in the densely-packed shelves, a familiar voice echoed.

“You should be holed up in a pocket dimension, consumed by shame.”

“I am recovering faster than anticipated. Initially, it wasn’t different from what you mentioned.”

My response was nonchalant.

“It reminded me of the first time I met you, Lord, here in this library. You found me crouching in the academy library corner and bothered to greet me.”

“Likely after hiding Mist’s directive.”

I feel it multiple times after living twice: hindsight always proves you right. Never once have I gained an advantage for ignoring your words.

“Good realization.”

“One question, if I may?”

I paused briefly.

“If I were to leave Mist to serve another, what would you do?”

There was silence for a few seconds before answering.

“If that’s what you desire, I won’t cheer for you, but I would let you go.”


“If it leads to a simpler path than the one laid before you by Mist, does that answer suffice?”

It was a predictable response, even laughable.

“Without the constraints you’ve refused, will you pave your path? Nothing pleases a mentor more than seeing such a determined, independent apprentice.”


Is she truly sincere? Can she let go without a fight, watching someone who has given their all break away one day?

Is that possible?

“In a previous life, you let me go without hesitation when I chose to follow my brother over the organization.”

The leader did not confirm or deny with words.

“Aer was the same. That god was likely annoyed, but you, I really don’t understand.”


“Why would you let me go?”

“As with why you didn’t kill Arin, I would hazard.”

I frowned, not quite following.

“Don’t overthink it. Because I care for you, too.”

She spoke as if it were nothing.

“Why not? Am I not human? Before I’m the leader of Mist, before I’m an assassin, I’m a human with joy, sorrow, and love. It’s because I’m human that I care for you.”


“A wish for less hardship for you, to see you live well, to live happily.”


“These selfish desires of a person who wholeheartedly cares for you, simply wanting to ease your way—that’s all.”

“Is that the end of it?”

“There’s nothing more to explain, it seems.”

My throat tightened, words trapped. For a previous incarnation, such reasons would be incomprehensible, even infuriating. That a woman, the leader of an assassination group, would let me go just for ‘caring.’

But now I understand, profoundly.

“Silence from you? Do you think I lied?”

“No. You never once lied to me. Not before, and not now.”

“Appreciate your acknowledgment. So, now what will you do? Will you finally follow my instruction?”

“You know I won’t.”

Her faint laughter echoes clearly.

“I want all of us, the members of Mist, Emily, Brian, Nana, and me, to live openly and proudly in this world. Any burdens or shackles can be thrown off and overcome. That’s why, in this life, I sought you out with my own legs.”

She erupted in genuine laughter at my declaration.

“Impressive. But the world you wish for won’t materialize just because you want it and have the strength.”

“Is there really more to it?”

“Motivation is necessary.”

She stressed her point on ‘motivation.’

“You need the drive to pursue a single path, leaving all else behind. Without it, the world you hope for will remain out of reach.”

“If you’re thinking of Arin as that motivation, you’re mistaken.”

“We’ll see. Just so you know, she is still alive. I plan to kill her precisely six days from now.”

It was no joke—an evident murder warning.

“Consider this the end of my good graces for you. From today, neither are we mentor and student nor leader and subordinate.”

“Two assassins, walking different paths… Is that what you were going to say?”

She continued her silence instead.

“Interrupting a woman’s speech isn’t gentlemanly, Sian.”

Her concerned scolding brought out an involuntary chuckle.

In exactly six days, it’s likely that it will be more than just blades that clash between us.

Fully prepared for this, neither of us could smile as we turned our backs and walked away.

(To be continued)


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