The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 220


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 220. Each Individual’s Plan (1)

In a secret space next to the shelter beneath the imperial palace.

“Have you arrived?”

As the door opened without any hesitation, Boris, who had already arrived, greeted him.

“I’ve heard the news. Princess Arin has been kidnapped, right?”

“It sounds as if you expected this to happen?”

Aschel asked him with a strange smile, as if to probe his thoughts.

Boris deftly deflected with a crafty smile.

“Did you manage to soothe Princess Violet?”

“If it hadn’t been for the letter you sent to Princess Arin, I would have been tied up without a chance to move.”

Aschel shook his head, expressing the sentiment he felt at that moment.

“There’s good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?”

“Let’s hear the bad news first. It’s better to deal with the unpleasantness upfront.”

“Kellin has been assassinated.”

Without any hesitation, Boris immediately communicated the news.

“It seems your lovely brother came to find this place.”

Aschel’s face instantly froze over.

“Are you saying Sian came to the imperial palace?”

“It’s not something we didn’t anticipate, is it? It was something that could have happened at any time. I don’t know how he found this place, but it seems he came and went while the meeting was in progress.”

Aschel silently twitched his lips without saying a word.

“There’s no need to worry too much. At least for now, I don’t feel his presence around here.”

“What’s the good news?”

As if he had been waiting, Boris beckoned forth some mysterious energy with one hand.


As Aschel recognized the nature of the energy, a smile spread across his face again.

“Have you obtained the aura of the demonic sword?”

“It was harvested from the severed corpse of Kellin. It was the most needed yet the hardest to obtain, but since it has come into our possession so easily, I can hardly call it a loss for us.”

“Is there any chance that Sian could have noticed something?”

“He may have sensed something odd, but I doubt he ascertained the true nature of it. In fact, there are only three people in this imperial palace who know of it, including you and me.”

Boris showed no concern.

“Can you make use of it?”

“Of course. It’s not my first time, after all.”

Aschel clapped his hands in admiration.

“You continue to amaze me with your capabilities, Boris.”

Just when their secretive and sweet laughter was about to spread far and wide,

the door to the space burst open, and a woman entered.

“The princess?”

It was Violet.

She appeared to have run hastily, her breath heavy and sweat dripping from her.

“I’m here…”

Without any preamble, she blurted out that she had just arrived.

“Who are you talking about?”

“Sian Vert!”

As a man’s name was spoken with a scream, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became heavy.

“Your brother came to my room!”

Violet’s face was a mixture of desperate cries and vehement denial.

* * *

“I sense a suspicious flow of dark attribute mana for sure…”

At Violet’s request, the detection spell scanned her body, but

“That’s all. There are no noteworthy traces of magic.”

Boris dismissed it, saying that she seemed to be in perfect condition.

“That can’t be right! That man created a strange energy and forced it into my mouth! It was excruciating!”

“Perhaps it was just a clash with the light attribute mana flowing through you, princess. When opposing attributes collide, a natural rejection occurs, which then manifests as pain.”

“It’s not just mana that came in! There was something else…!”

“Did Sian really visit your room?”

Violet, who had been jumping up and down in alarm, suddenly turned a cold gaze toward Aschel.

“What do you mean by that question? Are you suggesting I am lying?”

“That’s not what I meant. I am just…”


Just as the atmosphere was getting seriously charged,

the door abruptly opened, and a woman with short black hair stepped in.

“Should I come back later?”

“Please come in now. Mia.”

Boris personally welcomed her and led her inside.

Violet let out a hollow laugh, incredulous that Boris seemed to care more about the new arrival than her.

“Are you paying more attention to that woman who just rolled in here than to me?”

Boris who wanted to say a few words simply glanced at Aschel before turning his head away.

Aschel quietly approached Violet, held her shoulders gently, and whispered softly.

“We’re a little busy right now, princess. I will come to your room later, so would you excuse us for now?”

“Aschel! How could you…!”

“There’s no need for you to worry. Just stay still, princess. Everything will be resolved while you just wait.”

With those words, Aschel escorted Violet out of the room.

Rejected, Violet gritted her teeth in humiliation at the door.

“Just stay still? I can’t do that. I’m your person, not a doll!”

Turning around, Violet strode down the corridor.

Eventually, she reached the emperor’s chambers above ground.

Before long,

news that Princess Arin had been kidnapped by the Mist spread throughout the imperial palace.

* * *

Severus’s streets were filled with knights from the early dawn.

The knights conducted searches on everyone, be it commoner or noble, without discrimination by the emperor’s direct command, which no one could refuse.

With potential consequences unknown for showing the slightest suspicion, everyone was visibly tense and anxious.

“Lord Lunev! Shouldn’t we leave the imperial city now?”

“There’s no need to act surprised. I still find myself unprepared, despite the warning from Senior Sian.”

Lunev responded indifferently, dispelling Schultz’s worries.

Their current location was in an alley somewhat removed from the center of Severus.

While the streets were packed with seriousness at its peak, Lunev seemed to be observing the scene with great interest.

“To be honest, I still don’t understand. Was it necessary for us to come here, ignoring his warning?”

“How could we not come? He had such a look of intent to act openly.”

Despite Sian’s warning not to come to the imperial city, Lunev could not heed such advice.

“As long as we’re not caught, it doesn’t matter. If no one sees us, we are as good as nonexistent.”

The response was clear and astonishingly brazen.

Schultz clasped his forehead, frustrated, beginning to regret that he may have followed Lunev in error.

“If the ones who kidnapped Princess Arin last night are truly Mist, we should consider why they would bother with a cumbersome move like kidnapping rather than assassination.”

“What do you mean?”

“The targets Mist has assassinated so far do not align with Princess Arin’s profile.”

Schultz agreed.

Princess Arin’s reputation was well-known not only throughout the empire but even among wandering mercenaries and other kingdoms.

And her reputation was mostly positive.

Her periodic imperial advocacy trips and frequent visits to slums to listen to people made her so well-liked that some even wished she would become the empress.

Given that Mist specialized in assassinating corrupt nobles engaged in wrongdoing, Princess Arin didn’t match their typical targets.

“We have to assume there’s an ulterior motive for using her.”

“Was it Sian who did this?”

“No. Senior Sian wouldn’t have done it. In fact, he might not even be involved at all.”

“On what basis do you think that?”

“Just a hunch.”

The response was once again abrupt and infuriatingly plausible.

Brooding, Lunev suddenly closed her eyes and entered a meditative state.


And then she started to mutter incomprehensibly to herself.

As Schultz stepped back, feeling a hint of strangeness,

“It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible.”

Lunev, accompanied by a cryptic statement, suddenly sat down on the ground.

It was not a one-sided soliloquy; it felt like she was conversing with someone unseen.

Mana began to emanate from her palms as she seemed to write something on the ground.

Schultz had hoped she might be casting a spatial transference spell to escape the imperial city.

But it wasn’t that.

Calling it similar might be a stretch, but she seemed to be creating a space – not a tangible space on the ground, but a surreal space, resembling the interior of a gigantic mana sphere.

Stunned by the bizarre scene, Schultz was speechless.

“Lunev, what are you doing?”

“I thought about it. If the princess was abducted last night, they should have left the imperial city by now. But it doesn’t seem they have, which means they must have hidden her somewhere here. Given the current situation where the city’s being searched thoroughly, they won’t be able to keep her hidden for long…”

Having finished preparing, Lunev calmly stood up.

“So, she could be hidden in a completely different space that isn’t this realm – like a divine pocket dimension, for example.”

In front of her was a mysterious space with a blend of black and white light.

The space seemed to beckon her in with a twinkling aura.

“If we can find that space, we can find out where Princess Arin is.”

As Schultz watched the interior of the space in awe,

Lunev quietly slipped something she had been holding into her pocket.

Then she boldly stepped into the space.

“Wait, please, Lord Lunev!”

Caught off guard, Schultz followed her in.

Inside was filled with books and shelves vast enough to make any library jealous.

Lunev sat in the center as if she were a librarian there.

“This is going to take some time. It could take a few hours or even days. If you’re bored, pull out a book to read. Although, you may find it difficult to comprehend the content.”

“What are you going to do, Lord Lunev?”

“I will be searching for the pocket dimension of the Mist from now on. I have to explore and interpret all the energy nearby, creating a path, so it’s best not to disturb me.”

With that, Lunev closed her eyes and resumed her deep meditation.

Still bewildered, Schultz only managed to blink without much understanding.

Thinking it best just to wait silently, he was about to sit down when,


Lunev abruptly opened her eyes again, having not been closed for long, and she jumped up.

Before a word could be asked, she manifested mana in her hands again and drew a circle in the air.


A moment later, a space similar to the one they had entered appeared, and without hesitation, Lunev plunged in.

Schultz hastily followed.

They arrived at another space.

It was an eerie place, unfamiliarly cloaked with black mist.

Coincidentally, there were already others present.


Both parties couldn’t hide their surprise at seeing each other, unaware why they were there, yet not appearing hostile.

“Why are you here?”

“That’s what we would like to ask you…”

Hastia and Brian.

Sian’s companions encountered in Lorand were sitting right there before their eyes.

(To be continued)


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