The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 219


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 219: For a New Order (5)

Late into the night, Princess Arin vanished without a trace after conversing with Silica in her room.

Naturally, the royal palace was thrown into chaos.

However, since many of the nobles were still staying at the imperial palace and its surroundings,

the royals, who had another major event ahead, were not keen on the spread of such an unfortunate incident.

“So you’re saying that when you sensed the strange atmosphere and opened the door, both of them were gone, and you saw an unidentified black smoke rising and then disappearing? Is that correct?”

“Yes! It’s definitely the work of Mist, a group that follows the black fog! They have taken Princess Arin……!”

“Isn’t that funny? Just because you saw some smoke, how does it link to the work of Mist?”

Prince Resmus became dumbstruck when faced with Princess Violet’s incisive question.

Princess Violet wasn’t aware of what Arin had suffered at the hands of Sian in Aquizzel, was she?

And here Resmus had carelessly suggested that it might have been Mist’s doing.

The color drained from Resmus’s face as he realized his mistake.

“Please calm down, Your Highness.”

Aschel diffused what could have been a charged atmosphere.

“Shouldn’t we focus on finding the missing Princess Arin first?”

“Yes, you’re right! She couldn’t have gone far, we must organize a search party to find the princess immediately!”

While Aschel emphasized that finding Arin was the top priority, Resmus agreed, and Violet’s face began to show a trace of displeasure.

“Fine, but you, leave for now.”


Resmus asked again, thinking he must have misheard.

“Disappear from my sight right now! Shouldn’t we be devising a plan? Are you planning to broadcast throughout Severus that the princess has been abducted from the royal palace?!”

Violet’s suppressed anger finally erupted as she sharply scolded Resmus with eyes like knives.

Aschel stepped in to appease her in place of the flustered Resmus.

“Would you please wait outside for now? There are things the princess and I need to discuss privately.”

Discuss during such an urgent situation?

But powerless Resmus had no choice but to suppress his emotions and retreat.

After Resmus had left the room,

Violet, now alone with Aschel, raised her head to ask.

“Did you know that this woman Silica is related to Mist, Aschel?”

“It’s not yet confirmed, is it?”

“We have been together for already seven years. Do you think I saw you with blind eyes? No way! I definitely saw your face change when that knight mentioned Mist. That’s when I realized you knew it from the very beginning!”

Aschel did not deny it and only maintained silence.

“Why have you been hiding the truth from me all this time?”

“If I said that I missed the right moment, would that suffice as an answer?”

“Missed the right moment? Are you calling that an excuse?”

Violet snorted with disbelief.

“Listen, Aschel. After I accepted your offer seven years ago in Belias, I went along with every word you and Boris said.”


“I agreed when you said to modify the shelter into a secret workspace and to secretly raise a girl named Mia who appeared out of nowhere. Even when that detestable Arin rambled on about needing to question the mists, I turned a blind eye! Even the idea of using her face to declare a new order – I actively promoted it! Why? Because you said to do so!”

Violet unleashed all the pent-up frustrations she had been holding.

Nevertheless, she struggled to quell her boiling rage and kept gnawing her lip.

“You yourself said it. The power of light is strengthened by trust and unity. Where am I supposed to find trust in a relationship where everything is hidden?”

Despite Violet’s continuous interrogation, Aschel remained silent.

“I wonder where Boris has gone at a time like this?”

She brought up Boris, who was not present at the moment.

“Why are you not speaking? Or is it another matter that only you and he knows about? Should I go check the shelter myself?”

Aschel then slowly looked down at the desk and picked up a letter that had been left there, frowning as he read it.

“I’ll ask you just one thing now.”

“Do as you please.”

“Why did you try to kill Princess Arin?”

Violet, who had stood there with an air of arrogance, suddenly went pale.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know. Weren’t you planning to kill her on the day of Revelation that’s coming up in a week?”

“Where did you hear such nonsense?”

Violet jumped and denied it out of panic.

Aschel waved the letter in front of her as evidence.

“It seems Boris was already aware. Princess Violet, that you were planning to kill Princess Arin on the day of Revelation. That appears to be why Princess Arin sent an urgent message.”

Violet quickly snatched the letter and read its contents with her own eyes. Faced with the undeniable truth, she couldn’t hide her shock.

“It’s something I already knew, though not sure if you’ll believe me, that you were planning this.”


“I tacitly consented to it. I fully understood the princess’s heart. However, since it wasn’t the right time, I intended to dissuade you before you acted.”

“Do you think I’ll believe that?”

Violet showed a half-convinced reaction.

“Whether or not Your Highness believes me, the fact that I am telling the truth does not change.”

“So what? In the end, we are both hiding facts from each other, aren’t we? With Arin’s role already over, shouldn’t the useless junk be swiftly disposed of? What’s the problem with that?”

Feeling cornered, Violet began to defend herself as if she had done nothing wrong.

“Don’t be mistaken, Aschel. I agreed to be your person because you really saw me and understood me.”

With a smirk, Violet moved closer to Aschel and gently touched his smooth cheek.

“Neither Boris nor Arin can take you away from me! It’s unacceptable to me if those people know things I don’t! I should be the one who stands closest to you! Do you understand?”


Aschel, without response, just looked down at her with a calm gaze.

“It’s not good for such facts to spread and only cause unnecessary confusion, so let’s wait until the day of Revelation. Make sure all nobles are kept quiet until then.”

“That will be done.”

It wasn’t the answer she wanted.

Violet turned and left the room.

Although her receding footsteps echoed in his ears, Aschel paid no attention, as if he didn’t care.


“There must be a reason they took her alive instead of killing her.”

He was more preoccupied with Mist, who had kidnapped Arin.

* * *

Back in her room, Violet was still breathing heavily, her emotions brimming, she grabbed the edge of the desk.

“Someone bring me a glass of water!”

As soon as she shouted, a door opened and an armored knight walked in, handing her a glass of water.


Violet’s expression stiffened instantly.

Though she had said “anyone,” normally a menial task like bringing water was handled by a servant, not a knight.

It wasn’t a problem that a knight had done so.

But this was indisputably the room of a princess.

No man, even a knight, was allowed without permission.

However, the knight standing in front of her was,

“What is this?”

Clearly, he was a man.

And breathtakingly familiar.


Violet, in shock, dropped the glass and stepped back without thinking.

It was a feeling she hadn’t experienced in a very long time.

A man who had instilled fear and trepidation in her, a woman who had nothing else to fear.

The most disruptive existence to the new order she was initiating, the man who should not have been there.

“It’s good to see you remember me.”

The knight took off his helmet and revealed his face, smiling as if he enjoyed the reunion.

It was Sian, Aschel’s younger brother and the youngest member of Duke Vert’s family.

“Why, why are you here?”

“Didn’t you predict that such a day would come, Your Highness? Considering you are my brother’s person and someone who seeks to eliminate our existence in the mist and push for a new order, it is quite natural for me to appear before you.”

Desperate to deny this reality, Violet shook her head.

But denial didn’t change anything.

She tried to call for the other knights outside in haste but,


Sian stood there wearing a very relaxed smile, as if saying to go ahead and try calling.

The feeling was that it wouldn’t make any difference.

Feverishly, Violet reached under her skirt, drew a dagger from her thigh, and swung it at Sian’s throat.


It wasn’t a clumsy motion, but one which seemed practiced hundreds, if not thousands of times.


However, to Sian, who had swung his own weapon millions of times, it was utterly no threat.

Sian looked amused, but his gaze shifted when he saw the golden light emitted by her blade.

“The power of the holy sword is said to be strengthened when supported by the belief of the people, right?”

Aschel had made such a statement to the nobles in the conference hall.

At the time, it was an eloquent statement that captured everyone’s attention, but,

“To me, it seems like a pathetic attempt of an incompetent fool struggling in vain to overpower me.”

He knew the reality behind those words – nothing but an empty boast.

“What do you plan to do with me?”

Violet managed to ask, barely controlling her trembling voice.

“Even if you kill me here, there will be no benefit to you! It’ll be a meaningless act!”

“Rest assured. I did not come here to kill you, Your Highness.”

Sian leaned closer to the fear-stricken princess.

“Just earlier, I disposed of a doll I had forgotten for a while. Reflecting on it, it was quite a useful doll after all, so I felt a twinge of regret.”

In his hand, a black mana orb had already formed.

“I thought that finding a new doll would be a good idea, so I decided to visit you, Your Highness.”

“What rubbish are you talking about? A doll? Why would I be your……!”

As Violet protested and leapt up, Sian ruthlessly pushed the mana orb into her mouth.

“It’s rather fortunate for you, I think.”


“As opposed to creating a new personality like Kellin, it only reveals a more honest side of your existing character.”

As the mana spread through her entire body, Violet could no longer hear Sian’s voice.

She could only feel the dark mana seeping into her body, closing her eyes smoothly.

(To be continued)


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