The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 218


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 218: For a New Order (4)

The power of the holy sword, emanating a golden sacred aura.

Condor silently observed the knight’s blade imbued with that power.

Initially skeptical, now that he witnessed it with his very eyes, belief was his only recourse.

It was undoubtedly the power of the gods.

Even he, who had dedicated his life to magic, had to shake his head in disbelief.

Condor looked at the knight’s face and asked,

“What about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“How do you feel about receiving the high power of the gods?”

The knight hesitated for a moment, then carefully began to speak.

“I’m not sure if this is the right way to describe it, but it feels like I’ve been weakened.”


“Yes. I’ve dedicated my life to training, honing both my swordsmanship and magic, but before this power, I feel shamefully inadequate. Even if I were to live twice, no, three times longer, it seems I could not reach the realm of this power. I feel incredibly powerless.”

The knight expressed his candid feelings.

He was a high-ranking knight within House Quizzel, respected by many and possessing abilities that surpassed frontline knights.

“I suppose the other knights who’ve received this power likely share the same sentiments. We are far from reaching the divine realm…”

Condor nodded in complete understanding.

It made him think anew—perhaps that’s why they’re gods.

As mere creations, humans lacked far too much to reach the divine realm of their creator.

“In a week’s time, the royal family will officially declare the start of a new order to the empire.”

The Duke of Quizzel added as though explaining.

“It’ll be done by Princess Violet, not His Majesty the Emperor, though.”

“No. It will be Princess Arin…”

Condor furrowed his brows and turned his gaze to Pyrlo.

“Princess Arin is to make the declaration?”

“Yes. It seems that after all her travels and charity work across the empire, she’s been chosen to minimize the public’s confusion. It’s actually Princess Violet who’s been more actively promoting this…”

Condor’s expression suddenly became severe.

Princess Arin as the figurehead for an event signaling the empire’s new beginning?

Princess Violet surely understood the significance.

Condor didn’t have confirmation yet, but he suspected there was another reason for choosing Arin as the representative.

* * *

As a tumultuous day came to an end, the night deepened within the imperial palace.

Accompanied by the moon high in the dark sky, she reviewed her remaining duties when Resmus approached with a letter.

“What’s this?”

The sender’s name wasn’t written on the letter.

“I received this from Lord Boris on my way here. He requested that I deliver it to you as soon as possible.”

It was odd, receiving a letter within the palace walls.

Curiously, Arin immediately tore open the letter to read it.


Confused by the content, Arin tilted her head.

“Why do you look puzzled, Princess?”

“What does this mean…?”

-knock knock-

Simultaneously with the knock, a servant entered the room.

“Your Highness, you have a visitor.”

“A visitor?”

“Silica Nigrity, the eldest daughter of the Nigrity family.”

It was an unexpected visit given the late hour.

Yet before Arin could show any surprise, she looked over Boris’s letter once more.

“Let them in.”

Silica was then permitted entry.

“Thank you for granting me this audience despite the late hour.”

“Welcome, teacher.”

Arin welcomed her former instructor with a slightly bewildered reaction.

“Last time, I didn’t handle things well, did I? Not only was your visit abrupt, but I also left without saying goodbye. I’m truly sorry.”

“That’s alright. It only showed how actively you’re working for the empire. Your conduct today was also exemplary.”

“Truly… do you think so?”

“Yes. Whether the mission was by design or not, the way you handled it, with composure, was quite impressive to me. I meant that sincerely.”

Despite receiving praise from her former mentor, Arin couldn’t bring herself to smile.

“Could you give us a moment, Resmus?”

Sensing that a private conversation was necessary, Arin sent Resmus out.

“I heard that the Nigrity house didn’t receive the power of the holy sword. May I ask why?”

“It’s as I told you before. We don’t have anyone in our family who can receive the power.”

“I know that’s not the only reason. I’m asking because I want to know the other reasons.”

Instead of answering, Silica offered a smile that held no clear meaning.

“May I ask you something, then?”

“Of course.”

Arin nodded, indicating it was okay to proceed.

“How much of your thoughts are reflected in this plan the royal family is now pursuing?”

“Most of them, I’d say. Sister Violet has supported me, and both teacher Boris and Duke Aschel have helped guide my direction.”

Arin continued, looking resolute and unashamed.

“I’m not sure what you think, teacher, but I can proudly say that it all started with me. After all, I was the one who first raised doubts about the black mist.”

“Was there a particular reason for that?”

“Would it help if I mentioned an incident from seven years ago?”

Instead of explaining, Arin alluded to an event from the past.

Realizing the connection, Silica nodded.

“You once said to me, Princess, that you doubted whether light could truly lead our order, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Questioning is the driving force behind human potential. A small curiosity can grow into something that moves the world.”

“What do you mean?”

Arin couldn’t quite grasp the meaning.

“May I share my own story?”

Caught off-guard by Silica’s request, Arin nodded.

“Our Nigrity family is, as you know, an ancient lineage of scholars. From a young age, I had access to countless books and manuscripts, learning various knowledge. Around the same age as you, I suspect, we began to question: why must we revere light and shun mist? That small question soon led to deeper curiosity… and interest.”

Arin’s eyes sparkled with an unexpected revelation.

“That’s… really?”

“Yes. So I decided to delve deeper. What is the origin of the black mist, and why must we reject it? What began as a tiny doubt became a flourishing interest, and I shared my findings with my siblings and those around me.”

Despite her curiosity about why Silica was sharing all this, Arin couldn’t ask.

She felt overwhelmed by the imposing aura the other woman radiated, leaving her unable to speak.

Silica continued without pause.

“But my parents, especially my father, couldn’t understand me. He went so far as to burn the research on mist I had compiled, right in front of me, showing an extreme aversion. He told me that light was our guiding principle, that the mist was a forbidden existence, one of negativity.”

Her voice rang cold and sharp, a stark contrast to the warm, kind instructor Arin remembered from the Royal Academy.

“There was no explanation, no reasoning. That day, my father seemed less a devotee of light and more a mad zealot. Why such blind faith in light and revulsion for mist? My questioning of the mist soon turned into an aversion to the light, which morphed into greater doubt.”

As Silica spoke, Arin felt like she was sinking deeper into a quagmire.

Her body, not just her mouth, wouldn’t respond.

“However, my doubts were resolved after I joined the Royal Academy. Meeting him, I came to understand the truth I needed to follow.”

Silica took out a book and presented it before Arin.

It was the script on the mist dispersed by the royal family throughout the empire’s monasteries.

“Did you think that harnessing its power would reveal the true nature of the mist? But you were mistaken. The black mist doesn’t grow stronger from convictions or unity like light does.”

With an eerie smirk, Silica leaned closer to Arin.

“Do you think absolute belief is good? No, that’s a shortcut to obsolescence. Only by constantly doubting, questioning, and rejecting can we progress.”


Arin’s eyes reeled as if witnessing the inconceivable.

From the palm of Silica’s gently raised hand,

an unknown black mist softly began to rise.

“The source of the mist grows stronger when accompanied by negative emotions like anger, envy, and hatred.”

Silica intently watched the ascending mist.

“Princess Arin, you’ve been traveling the empire, engaging in charity work. Your reputation is stellar, and some even hope to see you as Empress. However…”

Her steadfast gaze returned to Arin.

“You met Sian in Aquizzel, didn’t you?”


“Sian tried to kill you but couldn’t. Do you know why?”

Arin’s lips trembled, unable to answer.

“Because he had grown fond of you. He couldn’t kill you because he had developed feelings that weren’t there before.”

Silica gently stroked Arin’s trembling shoulders.

“If you, who’ve inspired such affection, were to die brutally at our hands…”


“Our successor would fully awaken amidst all this negativity. That’s when the new order we seek will rise.”


From her body erupted the hitherto concealed black mist.

Enveloped by it, Princess Arin was,


Unable to resist, she was consumed and disappeared into thin air.


Sensing something was amiss, Resmus knocked from outside, but no one remained inside to answer.

-Flung open!

Resmus, having hurriedly opened the door, saw only,


The dwindling mist that previously surrounded Arin and Silica, now fading into oblivion.

(To be continued)


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