The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 215


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 215: For a New Order (1)

An official royal document was dispatched to each noble family in the name of the Second Princess, Violet Severus.

The faces of the nobles who checked the document were filled with worry.

Although it seemed like a simple request to attend a meeting to discuss the reorganization of the knighthood and the direction of the empire, the true intent behind it was anything but simple.

The Knights of Light.

A group composed of holy knights who undertake evil in the name of the gods.

Anyone can join regardless of status if they have talent in martial arts and magic, and sometimes they are regarded with even higher honor than noble titles,

the value of the name ‘Light’ was truly significant.

A reform of the knighthood?

Why would the Knights of Light, which even children of high noble families dream of joining, undergo such a reorganization?

It’s because of the glory of being the messengers of the gods, under the grace of the saint, performing the missions bestowed by Lumen Del, the god of light.

However, the Knights of Light currently have no saint.

With the symbolic and spiritual leader equivalent to their figurehead gone,

the imperial family’s plan to reorganize the Knight Order held deep implications.

There was not a single noble who didn’t understand what this meant.

With the new name ‘Knights of Salvation,’ the royal family essentially declared their intention to include all senior knights within the royal influence.

The nobles thought:

They did not want to go.

But they had no choice but to go.

With the downfall of the once-prominent First Prince Luinel and the frailty of Emperor Dione, who could no longer get involved in state affairs,

it was Second Princess Violet who had whipped up this storm in the midst of a brewing tempest.

To not attend the meeting would be to publicly admit that they would not follow the rapidly changing order of the empire.

The royal family, all too aware of the nobles’ predicament, could only smile wryly.

In the Great Chamber of the Royal Palace, at the center of which was the Second Princess’s office.

Seated around a circular table were four men and women facing each other.

Violet, Aschel, Boris, and Arin.

Boris stood with the document in hand and said to them:

“Out of the 20 families we’ve sent the decree to, a total of 18 have sent their affirmative replies. Two have yet to respond.”

“Which are they?”

“The Duchy of Condor, and the Duchy of Vert.”

Violet and Aschel simultaneously let out a wry smile.

It was no coincidence that the involved families had connections with them.

“My esteemed grandfather seems to be influencing our family’s affairs. It’s been over a decade since he passed his title, yet he can’t seem to sever ties with family matters.”

Violet sighed and then shook her head.

She was convinced that this was the influence of her maternal grandfather, the former head of the Condor family, Condor Quizzel.

Because her uncle and the current head of the family, Pyrlo Quizzel, didn’t have the backbone to do it.

“Don’t worry too much about it. It’s likely that he just wants to see the other families’ reactions before making a decision. He will probably send a positive reply before long.”

Violet’s gaze then turned to Aschel.

“What about you, Lord Aschel? From what I gather, Duke Vert doesn’t seem too pleased with the situation?”

“He must be too busy to have checked yet. With things as they are, I’ll go ahead and approve on behalf of the Duchy of Vert. I’ll speak to my father about it later.”


Arin thought she had heard wrong.

After all, wasn’t the front line at Belias, which included the kingdom itself, where most of the Knights of Light were stationed?

Duke Vert commanded and directed so many knights and had the power to lead them by his own decree,

yet he planned to proceed first and discuss it afterwards?

Even as the heir of House Vert, Arin found this incomprehensible.

Unlike her, however, both Violet and Boris seemed to agree with Aschel’s decision.

Arin thus chose to remain silent for the time being.

The meeting ended, and Aschel and Violet left the room promptly.

As she continued to organize the documents without minding the situation, Boris approached Arin.

“Princess Arin?”


“Could we talk for a moment?”

“Do you have another matter to report?”

“No, it’s that… I’ve noticed you’ve been using the power of the sacred sword recently.”

Arin flinched inwardly but maintained her composure, continuing the conversation.

“Was it noticeable?”

“The remnants of the sword’s light magic linger around you. I wanted to act as if I hadn’t noticed, but I couldn’t contain my curiosity. How did you come to use the sacred sword’s power?”

“Ah, I was just feeling quite restless that day. I wanted to test my abilities, so I tried to wield it for practice. The result was, well, embarrassingly insufficient.”

“Haha, I see. Don’t be too discouraged. As a saint, you’ll surely soon be able to properly harness the power of the sacred sword.”

“Thank you for always being so encouraging.”

It felt like she had managed to deflect the conversation well.

No more questions seemed forthcoming, so perhaps it was best to let the matter rest.

Yet, Arin didn’t stop there.

She herself had a question she wanted to ask that day.

“Do you believe we can defeat the being known as the mist, Lord Boris?”

“The master of the cursed sword, do you mean?”

Boris immediately referred to Sian.

“If I am to be honest, it seems difficult at present. We don’t yet know the true extent of his power.”

Contrary to Arin’s expectations, he acknowledged the grim reality of their situation.

“That’s why we need the help of a young princess like you. The power of light comes from faith and unity. Only then, defeating the being of mist may not be entirely impossible.”

Faith and unity.

Those were the most important factors that could amplify the power of light.

But Arin’s heart was filled not with firm belief towards the bright light,

but with questions towards the dark mist.

“Lord Boris, the scripture you gave me…”


“How did you acquire it? You said it wasn’t handwritten by you, right?”

Instead of continuing, Boris gave her a knowing smile.

“Should I say it’s a legacy left by a dear friend of mine?”

“A dear friend?”

“Yes. Someone who held mutual interest and tried to outdo one another, an inseparable friend with a long-standing bond. Additionally…”


“Never mind.”

“For now, that’s all I can share. If there is a chance, I will tell you everything.”

“Ah, I see. Thank you for your response.”

Despite many uncertainties, Arin left the room without pressing further.

With Arin gone, Boris stood alone in the middle of the room, chuckling with an unmistakable smile, and quietly muttered to himself.

“… and also a former master of the cursed sword.”

* * *

At the western border of the Empire, in the rear camp by the Belias Front.

Having read the royal document, Duke Vert lifted his head to address Yulken who delivered the message.

“What is the spirit among the knights like?”

“They are not greatly unsettled, but it is impossible to say that they are indifferent.”

Even though protecting the continent is of paramount importance,

it’s unreasonable to assume the knights will simply accept the notion that the order to which they belong has fundamentally changed without their knowing.

“And what about you?”

“What do you mean, my lord?”

“Do you understand what the knighthood reformation entails? It doesn’t concern me directly; I am only a leader to oversee you all. Yet, with this reformation, the direction your paths as knights must follow may change—will you continue to follow me?”

“Sir Yulken Darius pledges loyalty to you, Duke! Even if you lead us to the very edges of the underworld, I shall follow you to the end!”

Yulken’s conviction was unwavering.

“Though we bear the blessing of light, performing the missions given by the gods, all the knights at the front have served you for decades already. It will remain so into the future, and no one but you can command us!”

“It appears I haven’t lived my life all that poorly then,” the Duke said with a wistful yet content smile.

“It seems that the other nobles have already agreed to attend the meeting. What are your intentions, my Lord?”

“I follow orders only from His Majesty the Emperor. Let alone complying with a decree sent by some princess.”

“However, at the main palace, the first Prince is…”

As Yulken began mentioning Aschel, he caught the Duke’s expression and hastily stopped himself.

However, the Duke replied with an indifferent look in his eye.

“Let’s observe the situation for a bit longer. It’s not like the meeting won’t proceed without me. For now, focus on ensuring that the knights do not get disconcerted.”

“As per Your Excellency’s command.”

After receiving his orders, Yulken left the tent.

Duke Vert too stepped outside, gazing at the unnaturally reddened sky over the front that particular evening.

‘Let us go.’

If he desires the peace of the continent for his children to achieve, then he must let them go.

Those words, spoken seven years ago by his lost youngest, still resonated faintly in his mind.

There was no need to trust.

In such circumstances, all one could do was observe the current flow from a bystander’s perspective.

“What are you planning to do, Sian?”

The Duke’s heart was not filled with trust but laden with doubts.

* * *

A week after the imperial decree was sent out to the noble families of the empire.

One after another, the nobles who had replied to the summons began to appear at the main palace.

None of them had indulged in the frivolous finery typically seen among their kind.

Each was accompanied by an escort of at least battalion strength, and their arrival filled the palace with an air of solemnity and tension.

In the imperial conference hall where the high-level meeting was to occur,

the participating nobles, with tense expressions, checked each other’s temperaments.

Among those present who could exert significant influence, two figures stood out:

Condor Quizzel, Violet’s grandfather and the actual power behind the Duchy of Condor, and Duke Vert of Willius, the guardian of the continent.

Yet there was no sign of either.

In Condor’s place sat Pyrlo Quizzel, the current head, and the seat for House Vert remained conspicuously empty.

As the meeting time approached,

amidst a hushed atmosphere, the back door of the conference hall suddenly opened, and in walked a golden-haired man of striking beauty.

It was Aschel Vert, the eldest son of House Vert.

His easy comportment as he nonchalantly took his seat signaled something unsaid to the rest of the nobility.

For Duke Vert, responsible for defending the front line, to attend in person was nearly an unfathomable prospect.

In his stead, the heir had responded to the imperial call.

That Duke Vert would acquiesce to a summons from the royal family and not directly from the emperor was a substantial shock to the others.

– Thud!

Finally, the front doors to the hall swung open, and the cortege from the royal family who had organized the meeting entered.

At the lead was Second Princess Violet, with Fifth Princess Arin in trail.

There was no sign of the third or fourth princes.

Who could have predicted such a turn of events?

Amidst an atmosphere tinged with unease and anxiety, Princess Violet opened the meeting with a gratified expression.

(To be continued)


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