The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 214


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 214: What Do You Desire? (4)

“There’s no point in this! Heir!”

I’m not sure who’d find no point in this, but I’m not doing this for my own satisfaction.

In the center of a dark alley cloaked in shadow,

the stench of discarded trash was being overpowered by the fresh reek of blood that had just been spilled, wafting through the air.

The only member left standing, blade met with mine, was one.

The rest were all busy dealing with their wounds, trying to stem the bleeding that was flowing out like a waterfall.

“Aren’t you the one who knows the most about our lord? The lord isn’t ignoring this to harm you, Heir! All of this is for you!” they said.

For me, that phrase is dangerously ambiguous.

Perhaps in time, I might think, ‘Ah, so the lord did all this for me back then’, but as for me right now? Even a hundred years from now, I doubt that sentiment will come to me.

When I extended my arm to disrupt the delicate balance of the swordfight,


The opposing member’s arm started to falter under pressure.

In the moment when our faces came within a finger’s breadth of each other,

“Tell the head of the family this,” I whispered to him.

“I don’t want his indifference.”

Is it now my turn to show indifference?

When have I ever been so formal as to take turns with such matters?

The head of the family is correct.

I’m an incredibly selfish person.

And because I am selfish, I will go through to the end doing exactly what I wish.

Purely for myself.

– Swoosh –


I slid my blade diagonally, and the opposing member, having lost balance, staggered for a moment.

I didn’t miss the opportunity and mercilessly slashed at the right calf of my falling adversary.


With a scream, he collapsed, and I left the alleyway without a second glance at the fallen members.

“What on earth do you want?” cried one of the members, but I chose to ignore it.

They won’t understand me as I don’t understand them.

I re-emerged onto the street and headed towards the restaurant where Hastia and Brian were waiting.

I had used up more time than expected.

Arriving near the restaurant, hoping that they might’ve eased their awkwardness in my absence,


I stopped three steps from the restaurant’s entrance.

Something felt different from when I left.

I sensed the presence of Hastia and Brian, as well as others.

It might just be ordinary customers, but it wasn’t.

There was a high-grade mana flow leaking out of the restaurant entrance as clearly as water, the blue aura visible even from the gap in the door.

Like it was inviting me to sense it.


A woman appeared as the restaurant door opened, locking eyes with me.

As if she knew I was coming, she showed no signs of surprise.

“Are you coming in?” she said.

Lunev Rainriver.

Her indifferent gaze met mine, unchanged even after seven years.

* * *

Nothing can be as disconcerting as an unintended reunion.

While I expected to cross paths with members of Mist, I never showed surprise,

but this woman was different.

Why was she here in the empire when she had been in the Kingdom of Garam even just recently?

There are five inside, including myself and the black-haired man who looks familiar, but I can’t quite place him.

Brian looked at me with a pleading face that said, ‘this was the best we could do’.

“If you were gone any longer, our meeting place would have transferred to the middle of a forest covered with restrictive barriers.”

Neither Hastia nor Brian denied the situation.

After all, she’s not one for lies, not where I’m concerned.

“Say something, would you?”

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Oh, as ever, after seven years, you haven’t changed. Left Gaun Kingdom without even a greeting…”

I had passed by her in silence before for a simple reason.

There had been nothing good in acknowledging her.

Not for her sake, nor for mine.

“You think I would stick around to find out what you would do to me? Makes sense to run away.”

“Anyone would think I’m going to eat you alive.”

I respond with silence.

Lunev turned her gaze to Hastia, seated obediently by her side.

“It looks like you really can’t live without a woman, can you? She insists there’s nothing between us, right?”

Hastia waved her hands in panic.

‘I’m really not! I’m only accompanying him for a little while because of some circumstances…’

“And what circumstance would that be?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Secrets as always? Still full of them.”

Lunev sighed and shook her head, probably bored with our tedious conversation.

Turning to Brian, I said, “Take Hastia and step out for a minute.”

“Yes, sir!”

Hastia looked slightly confused but obediently got up and followed Brian.

“Lunev, please wait outside as well.”

She, too, excused her knight, and soon it was only Lunev and I inside.

She waited quietly for me to speak.

“Why are you here in the empire?”

“Personal reasons.”

“Even if I glare, she shrugs. She’s not here on any public business, and no one from the academy or in her company knows she’s here, except for the knight outside.”

It’s so like her that I wasn’t particularly surprised.

What she does here is purely her own affair, and there’s no reason why I needed to know.

Yet I needed to convey something clear and unequivocal.

“Just one thing, no more, no less.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t go to the imperial palace.”

“Is that a warning that something big is about to happen?”

With avid curiosity in her eyes, she continued,

“Is it for your sake or mine?”

“It’s for me.”

“Alright, I’ll agree.”

Her swift concession surprised me, actually.

“Don’t look so surprised, you know I’m sincere when it comes to you.”

Some things are scary because they change, others because they don’t.

She belongs unequivocally to the latter.

“Just one promise then.”

She conditioned her agreement on a promise from me.

“What is it?”

“Once you’re done with what you’re doing, meet with me for real.”

“……What do you mean?”

The question slipped out almost involuntarily.

“It’s simple. Just properly meet up next time and talk about whatever’s been going on. Do you think I’m expecting something grand from you?”

I could not respond.

Lunev smiled, content, as she looked at me.

“Let’s pretend today’s meeting never happened. As if we never met.”


“For a reunion after seven years…the meaning seems to…to be…”


“Neither particularly significant for you nor me.”

I felt dazed, not from shock, but from an odd sense of disconnect.

“Then, until next time.”

She left the restaurant, leaving me alone.

Unable to grasp the full meaning of her words, one thing seemed certain to me.

Before I begin the impending major event,

she’s advising not to get emotionally consumed because of her.

Proceed as if we never met before and then meet up again afterward.

Her unusual offer does compel some awe.

Naturally, it’s piqued my curiosity too.

“What exactly do you live for?”

An unspoken truth from within me accidentally slipped out.

* * *

“Is it over?”

“It’s over.”

Their conversation ended far too quickly, considering how much Lunev had looked forward to it.

No remnants of regret or longing showed on her face.

“Wasn’t that the meeting you’ve been anticipating? To end it this fast…”

“It’s an unplanned encounter after all. I’m fine with it. It’d be a lie to say there’s no regret, but it seems it’s not something the current you will appreciate.”

Schultz didn’t quite get what she meant.

“He seemed peacefully stoic, but I could sense a bit of anxiety. I felt like I was seeing myself when I first grappled with the emotion called love.”

Lunev used to struggle to comprehend new feelings.

She sensed the same bewilderment in Sian earlier.

“I wouldn’t want to add to his confusion.”

She ardently hoped for a future where they could meet again with ease.

Despite its simplicity, such a day would be hard to come by, and she yearned for it.

* * *

]We seek Count Nigrity’s counsel in the revision of the Order of Salvation and to discuss the future direction of the Ushif Empire. Please attend.>];

]Violet Severus];

There was no courtesy or conversation.

The document almost seemed more of a summons than a formal letter.

Although it bore the Count Nigrity name, similar messages were likely sent to other noble families as well.

Silica let out a scoff then murmured,

“Setting the date so blatantly for the ‘Day of Execution’?”

It felt like a challenge.


In the midst of it all, a servant burst in without knocking.

She hurried to Silica’s side and whispered.

“We’ve located the heir in Lorand!”


Silica did not show a ripple of emotion.

“Four of our high-ranking members and one superior member engaged him, trying to subdue…”

“And the members’ condition?”

Silica asked about their state without concern for the outcome.

“They’re not in mortal peril, but all have suffered serious injuries to one side of their bodies. Recovery won’t be quick.”

Silica’s face remained impassive, but her hand, once holding the summons, had clenched into a trembling fist.

“And they conveyed this message for you.”


“He doesn’t want any of your oversight…”

“Understood. You may leave.”

The servant left without further words or queries.

Silica closed her eyes, breathing calmly before lifting her head to the ceiling.

“You too will eventually realize.”

Then she began to speak from her heart.

“What path it is you must follow…”

(To be continued)


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