The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 213


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 213. What Do You Desire? (3)

Closest to the capital of the Ushif Empire, Severus, was the city of Lorand.

Though a bit too large to be considered just a town, and a bit too small to be truly called a city, thanks to its proximity to the Imperial City, it saw a tremendous amount of traffic.

Accordingly, shops, restaurants, and inns were lined up right from the entrance—in abundance.

However, the place Lunev and Schultz sought out was the most dilapidated restaurant in the furthest corner.

They preferred to avoid the more populous areas.

A significant visit after seven years.

For Lunev, this was her second visit since her time as an academy student, her first venture into the city.

Unlike the absence of sensation back then, now she felt much more freedom and thrill.

As they waited for their order, Lunev began to peruse the royal proclamations that were spread on the street like flyers.

“The Order of the Knights of Light is changing its name to the Order of the Knights of Salvation. Personally, I find the new name less warm.”

“Could there be a particular reason for the name change?”

“Changing a name is actually a very meaningful act. It signifies an intention to alter the traditions and notions that had been preserved with that name. While outwardly it claims to inherit the original form of the Knights of Light, I doubt it will be a complete succession.”

Lunev frowned slightly, showing her displeasure.

“Probably, this new direction will begin with those who wanted the name change.”

She had no doubt that this new direction wouldn’t steer towards anything good.

– Swoosh –

Suddenly, a group at the table in front of them, who had been eating before they arrived, discreetly got up.

And with a quick payment, they left the restaurant as if fleeing.

Lunev thought nothing of it and turned her attention back to the proclamation when—


Her gaze swiftly shifted back to the door through which they had left.

A hooded woman and a robust man with brown hair.

While the woman’s face was hidden hence unidentifiable, something about the man felt uncomfortably familiar.

Seven years ago, he was first seen in an upscale restaurant in the Imperial City,

a noble heir’s guardian knight who lived in the Royal Academy’s Royal Residence.

Lunev’s rapid conjecture soon turned into certainty.

“Mr. Schultz.”


“The people who just left. Do you remember their faces?”

“Yes, I do remember them, but…”

“We need to catch them immediately.”

Exactly one second after those words escaped her lips,

Schultz bolted out of the restaurant like a summoned beast obeying its master’s command.

Just seconds, or perhaps a few dozen seconds, had passed.

Yet when Schultz emerged, there was no sign of them.

Without giving up, Schultz keenly watched the people passing by.

It was that time of day when the sun was high in the sky and the streets were at their busiest.

Amid the busy crowd,


He caught sight of familiar figures entering an alley in the distance.

“Over there, Lady Lunev!”

Without hesitation, Lunev followed where Schultz pointed and ran.

They were aware of being pursued and quickened their pace to lose their tail.

Lunev and Schultz diligently followed, but eventually lost them in the quiet of the woods.

Right as she prepared to cast a detection spell, thinking they couldn’t have gone far—


A noise from the left bush revealed the hooded woman.

‘Lunev ma’am?’

A face very familiar to them both.

It was Hastia.

Lunev asked, her eyebrows narrowing.

“Why are you here?”

‘I was returning to Fruina with my clan!’

“That wasn’t the route we gave you, was it?”

‘Yes, you’re correct! However, we had an urgent matter and inevitably came this way.’

“Did you know that we were at the restaurant?”

‘Yes. But I thought greeting you might cause a misunderstanding, so I quietly left. Now, I think it would have been better to say hello.’

Lunev thought to herself.

Certainly, Hastia wasn’t sharing the whole truth in her emotional resonance.

There were lies covering something up.

“Where is the man who was with you?”

‘If you mean Sir Brian…’

Hastia hesitated at her inadvertent naming.


But that name had already entered Lunev’s mind.

She frantically recalled that name from her memory when,

– Zoom –

Schultz suddenly dashed from his place to a specific spot.

Swiftly drawing his sword, he slashed wildly into the dense bushes.

– Cling!

A clear clashing sound stimulated their eardrums.

A dagger met Schultz’s longsword within the bushes.

Following a brief struggle of strength, when Schultz created some distance, the owner of the dagger also appeared from behind the foliage.

The man, seemingly unwilling to show his face, was wearing a black mask.

The cautious Schultz instinctively touched his wrist after feeling an immense force behind the dagger, akin to being hammered despite its small size.

It clearly wasn’t an ordinary strength.

“Since when does a member of your clan need the protection of a human man, Hastia?”

‘Do I need to explain…?’

“If you don’t want me to inquire more directly.”

Hastia hesitated a moment longer before stiffening her face and speaking out boldly.

‘This is personal. I indeed owe a great debt to you, Lady Lunev, but I cannot tell you about this.’

“Sussk! Heavily horrendous of a private secret for someone bound by secrecy. How curious.”

Lunev’s eyes pierced through Hastia as she spoke sarcastically.

“Fine, I won’t bother you further about this personal affair…”

Lunev’s sharp gaze turned towards the man in the black mask.

“However, I would like to see that man’s face.”

‘Why, why would you want to see him?’

“You have no right to prevent it, Hastia, not when this man is not one of your clan members.”

Hastia failed to deliver any further emotional response.

Ignoring Hastia, who had fallen silent, Lunev approached the man.

“Shall I take it off for you? Or would you prefer to do it yourself?”


“Speechless? Do you also need to communicate through emotional resonance like that woman?”

The man continued his silence.

“Seems like you didn’t understand me: when I said I’d take it off, I didn’t mean gently with both hands.”

Lunev’s mana began to manifest within her hand, her mood slightly soured.

“Depending on the circumstances, I might blow away everything below your face. Is that what you want?”

The man kept silent still.

However, traces of a tough decision could be seen beyond the concealed mask, and soon his unoccupied left hand reached towards it.


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