The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 212


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 212. What do you Seek? (2)

After the declaration of the dissolution of the Order of Light following the death of the Saintess, the first Knight Order assembly took place. The eyes of the knights, now devoid of the belief called the light, were clouded with anxiety, distrust, and suspicion. Hundreds of knights gathered in the central hall. When the news first broke, some of the knights who were shocked by the developments made premature exits before the formal disbandment, but not enough to significantly weaken the original form of the Order.

However, if things were to continue without any action or plan, it was inevitable that more knights would leave the Order. Someone had to step forward to coordinate the situation. Amidst the confused knights, an old man ascended the platform that rose within the hall. Some knights, recognizing the old man’s face, could not hide their surprise. Former Commander of the Order of Light and the knights’ actual leader, Jereon Alkin, emerged within the Knight Order for the first time in decades.

His message to the gathered knights was simple. The Order of Light was not disbanding but being reorganized. Although the original form was to be retained, the Order’s role would change as the era changed. The only thing that would not be used further was the name ‘Order of Light.’ It would transform, adopting a new name in following with the new order. Named Redeem, it was to become the Knights of Salvation.

Proclaiming that their current duty was to provide salvation in the name of salvation for all people in this desperate land, Jereon spoke confidently. Thus, the Order of Light was reborn under a new name: the Knights of Salvation. People would later call this day the beginning of a new order.

“That was a fantastic speech. The aftertaste of it still lingers,” someone said, approaching Jereon as he descended from the platform. It was Aschel, coming close. “It seems the knights were deeply moved by your speech too, sir. Their anxiety seems to have lessened a great deal as well.”

“I think you misunderstand, so let me clarify once more; I said I would help you, not that I would join you,” Jereon replied, drawing a clear line. “I understand. You just wanted to know what kind of order we were trying to establish. However, dare I say, sir, that you too will soon follow us, not the light but the new order…”

Jereon’s gaze grew complex at the words ‘new order.’ “The new order you speak of ultimately encompasses even those who once denied the light, does it not?”

“Of course. We will guide them not with destruction or judgment, but with salvation.”

“I have some ties with your father, so let me give you one piece of advice.” Aschel responded with a smile, his hands neatly placed together in a welcoming gesture. “Changing the order isn’t as easy as you think. Not only changing the minds of those who followed the old order, but also overcoming the resistance of those who didn’t even adhere to the old order will take a considerable amount of time.”

“I understand your concerns. However, if we don’t do this, we can’t defeat them. You know the dangers posed by the beings of the mist…” Jereon did not reply. “We must use everything at our disposal. Even if that means pursuing things beyond this world.” Aschel spoke, gripping the pure white longsword at his waist.

]The Order of Light has reorganized, not disbanded.];

]The Knights of Salvation for the new order. Redeem.];

The morning was bustling due to the official documents spread across cities and domains.

While it seemed like a trivial play on words, it was still upsetting on many levels. A new order. The Knights of Salvation. Discarding longstanding conventional concepts of this land and re-establishing new ones. While it was uncertain how entangled the royal family and others were in this matter, it was undeniable that they were involved.

Soon, they would reveal their real goal, which has been in development for years, and it would undoubtedly be directed towards me. It would not be wrong to say that he is aiming for something even greater. Do you know what the best way to disrupt an opponent’s plan is? Simple. Learn all about the opponent’s plans in advance. For me, my second life is perhaps my greatest weapon in this world.

But maybe I’ve been too confident in that weapon until now. I thought I could handle whatever they planned. However, the story changes if they acquire unknown information that I’m not aware of. The key to that unknown information lies with the speechless elf in front of me, diligently chewing on a hard piece of bread.

“The bread’s so soft! I’ve never had such a soft bread in Fruina!” Whether it was a lie or sincere, that bread looked hard enough to break teeth.

I came here to avoid crowded places, but boy, did I end up in just any place. Never thought I’d end up at a place where they can’t even properly serve bread. The fact that the elf finds it tasty is even more amusing. Records of the old era. Truly unknown information to any human living in this land. Saintess Nephrodite tried to obtain it from Hastia, meaning that information was also desired by others who shared her purpose. Even the foolish princess resorted to approaching it with just a knight, which says a lot.

‘Sian, sir?’ I wonder, why did Princess Arin come alone to Aquizzel? Did she intend to secretly obtain the records of the old era? ‘Sian, sir?’ Come to think of it, there were a lot of things I should’ve asked her back then; I wasn’t quite myself… ‘Sian, sir!’ The annoyed blue eyes staring at me pulled me out of my thoughts. Rather than reacting to my mental call, she forcefully took my face in her hands, demanding my attention, so I had no choice but to respond.

‘What are you thinking so deeply about that you can’t even respond when I call you?’ “Do you have something to say?” ‘Just… this soup’s delicious…’ She proudly presented her steamy soup to me, a clear broth without any substantial ingredients. If she thinks that’s tasty, it’s saddening to imagine what sort of food they have to endure in impoverished Fruina.

I sent her off once with a cool farewell, only to have her beside me again for a simple reason – I assessed it was safer to keep her at my side. After all, letting her pursue the records of the old era? At least, having her by my side could ward off anyone else trying to exploit her. Not that I place any faith in divine protection. To put it differently, it implies those high-handed gods are hiding something that necessitates protection, their so-called weakness. Even if I detest it, I cannot turn a blind eye just to fulfill that lunatic benefactor’s wish.

‘But where’s the demonic sword, sir?’ “…”. ‘Is it sleeping?’ “Think of it that way.” I casually deflected the question, knowing that mulling over it more would bring no good. When Hastia realized my distraction, a man entered. “Has someone arrived?”

It seems like the right time now. Not too late, though enough to make a good entrance. “Ah, there you are, young master!”

“Took you a while?”

“Eh, must have been bad luck. I had to scour the entire vicinity and only discovered this place last…”

“Good work. Sit down.”

“Yes, young mas…” As the man went to take a seat, he suddenly noticed Hastia across from him and was taken aback. “Young master, who might this person be?”

“Just a White Elf that’s accompanying me for a matter.”

“A White Elf?!”

Reacting as if he’d seen something significant, he turned his attention back to me. ‘Sian, sir, who is this person?’ “His name is Brian, and he’s my man.”

“I am Brian Kendrick, who serves the young master!” Brian introduced himself and bowed his head. His naive nature seemed to have remained unchanged over the years. ‘You call him the young master?’ “Don’t mind. It’s just an old term of address.”

Hastia looked puzzled, not quite getting the explanation. “You made sure everything was fine with the house shield, right?”

“Yes! I checked it one last time before leaving, and as long as Nana doesn’t go out of her way, there shouldn’t be any major issues…” Haltingly ending his sentence implied another problem was afoot. “Lately, there seems to be more of the family guard coming and going near the house.”

“The guards have been around?”

“Yes. They appear more often than usual, loitering. I didn’t give it much thought, but it seems like they were checking if you were there…”

Was the family head really hoping I would just take Nana for a walk? From their viewpoint, I suppose they wished I’d stay quiet in some out-of-the-way place, but unfortunately, that’s not my intention. By now, the events in Aquizzel should have reached their ears, so they’re probably searching everywhere for me. Looks like I need to cover up my tracks a bit more. “I’ll step out for a moment.” Leaving them behind, I exited the restaurant.

* * *

Sian left without a word about where he was going, creating an awkward silence between the remaining Hastia and Brian. -Sssk Hastia carefully pushed her food towards Brian. “Oh, no, it’s okay! You don’t have to worry about me…” ‘You said you searched the whole area, right? Aren’t you hungry?’ “??” ‘Oh, you don’t understand mental communication?’

As it happens, Brian wasn’t skilled enough in mental magics to understand mental communication. Since most of the people Hastia had met could communicate mentally, she naturally responded the same way. However, Brian just stared blankly. “Uh, may I ask if you’re mute?” Hastia nodded cautiously. “Well, are you able to communicate like this?” Without hesitation, Brian began expressing something in the air with his hands—a language of hand gestures, sign language. ‘…!’ Recognizing Brian’s sign language, Hastia responded in kind.

“Oh, you can hear. Got it.” Having found a common medium, Hastia quickly became closer to Brian. She shared the story of her journey here, with Sian’s help, from the Kingdom of Garam to Brian. “I see. Our young master may seem gruff, but he’s very warm-hearted. I think calling me here means he wants me to look after you, Miss Hastia.” While sharing stories about Sian, -Creak- the door to the restaurant opened, and a man and woman entered.

“Why come to such a place when there are so many other restaurants?”

“I don’t much care for crowds, and this old place has a familiar smell that I find comforting.”

At the sound of the woman’s voice, Brian’s face suddenly turned stone-stiff. It was surprisingly familiar. Scratching his memory revealed that this was the voice of a woman who had often visited Sian’s room at the academy and, more importantly, had helped them during their escape from Brenu, from the Garam Magic Society… ‘Lunev…?’ (To be continued)


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