The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 209


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 209: The Princess and the Assassin (3)

For two hours now.

Hastia’s bright eyes remained unwaveringly fixed on the soul stone.

The black mist swirling around the lustrous white quartz stone seemed so tantalizing.

Although dubbed a soul stone, originally, it was nothing more than a pebble meant to serve as a guardian stone.

However, once it passed through Sian’s hands, it began to harbor an unknown power.

It wasn’t just meaningful—it became a dependable entity capable of truly protecting her.

It felt as if another presence of Sian was right there beside her.

Today, the mist enveloping the stone seemed unusually dense.

Hastia realized the moment she first noticed it two hours ago that this was certainly a signal indicating the one who had imbued power into the stone was near.

‘Why has Lord Sian come here?’

For a brief moment, she entertained the vain delusion that he had come to see her, but, believing it to be unlikely, she quickly shook her head.

Whatever the reason for Sian’s visit, it probably wasn’t her. Could the ominous aura from the soul stone’s mist be a harbinger of bad news for Sian?

She didn’t believe it foretold anything good.

Then there was the memory of the aching princess.

As soon as she had heard there was a master of the cursed sword, she set off as if pulled by an invisible force.

Could this princess be connected to Sian in some secret way, like that woman from the Garam Magic Society?

With these thoughts, Hastia cautiously approached the door.


As she quietly opened it, her eyes met with Garnian’s, who had been standing guard outside.

“Can’t you sleep, Lady Hastia?”

Garnian asked with a puzzled expression, to which Hastia shook her head.

“If there’s anything you need, please let me know. I will bring it to you.”

‘I-It’s not that I need anything… I was wondering if you could step outside with me for a moment?’

* * *

I’m not sure what expression I’m wearing on the outside, but inside, I’m laughing.

Because it’s absurd?

No, it doesn’t seem like that.

The laugh is closer to ecstasy than absurdity.

To witness such a peculiar spectacle, one that I never could have imagined in my two lifetimes, is truly breathtaking.

And what’s so breathtaking?

How could I not be in awe upon seeing her face?

The seemingly dense and foolish princess has finally shown her true self.

She has changed so much that even if another person’s personality were inside her, I would believe it.


She should be harboring resentment and hatred toward me, determined to submit me completely.

Only then,

could I kill her without a trace of unease.

The assassin’s bloodlust within me now rises anew.


A bright, white light flickered from her hand, which was charged with mana.

The power of a six-star level, nearing seven-star prowess.

Yet, it’s out of the ordinary for her to achieve such a state at her age.

The royal court has plenty of guardians with mana levels not even reaching hers.

When she transferred the prepared mana to her sword, the sword emitted a light almost as bright as the Sword of Salvation, stretching high into the dark night sky.

Without a second’s hesitation, she charged at me.


The initial strike carried no weight but relied purely on the speed of her charge.

It was hardly even a swing; more like she had just placed her sword there.


-Clang! Clang! Clang!

She followed up the first strike with three threatening consecutive attacks.

Not fixed in a single direction, she moved left and right with dynamic motions.

Not a simple contest of strength, but a continuous attack seeking any momentary gap.

Such movement isn’t easy even for seasoned sword masters.

And it wasn’t awkward.

Her posture, grip, and power control felt natural as if she had practiced them a countless number of times.

In short, it was perfect fundamental movement.

No one could achieve such a level with short-term training.

It was the result of years of unrelenting dedication, an effort made by her day in and day out.



If she thought these basic sword techniques, practiced tens of thousands of times, could overpower me, I would have to take back my previous words.

Taken aback by the unexpected force, the princess regained her composure after a slight confusion.

I didn’t stand before her to witness the process of her efforts over the past seven years.

She must demonstrate her maximum power to me.

Otherwise, there is no point.

“You have a look that says to give it my all, huh?” she pierces through my inner thoughts.

“That’s right, I’ll show you. Even if my body breaks apart in the process…”

With the intention to completely drain her mana,

a fierce whirlwind of mana began to surge around her body.

“In response to your words to move forward. I will clearly show you the efforts I’ve been making, Sian!”

(To be continued)


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