The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 208


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 208: The Princess and the Assassin (2)


Before she could even indulge in the joy of reunion, Arin’s eyes, which had been swinging wildly, soon shifted towards Sian’s right hand.

The violet blade sharp as a razor, emitting a dense murderous intent.

And as her gaze finally met Sian’s eyes while tracing the arm that held that sword,

Arin realized.

Sian was,

Trying to kill her.

“Step back, Your Highness!”

Resmus also noticed this and stood in front of Arin.

She drew her sword and at the same time, channeled the mana she manifested with her other hand directly into her blade.

Within scant seconds.


The sword, responding to the mana, resonated, creating a blue aura.

She, too, was not unaware that the man before her was Sian Vert.

Not the youngest of the Duke Vert household, but Sian Vert, the assassin of Mist’s first encounter.

Even staring into the eyes of a devil would not have made her tremble so intensely.

The piercing toxicity and murderous spirit lodged deeply within that blade-like gaze.

Resmus knew she could not retreat. If she lost focus but for a moment, she felt she might be consumed by that energy.

She was the guardian sword meant to protect the princess.

Even if the adversary was not a devil but a Demon King, she had to protect her charge.


Despite the strong magical energy radiating from the longsword, Sian took a step forward.

“If you come any closer, I will consider it a threat and take action!”

Resmus shouted with determination, warning him, but Sian did not respond.

She didn’t wait any longer and dashed forward, brandishing her sword with short, concise movements.


Eliminating all unnecessary motions, it was a perfect sequence purely meant to subdue her opponent.

Not even a chance for a counterattack could be seen, but


Sian blocked her sword far too easily, with a face calm enough as if he had already predicted her every move.


But Resmus did not panic, and with a shout, she exerted even stronger force.

Her sword, reinforced by both physical strength and mana, began to push Sian’s dagger back, achieving a more favorable position for her.


Even Sian, who had been indifferent, showed some reaction.

His eyes, which had not expected her unexpected power, did shift, though only briefly.


Resmus’s sword was pushed back once again.


At that moment, Resmus shifted her footing, altering her stance to redirect the incoming blade of Sian’s to the side.

Quickly backing away to prevent a follow-up attack, she widened the distance between them.

“Haah, haah…….”

It had only been a few short seconds, but Resmus was breathing more ruggedly than ever before.

She soon realized something.

Sian had spared her just then.

Even when she had changed her stance, there had been a definitive opening for a follow-up attack.

Her turning the sword was evidence he had not lost his composure and had changed the direction toward her.

Up until that point, Resmus thought she was going to be done for.

But contrary to her concern, Sian didn’t strike with his sword and had easily allowed her to create this distance.

Whether this was deception or consideration on his part was still unknown.

But one thing was certain,

Conventional methods would never be enough to defeat him.

With that realization, Resmus quietly whispered to Arin.

“Your Highness! I’ll buy time, so please run outside and call for help!”

“What are you talking about, Resmus?”

“I’m afraid I’m not yet able to subdue that man with my power! Still, I’ll do my best to delay him, so trust me and flee!”

It was an impossible ask for Arin.

Even if Resmus was her knight pledged to protect her, how could she abandon the woman ready to sacrifice her life for her own?

But for Arin in that moment, even the time to contemplate such luxuries was pointless.


The moment Sian took one more step, Resmus dashed forward without hesitation to block his movement.


Sian effortlessly parried the strike.

His gaze was not on Resmus, but was entirely fixed on Arin.

“Do as your knight says.”

Condor, who had been silently observing the situation, finally spoke up.

“My careless thoughts must have brought trouble to you both. It doesn’t seem like he would kill me or your knight given his nature, but……”

When Condor saw the negative emotions brimming in Sian’s reddened eyes,

“It’s clear that he intends to kill you for certain.”

He frowned naturally.

Then, he raised his hand and pointed towards the door through which Arin had entered.

“I will temporarily lift the barrier. Quickly go out and ask for help using my name. If you do that, he must stop further action.”

“But what about you, Chancellor!”

“Right now, the one who should worry is not me but you, Princess Arin….”

Unable to say anything else in response to Condor’s firm answer, Arin found herself between a rock and a hard place:

Facing the man who wanted to kill her, Sian, and those who were trying to stop him, Resmus and Condor.

The worst situation she had vowed never to repeat, was unfolding before her eyes once more.

“I will return soon!”

With those words, Arin quickly ran out the door.

Not a single knight or person could be seen on the streets now shrouded in night.

To call for help, she had to find where the knights were, but two places came to mind: the training grounds and the domain lord’s residence.

However, both were far away.

If there was a closer location,

“City gates!”

It was the city gates where the sentries were stationed.

There would still be knights standing guard.

Arin hastily headed in that direction.

Soon, she could see a few knights standing vigil by the city walls.

Just as she breathed a sigh of relief and was about to continue running,

Arin’s feet suddenly came to a stop.

Was this really the best she could do?

Had she spent the last seven years rushing about just to flee shamefully from a crisis such as this?

To hold her head high as a princess and not shy away from any given task,

How could she show such cowardice in the face of adversity?

Realizing once more what she had to do, Arin gripped the royal sword at her waist firmly.

With her spirits buoyed by indomitable determination, she turned around when,


Arin involuntarily stepped back.

Sian, who had just been crossing swords with Resmus moments ago, was now facing her, scant ten paces away.

Every imaginable thought crossed her mind.

What had become of Resmus and Condor, who had claimed they would stop him?

Had he possibly killed them and now come for her?

Arin, uneasy, drew her sword and aimed it at Sian as she asked,

“What did you do to Resmus and Chancellor?”

Sian did not answer.

“Still, he was once like a master to you, and he was the person you saved. Did you really kill them without any emotion?”

“Is this really the time to worry about such things, when you can’t comprehend the situation at all?”

Sian’s words, brimming with frustration, were forceful,

“You had merely seconds.”


“Only seconds more and the knights at the gates would have seen you, Your Highness. They would’ve immediately rushed to your aid. If only that had happened, I would have reluctantly withdrawn.”

Despite wanting to refute him, Arin found herself speechless after hearing Sian’s first words.

“Don’t misunderstand. The reason why I, having barely regained my senses, decided to hesitate was not because I couldn’t kill you, Your Highness. Even if you were protected by all the knights in Aquizzel, I could kill you….”

Sian’s words were an undeniable truth.

And Arin knew it.

“However, you had the chance to live, yet you hesitated, Your Highness.”

“I didn’t hesitate! I just…!”

“I distinctly told you to run!!!”

Sian’s emotions exploded as he yelled at Arin.

“I hoped you could distinguish between right and wrong, what can be done and what can’t be done! Surely you’ve not forgotten what helplessness can lead to and the outcomes it can bring!”

Sian’s eyes now betrayed more than anger; there was a sense of disillusionment.

“You seem to have forgotten that, Your Highness….”

I haven’t forgotten.

How could I?

These past seven years were lived to honor that promise.

Arin felt terribly unjust,

“You weren’t supposed to confront me, Your Highness.”

Sian took another step towards Arin.

“The best thing you could do in this situation was to flee pathetically and call for help.”

But for her, who didn’t even take that best course of action, all that awaited was a ruthless death.

Sian steadily continued to approach Arin.

To give this foolish princess, who still didn’t realize what she should do for her future, anymore chances would be meaningless.

Perhaps it’s best for both himself and her to sever the entanglement of her complicated life right here,

Sian thought so.


“Who says that? That my job was to run away?”

Arin objected.

“Right here, my task is to subdue and make you surrender!”

Instead, she adjusted her sword’s grip, ready to confront Sian.

Sian’s step halted at her unexpected resolve.

“Why do you think you can’t? Does it seem impossible?”

It wasn’t the empty bravado of a powerless individual.

In Arin’s eyes, there was a firm belief that she could overcome this situation and an unwavering resolution to do so.

“Sorry, Sian. But my life over the past 7 years has been impossible itself. Do you have any idea how hard I’ve worked to turn what is impossible into possible…? You would never understand.”

Under normal circumstances, such a situation would only bring laughter.

Yet, for some reason, Sian couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Could this foolish princess have really lost her mind, or did she believe in something else, stirring a rising sense of unease?

Seeing Sian flustered, Arin declared confidently,

“In the name of Arin Severus, the Fifth Princess of the Ushif Empire, I command,”


“Sian Vert, offspring of the House Vert, Guardians of the Continent, kneel and surrender to me, right here!”

About 10 seconds of silence passed.

Arin, having given her command to submit, awaited Sian’s response without uttering another word.

“Have you truly lost your mind?”

Sian asked, his question steeped in incredulity and scornful regard.

“Yeah, maybe I have to be mad to face you. But I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy, and everything I said thus far is the truth.”

Arin answered, without a hint of faltering.

“Am I still just Duke Vert’s youngest in noble garb to you?”

“Do I still look like a mere shell of a princess draped in the royal facade to you?”

Sian was unable to continue his sentence.

“Don’t bother to teach me. Just do what you intended to. I’m ready to face you….”

In front of Sian was no longer the incapable princess who couldn’t do anything seven years ago.

Now, there was only a woman named Arin Severus, who could do so much, who was capable of so much.

(To be continued)


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