The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 206


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 206. Princess and the Elf (2)

The Problem of the Tribe.

Naturally, this was an issue that was highly sensitive to the elves, so sensitive that they had not spoken of it to anyone but the saintess while they were in the human world.

Knowing that there was a problem was impossible.

However, the princess before them had asked what the problem was.

Putting aside how she had known about it, her voice, her eyes, and her posture made everyone think the same thing.

It was as if she was asking because she intended to solve it herself,

Roel was the first to speak up.

“I do not know how you are aware that our tribe has a problem, but the way you speak, Your Highness, it seems as though you believe you can solve our troubles?”

“I am not yet aware of the specifics of your problem. Therefore, I cannot claim that I can resolve it. However, as a member of the Imperial family, I can confidently offer you my assistance, whatever the issue may be.”

Roel, and indeed all of the elves, were taken aback.

“Ultimately, did you elves not also come here seeking assistance from us humans?”

Struck at the heart of the issue, none of them could give an answer.

The princess of the Empire offering help to resolve the issues of their tribe?

Despite what should have been a joyous situation, the elves’ faces were full of doubt and suspicion.

The reasons were many.


Why would a princess, with whom they had no connection, offer to help with their problems?

It was something the elves simply could not understand.

“Are you saying you will help us?”

Garnian broke the silence and asked again.


“Unless a fool, one does not offer help without reason. What do you desire from us?”

In this world, it was all about give and take.

There was no such thing as an altruistic favor without a price, and this was true even within elven society.

Until they understood the cost, they could not accept what help the princess was offering.

As expected, Arin exhaled briefly before continuing to speak.

“The elves are said to possess a power that can unlock the records of ancient times.”


The elves’ faces instantly turned to stone.

“In exchange for helping you, may I have the chance to look at those ancient records?”

– Startled

Garnian, agitated, was the first to spring up from his seat.

“There’s no need to listen further. Please leave this place immediately!”

His face was flushed with uncontained emotion.

“Please calm down and listen to what I have to say….”

“I will not tell you twice! Leave at this moment!”

“Calm yourself, Garnian!”

Despite Roel’s attempt to intervene, Garnian was unheeding.

The look in his eyes had moved beyond denial to the point it now contained a threatening murder.

“Please, be reasonable.”

Behind Arin, her knight, Resmus, stepped forth,

“No matter if you are a stranger to our ways, at the very least, show some decency. This is the Ushif Empire, and this lady is the princess ruling it.”

“And what does that matter?”

“She is not someone you should glare at so fiercely with doubt….”

Roel and the other elves tried to mediate between the two firm presences, between a punch and a sword.

“Stop it, Resmus!”

“Calm down, Garnian!”

Surprised from both sides, they tried to intervene, but the escalated tensions were not easily calmed.

‘Please, everyone, leave….’

In the tense atmosphere, a distant voice echoed in Arin’s mind.

Arin, without realizing, flinched at the sound.

Not only Arin but all the elves, including Garnian, turned their gazes in one direction.

A white-haired girl who had been sitting demurely, quietly listening to the conversation, now stood up and looked at everyone.

‘I will speak to her personally.’

A small tremor of nervousness was evident in her eyes.

* * *

Garnian and Resmus, who had been staring each other down as if they were about to kill one another, and Roel and the other elves all left the room.

Now, Arin and Hastia were the only ones left inside.

]I apologize. Since I cannot speak, I can only communicate with you in this way.>

Hastia scribbled her intention on a piece of paper and handed it to Arin.

Arin was startled.

Unable to speak?

Then what was that voice she heard just a moment ago?

A voice as clear as the distinction of sound and pitch.

Not just her, but surely the other elves had heard it, too…

‘Can you hear my voice?’

“Yes, I hear you clearly.”

Without thinking, Arin answered and abruptly raised her head.

‘Do you really hear me?’

“Yes. Very clearly….”

Hastia asked again, as if disbelieving.

‘It’s surprising. Humans generally have less sensitivity and have difficulty receiving mental communication, but it seems like I always meet those who can.’

“Is that so?”

Although the feeling was slightly different from the mental communication magic she knew, the fact that conversation was now much easier brought relief to Arin.

‘My name is Hastia. May I call you Princess Arin?’

“Of course. Please speak comfortably.”

Hastia’s conversation began with a bit more ease of mind.

‘Princess Arin, you want to see our ancient records, but to be honest, that’s impossible. I’d like to help you, but I cannot in our current situation.’

As expected, it wasn’t going to be easy, but Hastia had drawn a clear line, stating that it was not possible at present.

“May I ask why?”

‘Well, the truth is, I do have the power to unlock the ancient records. However, I cannot activate that power by myself. Part of the reason I am sealed is because the god who did not want the ancient records revealed had a purpose behind it.’

The reason was complex but clear.

The ancient records sealed by divine power, to be hidden from the current age of humanity.

Essentially, what Arin was trying to do was counter to divine providence.

“Then what on earth was Nephrodite the Saintess thinking…?”


Hastia flinched momentarily.

Realizing she had touched a sensitive spot, Arin quickly apologized.

“I’m sorry! I unintentionally stirred up bad memories!”

Hastia waved her hand, negating the concern.

‘It’s okay! In the case of that saintess, it seemed she was planning to transfer the power within me to her body. But as I said, even if you have the power, you can’t just unlock it whenever.’

“So, additional conditions are required?”

‘Yes. Since it’s a divine seal, you’d need a power that rivals that of the gods to unlock it.’

A power that rivals the gods?

This seemed impossible by all accounts.

Even if humanity has potential, there is a basic limit.

A creature’s power that rivals its creator.

Where in this world could one find such power?

‘Of course, ordinary beings like us possessing such power is impossible. But not impossible overall. At least, someone with divine arms would definitely be able to.’

Arin’s face suddenly turned ashen.

“Divine arms?”

‘Yes! Actually, I’ve met such a person not long ago. A kindly man who owned a demonic sword and helped our tribe….’

– Startled

Instinctively reacting with her body rather than her mind, Arin abruptly stood up, looking intently at Hastia.

“Ha, ha….”

In the moment of heightened emotion, Arin’s breath grew ragged.

‘Princess? Are you alright?’

“I’m s-sorry, Hastia! I was a bit out of my mind there….”

Arin, sitting back down, clasped her head to suppress her agitated feelings.

“Could it be that the owner of this demonic sword, his name is….”

– Startled

This time, it was Hastia who sprang to her feet, looking into the air.

As if sensing a familiar aura, she looked around before suddenly pulling something out.

It was a white stone whose purpose was unknown.

What was peculiar was that something like black smoke seemed to continuously surround the stone.

It appeared almost like a mist.

‘The Soul Stone…’

Hastia thought.

The mist surrounding the Soul Stone was thicker than usual.

She knew what it meant.

The traces of someone carved into her second soul were growing denser.

In other words, that person was now very close by.

‘They seem to be close….’

“Who are you talking about?”

‘The owner of the demonic sword. Sir Sian!’

* * *

In a shabby building not far from the inn.

In contrast to the worn exterior, the interior was quite tidy, filled with desks, chairs, and other neat furnishings.

To the uninitiated, it might look like a classroom where students are taught.

At the front desk, an old man with neatly trimmed white beard relied on a single candle to read by.

– Thump, thump,

Finally, unfamiliar footsteps could be heard beyond the door, causing the old man to look up.

At first he seemed wary, then his brow furrowed slightly.

– Knock, knock,

With a knock on the door seeking permission to enter, the old man softly said,

“Come in.”

As the door opened, a black-haired man stepped in.

None other than Sian.

“Even now, you still knock before entering, I see.”

Unaffected by the old man’s sarcastic remark, Sian asked calmly.

“You seem to be enjoying a fulfilling retirement.”

“Well, it’s not luxurious, but I am content with my life.”

“You may have left your life as a noble behind, but not your life as an educator, huh?”

“And you? Did you abandon your noble life only to cling to your assassin’s blade?”

Without further retort, Sian sat down on a chair that was a fair distance from the old man.

“You didn’t come all this way just to see the face of your esteemed teacher, so what do you need?”

“Do you acknowledge me as your disciple?”

“I considered it, but seeing that you came empty-handed, I’ve changed my mind.”

Sian chuckled at the response but his gaze shifted to the book in the old man’s hand.

The old man also noticed the look and said with a laugh.

“Surprising for someone who usually wouldn’t touch them, you have an interest in books? Do you want to read it? After all, it’s gotten quite popular in the Empire, hasn’t it?”

“I’ve already read it quite some time ago. To not rob my precious teacher of his sleep with such matters, I will skip the pleasantries and get to the main point.”

The old man shrugged as if to say, go ahead and speak.

“Do you know who the author of that book is?”

“What if I do?”

“I would like you to share everything you know about that person.”

“Surprising. Putting aside why you’re curious, did you come looking for me just to ask this?”

“Why, everyone seems to refuse to answer my question. So shouldn’t I ask the most learned person in the continent?”


“Chancellor Condor…”

(To be continued)


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