The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 205


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 205: The Princess and the Elf (1)

A day’s travel from the royal capital of Severus was the domain of the Quizzel Ducal Family, Aquizzel. Under the setting sun in the western sky, the last passersby of the day made their way through the gates amidst the guards wrapping up their duties. Garnian, who passed through the main gate, looked back at his group and said, “The day has dimmed, so let’s stay here tonight.” He carefully put away the emblem he had shown the guards. It was a fake identification made for them by the Garam Magic Society. Thanks to it, they managed to pass through each city and domain from the Empire with relative ease. Some disguised their White Elf identity with magic, while those not adept at it covered their faces with hoods.

“I’ll go and find us a place to stay,” said Alphonse, leading a few others deeper into the domain to search for lodging. During the brief wait, Hastia gazed around with pure, innocent eyes. Even though it wasn’t as luxurious as Ghaul or other cities, the domain had a rustic and modest charm. “This place is called Aquizzel, a noble domain under the Ushif Empire,” Roel provided, noticing Hastia’s curious gaze. “The owner is the Emperor’s former father-in-law and one of the few possessors of the 9-star magic rank on the continent.”

Hastia’s eyes widened at the mention of the 9-star magic rank. “Though he has retired from his original work and is spending his twilight years here, it’s best we don’t encounter him. He could easily recognize our true identities.” Hastia nodded silently. As someone wishing to safely return to Fruina, the last thing they wanted was their identities being exposed.

After a while, Alphonse and the others who had found lodging guided the group into the domain. Their footsteps soon halted in front of an inn with a tavern on the first floor. Given the time, it was full of people unwinding after a long day. Completely ignoring the patrons, the elves headed straight for their rooms. However, the other guests’ eyes soon drifted towards Hastia. “Wow, look at that woman! Such white skin! She looks like a goddess rather than a person!” “Thought she was a new server, pity it’s not the case! Haha! Would’ve made for some fun!” “Which room is that woman staying in?”

The lecherous comments made their way to Garnian’s ears, and just as his anger flared, -thump!- Hastia grabbed his hand and shook her head. It was her way of saying she was fine. With no other choice, Garnian swallowed his anger and led her to their room. Fortunately, they hadn’t encountered any of the feared situations on their way here. It seemed they could return to Fruina without much trouble, but actually going back wouldn’t solve any issues.

“Sigh…” Amidst her complex thoughts, Hastia stared up at the night sky illuminated by the moon. As she thought of her clansmen waiting under that same moon, the path ahead seemed increasingly daunting. While Roel and Garnian prioritized returning to Fruina, Hastia couldn’t help but worry about what would come after. A sigh escaped her, filled with frustration and the thought, ‘I wonder what Sir Sian is doing?’ In this desperate situation, she found it both funny and difficult to stop thinking about him. These weren’t serious thoughts—just simple ones like ‘Has he eaten? What might he be doing and where? Is he sleeping comfortably?’

– swish- The soul stone that Sian had returned still carried a faint wisp of his presence. “May I come in, Lady Hastia?” Roel’s voice came from beyond the door. Hastia quickly hid the soul stone and scurried to open the door, letting Roel and Garnian enter. “Once we cross here, it’s almost the Empire’s northern boundary. From there on, it’s hardly different from our territory, so please bear with us a little longer.” Hastia reassured them with a bright smile, indicating she was managing well. “Please pay no mind to the earlier harassment by the humans. I’ll stand guard outside, ensuring no insect can bother you,” Garnian said, firmly ready to guard her door all night. Hastia tried to dissuade him but knowing how stubborn Garnian could be, she just sighed deep inside her heart.

– knock knock “Uh, may I come in, Lady Hastia?” Another clansman’s voice reached them from outside. Garnian opened the door, and two clansmen entered, both looking extremely uneasy and cautious. “It’s really shameless to have to tell you this, but it seems we’ve caused an incident.” As they spoke, sweat dripped down their faces. “An incident? What are you talking about?” “Well, we were patrolling outside the inn to ensure no suspicious individuals were present when, unfortunately, we got caught. They realized we’re White Elves…”

Garnian’s voice rose in alarm. “Have you lost your wits? To be discovered as White Elves?” “We were startled too. We thought we were well disguised with magic, but suddenly two human women approached us and asked if we were White Elves,” they stammered. “They said they wished to speak with us…”

The situation clearly wasn’t good, as if the humans had known White Elves were in the domain. “Where are these people now?” Roel inquired calmly. “They said they would wait on the first floor. We did ask them for identification…” The clansmen hesitated. “They were unexpected visitors…” “Who came, to cause such worry?” “It’s the Empire’s Princess. She said she’s the 5th Princess, Arin Severus…”

Silence fell in the room. “Who did you say?” “The Empire’s Princess! The 5th Princess, Arin Severus…”

Everyone was speechless with shock, but none more bewildered than Hastia herself. ‘The Princess?’

* * *

About a month ago.

Arin was in the convent inside the imperial palace praying to Lumen Del as usual, a regular part of her routine unless there was something special happening. It wasn’t out of devotion to Lumen Del, but merely a show for others, a way to mask her true self. “Humans have boundless potential for development. It’s as if that saying was made for Princess Arin,” commented the Saintess Nephrodite who approached her. “I bet even Lumen Del in the divine realm would be delighted seeing your growth. Perhaps he’s enjoying watching it from above.”

“You flatter me too much,” replied Arin, her voice restrained, betraying no emotion in her gaze. “I’ve heard you’re heading to the Garam Kingdom. Is there anything we can assist you with on behalf of our royal family?” “Do you know why I’m heading to the Garam Kingdom?” The official reason was for missionary work. However, at the hint of that query, Arin sensed there was more. “You seem unaware. Did they choose not to tell you, or were they planning to inform you later?”

Arin well understood who ‘they’ referred to. “It appears they intended to keep something from you, Princess.” Instead of responding, Arin simply looked back with a steely gaze. “I see you were perhaps expecting this. You’re not as vulnerable as they might think, Princess.” The Saintess smiled behind her hand, looking quite pleased. “Since it’s come to this, I shall tell you: I am going to the Garam Kingdom to search for records of the old era.” “Records of the old era?” The words puzzled Arin slightly. “Yes. There is a prearranged plan. There will be some White Elves in the Garam Kingdom. I will help solve a problem they face and, in return, they will transfer the power of their key to me so I can retrieve records of the old era.”

Elves? Key? These were topics Arin hadn’t heard from Violet or anyone else. “What are you hoping to find in the records of the old era?” “At the very least, I can say I’m looking for a way to dissipate the fog.” Arin felt her heart sink at that proclamation but quickly composed herself without showing it. “I could make this knowledge available to everyone, or I could share it solely with you, Princess. Isn’t it intriguing? To know a secret unknown to others…”

“Why share this with me?” Arin asked. The Saintess leaned closer and whispered confidentially into her ear. “Because they are wary of me. And you are too.” Arin stiffened at the revelation. “Remember this, Princess Arin. To protect yourself, you must have at least one secret weapon that your opponent does not know of. And your opponent’s complacency towards you… can be the greatest weapon of all.”

The Saintess stepped back after her parting words. “Until we meet again after my return.” With a smile full of satisfaction, she left. “My opponent’s complacency…” Arin brooded over that saying, which persisted in her mind. To put that teaching into practice, she personally killed the Saintess, thereby gaining the other’s confidence. What Arin needed next was a secret of her own, unknown to them.

* * *

With only a day granted to finish her imperial tour, Arin was under pressure to locate and meet with the White Elves within that limited time. It was a sprint, but chance seemed to favor Arin, who successfully achieved her goal. She felt an odd, yet familiar energy by an inn and immediately recognized it as the aura of White Elves, revealing her identity to open a dialogue.

Now, gathered with the White Elves, the real importance lay in what would happen next. “Firstly, I want to thank you for accepting this sudden request to meet. I am Arin Severus, the 5th Princess of the Ushif Empire.” Arin and her companion, Resmus, bowed, showing respect to the group. “Whatever the reason for your summoning, we have no intention of staying longer in the Empire and are planning to return to Fruina,” came the reply.

“I’m aware of that. Therefore, to avoid wasting more of your precious time, I will get straight to the point of my visit,” Arin declared firmly, looking them in the eyes. “Please tell me about the problem facing your clan that you need to resolve.”

(To be continued)


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