The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 199


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 199. Whisper of Secrets (1)

Sweat streamed down his forehead, his heart pounded, and his breath hitched. Jereon thought he had just narrowly escaped the crossroads between life and death. Even when he had survived, battered and bruised, from the jaws of a troll during his days as a frontline guardian knight, he hadn’t felt like this. It was quite literally the sensation of having a brush with death. Who was the woman who had appeared, besides the man with black hair? Not only had she vanished without a trace in the tavern, but now she had appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night, grasping his throat. Even though he had aged, his senses had not dulled. This was no ordinary person—this felt like an incorporeal spirit, did it not?

As Jereon carefully observed the intense aura clash between the man and woman, having brushed his hand over the neck that had been gripped, he suddenly averted his gaze after making eye contact with the woman. Once again, he pondered. Why was this woman behaving like this? What had he done wrong? All he had wanted to do was explain about an individual named Dio Hapencus, who wrote The Teachings of the Mist. Now it looked as if he was somehow personally involved with this woman…

Jereon’s eyes sparkled with realization as if pieces were falling into place. The woman in front of him was not human. He was sure of it. She did not give off any human presence. Instead, she felt like a part of the mist that lingered around them, taking on the form of a person. And above all, hadn’t the man just uttered something akin to a spell, where the word “demonic sword” was included?

A renewed certainty shone in Jereon’s eyes as he spoke, interrupting the serious discussion: “Pardon me in the middle of such an important conversation, but…” The attention of the man and woman turned back to Jereon. “By any chance… are you a demonic sword, miss?”

It was a question asked at the risk of his life. Ceyram glared back with a silent threat that seemed to ask, ‘Do you really want to die?’

“If you are indeed a demonic sword, then yes, your reaction makes sense,” Jereon conceded.

“What do you mean?” Sian asked with furrowed brows and a heightened tone.

“I would love to explain, but if I speak any further, I fear I might be dispatched by the lady here without anyone ever knowing.”

Regaining his composure, Jereon turned to leave hastily. “I’ll take my leave for today. It seems difficult to continue this conversation. I hope that the lady is treated well.” Displeasure filled Ceyram’s face. “I’ll be waiting for you at the tavern we met during the day. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

With those parting words of promise, Jereon quickly left the place, moving his feet faster than ever, and before he realized it, he had arrived at his lodging.

– Bang!

Jereon roughly opened the door, swiftly closing it in case someone followed him inside. Mark, who had been busy maintaining his sword, jumped at his sudden entry.

“Ma-Master Jereon?”

Sweat poured down his wrinkled face like rain.

“Where have you been to sweat so much?”

Gasping for breath, Jereon still managed to gulp down a whole bottle of water Mark handed him.

“Where have I been, you ask?” After finally calming down, Jereon wiped water from his mouth and said, “I’ve just narrowly escaped the entrance to hell…”

* * *

It was almost a first in my current life: Ceyram avoiding my gaze, and I looking endlessly at her. Dio Hapencus—Ceyram clearly wanted to kill the old man mentioned by that name, acting on her own accord.

“Dio Hapencus.”


“You know the name, don’t you?”

She merely smirked condescendingly, not saying a word.

“Tell me. Who is he?”

[I don’t want to talk.]

You don’t want to talk? I wonder why that is. Do we have something unspeakable between us now? Why would she avoid answering my question when it’s not a divine taboo? Does she truly not understand that someone so close to me hiding something is unbearable?

Rage started surging in my eyes, overflowing with questions.

[Look at those eyes? I must be really scrumptious, huh? Wanting to gobble me up?]

Facing my glare, Ceyram sneered at me.

[Why? Going to torture information out of me like you did those trash you killed?]

“I wouldn’t put it past myself.”

Suddenly, the true form of the demonic sword, aglow with crimson aura, was in my hand.

[You’re going to use me and bring me down? That’s a considerable amount of confidence, master.]

Then, as if pitying me, she stretched out her hand and gently caressed my cheek with her cold touch.

[You’ve grown so much. The nervy little brat has become tall enough to look down on me now. It must’ve been around this time when that imbecile child was…]


[Just keep growing like this, my master. It makes it worthwhile for me to follow you.]


With those words, Ceyram disappeared into the mist, retreating back into the sword. I hurriedly tried to call her back by infusing the blade with my energy but…


There was no response. It was as if the sword’s soul had once again entered a deep slumber.

* * *

“Welcome to the City of Beginnings, Severus!”

Having cleared the checkpoint, Silica wasted no time in passing through the city gates. She entered alone, without any guards that resembled knights of the holy order or anyone else.

The capital of the Ushif Empire, Severus. It was Silica’s first visit in seven years since the royal banquet, although as the eldest daughter of the Nigrity family, she had already visited several times under different names. So today, she came as neither a Lord of Mist but as the legitimate daughter of the Nigrity family and a former royal academy instructor.

Not long after passing through the gate, a group of men appeared and blocked her way.

“Are you the Lady Silica Nigrity?”


“Please follow us, we will guide you.”

Silica followed them without apparent reservation. Whether it was because they were mindful of the bystanders or their upright posture and heavy footsteps befitting trained knights, Silica could immediately tell.

The group reached a plain-looking house, and without hesitation, Silica entered. Inside was a multitude of knights far greater than those who had guided her. Among them was a very welcome face.

“It’s been a long time, Teacher Silica.”

The Lady Silica Nigrity of the Nigrity Earl’s family. I greet Your Highness, Princess Arin.”

They reunited after seven years since Silica had resigned as an instructor. As the offspring of the Earl’s family, Silica bowed respectfully to her, a member of the royal family.

“There’s no need for such formalities in private, Teacher.”

Princess Arin greeted her using the title of teacher.

“I apologize for the rudeness of bringing you to such an unworthy place.”

“It’s thoughtful of you, considering I prefer to avoid crowded places, Your Highness. Please don’t worry about it.”

It wasn’t a request from the royal family, but a personal one from the princess herself. That, and the fact that she, someone who hadn’t been treated with the proper respect due to her within the palace, could command a unit of knights—these circumstances certainly warranted Silica’s attention.

“Please forgive the unnecessary delay. Let’s not waste more time.”

With great sincerity, Princess Arin skipped formalities and went straight to the point, offering Silica an unmarked, black book.

]Dio Hapencus];, read the name written on the back of the book. Silica was taken aback momentarily but didn’t reveal her surprise; instead, she looked at Arin and asked,

“What is this book?”

“It’s ‘The Teachings of the Mist,’ recently distributed to various monasteries across the empire.”

Silica frowned, not in feigned confusion but real. Although she knew as the Lord of Mist, it was a fact the royal family hadn’t made public. By disclosing this secret imperial project, Arin had placed Silica in an utterly bewildering situation.

“What do you mean by that, Your Highness?”

Instead of answering the question, Princess Arin handed her another document.

“This is an official document from the royal family that will be sent to each city and noble family of the empire. I wish for you to be the first to take a look.”

Silica scrutinized the content with a mix of doubt and curiosity. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Disbanding the Knights of Light? What exactly are you thinking, Your Highness?”

“What do you think is the purpose of the Knights of Light, Teacher?”

Caught off-guard by the pointed question, Silica struggled to respond.

“To maintain order centered around the light and carry on the peace of the continent. By the name of the God of Light, Lumen Del, the Knights of Light have suppressed and oppressed any opposing forces, just as they did with the creatures of the mist in the old days…”

Arin’s eyes hardened with resolve and indifference, a stark contrast to the naive princess from her academy days.

“However, recent events spurred me to question if the light is truly the sole mediator to guide us. Can it lead us after all?”

Hastily, Silica read through the rest of the document. It detailed how the spiritual leader of the Knights of Light, Saintess Nephrodite, had plotted to use the White Elves in Garam Kingdom.

“Is this true, revealed by the Saintess herself?”

“Yes, but she took her own life while returning to the palace, seeking forgiveness for her transgressions before the deity.”

Silica’s eyes trembled in shock.

“So, I concluded The Knights of Light are no longer capable of maintaining the order of light. Their role for the continent’s peace ends here.”

“So you mean to say, you want to establish another force to take on their role?” Silica clarified.

Arin did not deny her deduction. In the midst of a strained silence, a man approached them.

“It’s been a while, Instructor Silica.”


Silica’s face suddenly turned to stone at his appearance.

“The years haven’t changed you one bit despite the time that’s passed.”

The man greeted her with clear joy. Silica forced down any semblance of discomfort and covered it with a smile.

“Boris? Is that really you, Boris?”

“It’s a relief you still remember me; I was worried you might have forgotten.”

“How could I forget? I’m just taken aback. Never in my dreams did I think I’d meet you here.”

Her words carried a hint of genuine feeling. Boris then moved behind Princess Arin as if he had always belonged there, his actions were too natural.

“Boris will explain the reason for calling you here, Teacher.”

Having finished her part, Princess Arin stood up.

“Until we meet again, Teacher…”

And with that, she left with her knights, leaving only Silica and Boris in the house.

“Your acting is truly impressive, Silica. It’s commendable even after seven years.”

His sincerity was evident as Boris applauded her.

“It doesn’t seem like a particularly nice place, so I wonder if there’s a reason why this was chosen?”

The blue blade at Silica’s sleeve was already pointing towards Boris.

(To be continued)


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