The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 193


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 193: Averted (2)

In life, do you know what one must always possess?

It’s a place to return to.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do,

When all tasks are completed, there should always be a space to comfortably rest.

Only with such a place can one truly say they are living life.

Be it a short month or more than half a year.

Regardless of having free time or not, once my work is over, I make haste to return and check on the state of my quinces.

It’s always been this way before, and it will likely continue in the future.

As long as I am alive and my eyes are open to this world, I imagine this routine will persist.

The red sunset bleeding into the western horizon,

Alongside Nana, we sat on a hill overlooking the village, watching the utterly ordinary flow of nature.

“Papa. I actually ate someone earlier.”

“Is that so?”

Having seen the signs on the way here, I wasn’t particularly surprised.

“Yeah. They kept coming to our house for days and smelling bad, so I just ate them secretly without Emily knowing.”

“Well done.”

Without any extraordinary reaction, I gently stroked her head.

Pleased with the touch, she naturally leaned her head on my shoulder.

She’s grown quite a bit.

If she went out to the streets as she is, she would look about the same age as me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with growing up quickly.

Lucky, as long as she doesn’t age prematurely.

“Did you see… earlier?”

“What? The letter?”

“You saw it then…”

Seemingly embarrassed, Nana smiled awkwardly.

“It was the last letter that Arin wrote to me, right? I don’t know why but I think of it from time to time. I wonder what Arin is doing right now…”

It’s not strange.

Whether human or dragon, it is a natural tendency to miss someone who was kind.

The better the memories of being with that being, the more one would inevitably remember.

“Someday, when I grow enough to live alone without Brian or Papa’s protection, then can I go to see Arin on my own?”

“Of course. You can go anywhere you want.”

I meant it sincerely and not as a mere platitude.

The issue is whether Arin and even I will still be fully alive when that time comes.

-Clop, clop, clop

Just as I thought of taking a little rest, it inevitably felt like some matter arose.

About fifty paces behind us.

Someone familiar was approaching to deliver something unwelcome.

After a moment, a man in a black mask appeared and bowed his head as soon as he saw me.

He’s a member of Mist.

Without a word, he handed me some black-paper documents.

“The leader ordered me to give these to you.”

There seemed to be at least ten pieces; from the looks of it, it was not a directive.

So it probably meant that I should read the contents and decide what to do next, on my own.

I started reading the documents impassively.

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