The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 190


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 190: Inevitable Consequence Stacked with Coincidence (2)

Why do we call an old era the “bygone era”?

The answer is simple.

It’s because it is a time unbeknownst to those living in the present. Without record of what happened, where things were located, or who did what.

Unless there is evidence to back it up, those living in the now couldn’t possibly know anything.

Who would have known that such a massive underground relic exists near the outskirts of Ghaul?

It was unbelievably pristine, despite being buried underground for hundreds of years.

Although its purpose remains unknown,

inspired by the civilization of the bygone era, each member of the academy was left speechless with amazement.

Except for one,



Since stepping into the relic, her gaze didn’t stray from straight ahead.

She had realized that something unusual was happening, not far from where she was looking.

A faint whiff of blood was clear evidence.


Quietly moving forward, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Then, with her head slightly tilted forward, she began to sniff around abruptly.

Had she picked up on a familiar scent?

Suddenly, without waiting for anyone to stop her, she rushed off.

No one could stop her in the hasty situation.

“Lady Lunev! It’s dangerous to go alone!”

Despite the scholars’ attempts to deter her, she ignored them.

With eyes filled with certainty as if she found something she longed for, she dashed down the path.

Arriving in front of a large door,


She slammed open a slightly ajar door, and a large plaza bathed in light appeared.


To the unknown elves standing idly to one side of the plaza,

to the white-haired saintess laid beneath the altar,

and to the cruelly sprawled body atop the altar,

Lunev did not spare even the slightest glance.

Her wildly darting eyes were fixated on one thing alone.

The man in the black hood, looking back at her with a skew angle.

“Ha, ha…….”

She hadn’t run a great distance.

At most, it might have been 50 meters.

But for some reason, she found herself out of breath and her respiration quickened.

It wasn’t a mere physical reaction due to exhaustion.

Vague memories imprinted on her body and heart resurfaced, triggering her current response.

Even if it wasn’t a bodily reaction,

the scent was significant enough to stimulate her nostrils sharply.

A scent raw as if made into perfume from human blood—emanating unmistakably from the man before her.


Following her, Schultz also ran hastily after her and discovered the man, his mouth agape.

It’s said that when surprised beyond words, people become stunned with shock;

mind goes blank and body hairs bristle, unsure of what to do.


To Schultz, who was caught in such a bewildered state, Lunev abruptly asked.

“Wh-what should I say?”

“The black-haired demon you saw in Vito… Is that man him?”

Her question was direct, leaving no room to evade.

Schultz responded without hesitation.

“If my eyes and memory aren’t betraying me, it is undoubtedly him!”

Appearance, the aura felt—all matched.

The man before them was definitely the same one seen at the Vito mines.

Was that the answer she was waiting for?


A strange smile soon formed on Lunev’s lips.

Schultz, recently met, as well as the scholars who spent a long time with her.

They all had the same thought in mind.

Lunev was out of her senses.

And it was true.

She wasn’t herself at the moment.

If she had been in her regular state of mind,

she would’ve immediately created a high-intensity restriction barrier upon entering, preventing anyone from leaving.

But she did none of that.

She made no magical maneuver,

simply moving towards the man before her.

To the observers, this scene appeared profound, yet pitiable.

Just as they were about to close the gap between them,

the black-haired man suddenly kicked off his spot and approached Lunev quickly.

Surprised, Lunev involuntarily widened her eyes,


But nothing happened.

The man passed her by in silence, and only her azure hair was left pitifully fluttering in the wind that followed.


Perhaps feeling exasperated,

Lunev let out a short chuckle.

“Can’t even say hello. Would it kill you?” she murmured in a voice that was strangely a mix of laughter and tears.

“So typical of you… Senior.”

Towards someone who had simply passed her by.

* * *

Continues in the next chapter.


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