The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 188


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 188: The Key (4)

Meanwhile, for Lunev, the emotion of ‘hwah,’ meaning ‘anger,’ did not exist until just seven years ago. Anger is an emotion that typically arises when something or someone that one cherishes is harmed. But in a person like her, who had not even loved herself, let alone anyone else, it was utterly unlikely for such an emotion to emerge. Even with seven years passing, not much had changed. She remained indifferent to the affairs of others, paying attention only to what interested her. The only exception, the sole target of her wrath, was the Knights of Light. The reason was simple: they called the man she held dear, and loved beyond all others, a villain of the vilest kind. How could she not feel enraged hearing attacks heaped upon him by ignorant fools spreading baseless rumors and insults?

‘Exterminate the vile existence of the fog’? Such words weren’t even worthy of a bad joke. To Lunev, the Knights of Light were the only group that could disturb her composure; insects less than bugs that should be completely erased from the world.

Near the capital of the Garam Kingdom, the Garam Magic Society and the Knights of Light found themselves at an impasse, with an unidentified group of white elves caught between them.

– Swoosh –

The knights sheathed their swords and shifted their stances in unison. Deeming it impossible to proceed with their original plans, they beat a hasty retreat. It was the best course of action they could take.

“Why so silent? Exercising your right to remain silent without reason will only fuel my anger, you know? Do you not realize that bowing your heads won’t simply make this go away?”

Faced with her uncharacteristically assertive demeanor, most members of the academy nervously swallowed their saliva, recognizing that she was truly incensed. Even the elves, caught up in the situation, couldn’t hide their surprise as they looked at her.

“Ro, Roel sir, who is that woman?”

“I can’t say for certain, but it’s clear that she’s someone capable of putting an end to this situation…”

Even Roel, possessing enough magical insight to perform grand spatial transfers, could not help but express his admiration. From the outside, she seemed like a young woman who might have just about reached her twenties. Yet the magical power emanating from her youthful form was undeniably extraordinary, befitting the realm of a great sage.

One of the knights from the group then stepped forward.

“I am Justin Brielle, a mid-ranking knight of the Knights of Light. As a knight from a foreign land who has caused a commotion in this kingdom’s territory, I offer my apologies first.”

Speaking on behalf of the knights, he bowed deeply in repentance.

“Regarding this matter, we, the Knights of Light, will formally apologize and pay reparations later. So for now, please…”

– Whoosh –

Before Justin could finish speaking, intense pillars of fire erupted all around the knights. Most didn’t even realize that magic was at play, as they were too shocked, their pupils dilating widely.

“Do you not understand what I’m saying? Do you really think this is a situation that can be shrugged off with something like compensation? Even if I broke down every aspect of the current predicament, it would be insufficient, and yet here you are, attempting to negotiate with me. Are you actually seeking death?”

Lunev gently lifted one hand, summoning greater arcane might than before.

“Please don’t think you can leave this country unscathed with both hands and feet intact. Others might be subject to my mercy, but your kind, I simply cannot view with any warmth…”

Her eyes were filled with an intolerable fury, as if she were facing an unforgivable enemy, her killing intent chillingly palpable.


As if they had reached a mutual understanding with a glance, the knights once again –

– Swoosh –

Drew their swords. The academy members realized the knights had chosen resistance over submission. Preparing to face this defiance, they were on high alert when suddenly –

– Ssssk –

The knights held their swords in reverse, as if about to perform an act of honor, and proclaimed, “All of this is for the sake of Lord Lumen Del!” They then recited a prayer to their god, slit their own throats, and committed suicide. But it was not just a simple throat-cutting – as they fell, their mouths emitted white flames, incinerating their bodies without leaving a trace.


The entire scene unfolded in the blink of an eye. The academy members, the elves, and even Lunev could not conceal their amazement at the startling turn of events.

“Are, are you alright, Lady Lunev?”

Worried, Schultz approached her.

“I made a mistake. I got excited the moment I realized they were from the Knights of Light.”

She bit her lips in frustration over her lapse.

But her regret was short-lived. Lunev quickly gave her next instructions to the academy members.

“Recover the bodies and conduct a thorough search to see if any traces remain, however small they might be.”

“Yes, Lady Lunev!”

The academy members immediately carried out their orders. Lunev’s gaze then fell to the white elves still at the scene.

“I’m sorry you had to experience such an unpleasant thing, having come all this way to foreign lands when good memories would have been enough.”

The academy members, still uneasy, looked at her with anxious eyes.

“Please recount in full what happened here. Looking into others’ minds is not exactly my hobby.”

Her request was ambiguous, part persuasion, part threat. As always, she eyed them with her characteristic disinterested look.

* * *

I step into a space so dazzling it nearly makes my eyes squint. It’s not a completely foreign place to me. In my previous life, it was one of the many places I’ve rummaged through in search of the Holy Sword to no avail.

Right away, I walked through the open door to the inside. Four people were immediately visible: a knight presumed to be from the Knights of Light, a sturdy white elf, Hastia looking at me with eyes as fearful as a startled rabbit, and…

[So it’s one of Lumen Del’s lackeys.]

The Empire’s Saint Nephrodite Iris. She’s a woman I definitely can’t welcome with a smile.


It seemed Hastia wanted to act delighted, but hesitated, aware of the circumstances. The reunion was not a moment for joyful handwaves.

Instead –

– Clang!

I was greeted first from another direction. A sharp longsword emitting a white glow stirred up a storm as it thrust towards me. The expression of the sword’s master was one of a peculiar smile as he asked, “Are you going to answer if I ask what you are?”

Even amid an unfamiliar situation, the man didn’t falter but instead teased me with his provoking question. Whether judged by his posture holding the sword or the magic radiating from him, he was no newbie.

Of course, I had no intention of answering. I stayed silent.

“So you want me to take that as a no?”

He nodded as if he had expected as much, which only annoyed me further.

“Then, I shall introduce myself. I am Mihan Haselrus, a senior knight of the Knights of Light, serving closely by the Saint. You see, not many have managed to easily block my assault like you just did. From the way you handle your dagger to your movements… You’re an assassin, aren’t you?”

It seems his sharp eyes aren’t just for show. I respond with a slight lift at the corner of my mouth.

“An assassin not simply any assassin. Though it may be a baseless speculation, my long-standing knightly senses are telling me you’re one of the followers of the Black Fog, a member of Mist…”


“You’re not going to nod in confirmation? You really are unyielding.”

It was not the first time I’d heard such comments. The people who said that usually don’t remain alive enough to repeat it.

“A silent admission will do. As a knight of the light, I cannot forgo judging you.”

The knight’s smile never left his lips, though I couldn’t fathom why.

“If you were thinking of testing me and holding back, that would be unwise. I’d like to see you fight with all your might. Of course, I, too, am fully prepared to engage in battle.”

Even though I never turn down a fight, this time it seemed unnecessary. Right in front of me, there appeared to be a warrior who desired this duel with the knight more than I.

– Boom!

The ground caved in as if hit by a falling rock. Two eyes blazed within the swirling snowstorm, a true fusion of fire and ice.

“Your wish to fight will be granted!”

The sight was unbelievable, considering Hastia had just been bleeding on the ground moments ago. The knight named Mihan quickly dodged the elf’s attack, and it seemed they had been embroiled in battle even before I arrived. There was no need for me to interfere.

My gaze naturally shifted towards the altar, but Hastia approached me first without giving me a chance to move.

“It’s been nearly 60 years since a follower of the fog faced anyone directly…”

Her face remarkably youthful for someone who claimed to have lived 60 years—assuming she wasn’t human.

“I suppose I don’t need to introduce myself. You already seem to know who I am, where this is, and what you’re here for.”

I looked at her impassively, neither confirming nor denying anything.

“But I don’t understand why you came here. Did your organization send you on a mission to prevent the ceremony?”


“Such a pity you remain silent. I was looking forward to hearing your voice, to see if it matched your prominent appearance.”

The Saint gently caressed her face, then suddenly, light emerged from the caressed area. After about five seconds, which hinted at some dramatic transformation, she removed her hand to reveal her face unchanged—except for elongated ears now protruding on both sides.

“Consider it an honor. It’s not every day I reveal my true form to a human.”

With a deeper twinkle in her eye, she softly lifted her hand and recited an incantation.

“Confess your sins and seek forgiveness from the divine…”

* * *

‘That magic…?’

Hastia knew full well what the spell being chanted by the woman—or rather, the elf—meant. The Confession (High Sanctus). It was a magic that converted light attribute magic into divine power, forcing the target into mental submission. It was not a spell that could be simply used by someone with a high magical rank. Only those with an attribute value over 50% could barely mimic it. It was one of the highest forms of light attribute magic.

Unlike Mental Breakdown, which merely shocks the victim, The Confession could lead to the loss of one’s very personhood if they were swayed by its absolute power. It was an extremely dangerous spell, and there were likely only a handful of beings on earth capable of casting it perfectly, Hastia had heard.

‘Is this… is this really happening?’

The elf in front of her was casting the spell with such tranquility. Hastia couldn’t help but be shocked, gaping in disbelief, a stark contrast to the unmoving Sian who seemed completely unaffected.

– Rumble!

And not long after, a titanic entity with the shape of an angel emerged from thin air. It turned to look at Sian below the altar, extended a hand, and bathed him in light, as if issuing a divine command.

Sian made no move to resist, and simply stood there, allowing the light to wash over him.

‘Sian is in danger!’

If this continued, Sian’s very personality might vanish. Not wanting this outcome, Hastia needed to find a way to intervene. But there was no way for her to handle the immense magic that seemed to draw even on divine power.

In desperation, Hastia closed her eyes and focused her mind.

‘Sian! Sian, wake up!’

She was attempting to rouse Sian’s mind through the only means of communication they shared: mental resonance.


However, there was no reply, not even the sound of breathing.

‘Wake up, Sian! If you sleep here, you’ll catch a cold! One should rest in comfortable places!’

She began to spout any and every thought that came to mind, a frantic babble initiated in the hope of awakening him.

And then, unexpectedly:



‘My head hurts.’

Sian suddenly looked up, his expression indifferent as ever.

– Swoosh!

In a flash faster than light, he drew his sword and charged towards the altar.

(To be continued)


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