The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 185


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 185: The Key (1)

Ten years ago, somewhere in Fruina on a day when more snow had fallen than usual, Hastia hummed a little tune as she wandered down the path. Suddenly, Garnian rushed up to her, out of breath.

“Lady Hastia! What is this?”

“What’s the matter, Garnian?”

Hastia asked, tilting her head innocently with her angelic eyes wide.

Garnian, with his unsophisticated face that didn’t seem to fit his large build, quickly knelt down on the ground in confusion. His gaze was fixed on Hastia’s beautiful left leg. From a small scrape on her knee, red blood glistened like dew.

“Ah! I must’ve gotten this while playing with friends. It didn’t hurt much, so I left it alone…”

“I shall heal it at once!”

Garnian promptly cast a spell to heal her wound.

“Wow, it’s healed in an instant? Thank you, Garnian!”

Hastia’s beaming smile was like looking at soft down feathers.

Garnian breathed a sigh of relief, but his expression soon hardened again.

“How many times must I tell you? It’s fine to play, but please be more careful! Lady Hastia, you are our—”

“I know, I know! The very precious existence to us White Elves! I’ve heard it so much that my ears could fall off!”

Hastia waved her arms as if to brush away any more nagging—an adorable gesture, like a fledgling flapping its wings. Yet no matter how cute, Garnian’s expression did not soften.

“Don’t look so worried, Garnian! I’m fine, okay? Is it because of the ritual in a few days? What’s wrong with not speaking? We can communicate through mental resonance anyway!”

Hastia chided Garnian, her face stretched in dismay at his worried look.

Garnian, unabashed and bold, knelt down on one knee and swore solemnly to her.

“If there are any hardships, please tell me! I, Garnian, will always be by your side, Lady Hastia! I will protect you from any danger!”

Despite his steadfast yet rigid demeanor, Hastia shook her head. What was she that everyone made such a fuss over her? Nothing much would change about her existence after the ritual, yet everyone seemed to be making unnecessary sacrifices, and it made her very uncomfortable.

Still, there were definite advantages to her position. Just looking at Garnian’s earnest face proved that. Being surrounded by those whom you could genuinely rely on and trust was indeed a joyful thing. If such relationships could remain unchanged and endure, then there was no greater blessing in life, she thought.

But after all that—

After all the vows he took to always stay by her side—

Why had Garnian led them to such a circumstance?

“Lady Hastia!”

Startled by Roel’s sudden call, Hastia turned her head with a jolt.

“I know you are confused! But you must focus on the present situation!”

“Yes, I’m sorry…”

Hastia nodded vigorously and refocused on their escape. They had managed to flee Ghaul, but a long and arduous journey still lay ahead.

“We must avoid contact with others as much as possible! As you know, we are not as combat proficient as Garnian, so I will prepare spatial transference magic to ensure your escape if necessary!”

“But what about you…?”

“Don’t worry about us. If you truly care for our well-being, just concentrate on safely returning to Fruina!”

The two clan members following Roel nodded in agreement with his words. However, this was unacceptable to Hastia. The current crisis was born from her ignorance and carelessness—how could she alone survive and return home?

But the situation did not allow for such noble sentiments.


Suddenly, a giant wall sprung up from the ground, blocking their pathway.

Hastia’s face reflected on the transparent ice was filled with a longing to deny the reality before her. Ice Wall—a magic associated with the Ice attribute. The cold and forbidding wall was suffused with a very familiar presence.

“What exactly is the reason?”

Roel, the first to turn around, asked with a deep anger in his voice.

“Why are you doing this, Garnian!”

Following Roel’s gaze, Hastia turned to see the White Elf clansmen and Garnian standing at the center, exuding a strong aura that heavily pressed on the surrounding air.


She called out to him desperately, but the only response was a grim silence. Like a summoned creature obeying orders, Garnian stepped forward with a heavy gait.

Then, Alphonse, who had been quietly gathering mana, chanted a spell, creating a blue magical circle.

“The frosty wrath shall pierce your heart!”

The magic circle, resonating with a chill, produced a glittering ice spear.


The spear flew at tremendous speed, its point aimed straight at Garnian’s heart.


A striking sound echoed, filling the brief silence. From the perspective of Hastia and her group, Alphonse’s ice spear had pierced straight into Garnian’s heart. However, the true sight before them was Garnian’s right hand grasping the shaft of the spear.


Alphonse’s face twisted in an instant, his assumption that the attack had succeeded rendering him contemptible. His determined blow, almost at full strength, had been effortlessly thwarted by a single hand.

Garnian glanced at the spear, then tossed it aside as if to show off his strength.

“I shall say nothing more…”

The stalwart elf who stood firm as a rock finally broke his silence.

“There’s no need for forgiveness, nor understanding. I will readily accept your hatred and resentment.”

“What is the reason? Surely, there must be one that justifies you doing this shameful act, Garnian!”

Alphonse shouted, overwhelmed with emotion. Garnian continued with the same unchanging gaze.

“It is for a long-held wish.”

“A wish?”

“It’s part of our clan’s long-held wish that started far back and whose end we do not see. You will soon understand.”

‘A long-held wish?’

Hastia could not comprehend.

A wish grave enough for our White Elf clan to hold onto?

Despite her persistent distrustful gaze,


Garnian refused to meet Hastia’s eyes.

“Lady Hastia!”

Roel whispered gently beside her, who had lost her bearings momentarily.

“We may be fortunate under unfortunate circumstances. It seems Garnian has no intention to harm us.”

Roel quietly started gathering mana behind his back.

“Though I am not sure of their objectives, and it hardly concerns us much, as mentioned before, I will use the spatial transference magic to ensure your escape, Lady Hastia, so please—escape safely!”

“It’s impossible, Roel! How can I just leave everyone behind…!”

She strongly objected, but Roel’s hand was already ready to cast high-level magic.

“May this crisis be overcome by defying the order of space!”

With the incantation, a small magic circle formed beneath Hastia, and its light gently enveloped her body.


Garnian, belatedly sensing the movement of mana, leaped forward, but Hastia’s body had already begun to fade into the light.

Just as she was about to be whisk away in solitary flight,


Suddenly, from above, a large longsword appeared with a magical circle and plummeted to the ground.

It aimed squarely for the top of Hastia’s head, without a second to spare.

“Look out, Lady Hastia!”

In such precious moments, there was no chance to dodge. All she could do was bow her head deeply and close her eyes tightly.


Precisely after 5 seconds, Hastia slowly opened her eyes, which she had shut, realizing she was unharmed.


As she found herself alone on a breezy field, and her tension fell away,


she helplessly collapsed to her knees.

Realizing the situation was still critical, she quickly raised her head. The energy of her clansmen could still be clearly felt from not too far away.

‘What should I do?’

Though she could not bear to leave her clansmen behind, returning wouldn’t change the outcome. Hastia anxiously pondered, but no firm decision came to mind.

“You don’t need to struggle in thought.”

She turned her head at the sound of an unfamiliar presence rousing her flustered mind.

“There’s no need to despair in a reality where you can do nothing.”

A woman with white long hair akin to Hastia’s smiled enigmatically at her. Feeling an inexplicable sense of intimidation, Hastia instinctively stepped back.

‘Whi-White Elf?’

Though the woman appeared human, Hastia instantly knew she belonged to the same White Elf clan.

“There’s no need for wariness or questions. Your meeting here with me was predestined from a very distant past…”

To Hastia, these words made little sense. They seemed to imply surrendering to a careless fate. As her mind clouded with tumult, the mysterious woman gently stepped forward and caressed Hastia’s frozen cheek, whispering softly.

“The time has come to liberate yourself from a long-standing wish of 300 years. Lay it all down and close your eyes peacefully. When you open them, everything will have ended.”

Succumbing to the sweet voice that tenderly permeated her senses, Hastia felt her eyelids grow heavy, her consciousness dipping into an abyss of deep slumber.

“Sleep well, Hastia…”

And Hastia slipped away helplessly.

(To be continued)


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