The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 184


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 184: One Protected by Gods (5)

Soul Stone.

Where had I heard of that before?

Yes, I remember now. It was an item I heard about in my previous life when I visited Fruina.

Wasn’t it what every White Elf was born with? A second soul bestowed upon them from birth?

Not an artificially made artifact like an Ignition Stone or a Daze Stone, nor a mana-filled gem like a Magical Crystal.

Just an ordinary white stone found anywhere in Fruina.

Sometimes, though, it’s not the stone’s apparent power that matters, but the meaning it holds.

To the residents there, this Soul Stone was indeed a significant item.

A stone that literally held a soul.

After being born with the first soul, as the body grew, so did this second soul, or so it was said.

It also acted as a guardian stone, protecting the owner from harm.

If one were to transfer their Soul Stone to another, it meant a deep trust and reliance, perhaps even carrying the implication of partnership…

Wait a minute,

looking at this elf, could it actually be crazy?

‘Oh, don’t misunderstand! I only meant it as a token of my heart! There’s no other meaning! It’s just in gratitude for saving me…’.

And for that gratitude, you presented something as precious as your own soul?

Lady Elf, do you think I’m ignorant enough not to understand the weight of such a gift?

Anyone looking in might think I’m some sort of demon trading lives for souls.

Look at that. The stares of the other elves, not just surprised but now glaring at me as if they intend to kill.

I should count my blessings that they’re not holding swords.

“You bastard! What kind of trickery did you use to bewitch our Lady Hastia?”

Trickery, indeed.

Seems like I’m the one who has been bewitched, not knowing at whom this threat is really aimed.

“Stop it, Alphonse!”

In place of the agitated one, a middle-aged elf who seemed to be trying to smooth things over intervened.

“My apologies for the late introduction. On behalf of the White Elves, I offer thanks for saving Lady Hastia and bringing her here.”

He bowed at a right angle just like a human to express his gratitude.

“While our circumstances prevent us from revealing much, Lady Hastia is a person of great importance to our White Elf kin. I don’t know what reason or purpose had you aid her, but since Lady Hastia trusted and relied upon you, I will not pry further.”

Determination flashed across his face as he lifted his head.

“However, from here on, we ask that you no longer involve yourself. Just as you have your own endeavors, this matter is strictly our own.”

It was all I could do to suppress a snort of disbelief.

Not some grand secret order and just four of them; what could they possibly hope to accomplish?

I assure you,

if they left in the condition they were in, they wouldn’t get far from the Garam Kingdom, let alone escape the vicinity.

My gaze naturally turned to Hastia.

‘I’m sorry for the confusion. But Roel is right. This is our matter, and we can no longer involve someone like you, Lord Sian.’

She bowed politely, hands neatly folded before her.

‘It was truly a pleasure being with you, Lord Sian. I don’t know when we’ll meet again, but I’ll pray every day that you too will be accompanied by divine protection.’

With those final words, she turned away without a trace of regret.

Her kin followed in a line, and I simply stood there, watching them disappear into the distance.

[What’s the matter? Are you not following?]

Ceyram seemed surprised at my stillness.

Instead of answering, I pulled out the white Soul Stone she had left behind and gazed at it.

Humans or elves, it’s hard to understand either at times like these.

Having saved a life, they treat me as some lifetime savior, trusting me implicitly.

I tried to be brazen, but even then, I couldn’t fathom the foolishness.

A memory not so distant surfaced, prompting a furrow in my brow.

You’ll pray for divine blessings?

Perhaps she genuinely believed she had been protected by the gods, but I’m not so fortunate.

Drawing the demonic sword I held in my right hand, I looked at my reflection in its blade.

For the past seven years, I’ve lived that way,

and I expect I will continue in kind.

A visage of myself that, even if offered the grandest truths, is indeed unchangeable.

After a moment of contemplation, I gently lowered the sword.

Then, I walked away, opposite the direction Hastia and her band had taken.

Continuing in the wide-open fields,

A gentle breeze passed in front of the procession of carriages returning Lunev to Ghaul, the main town of the Garam Magic Society.

She pressed her face to the window, eyes closed, basking in nature’s caress.


Before her, with hands and feet neatly arranged, was Schultz, unmistakably uncomfortable, sweat streaming down his brow.

“Don’t look like a puppy desperate for the toilet. Just ask whatever it is you want to know.”


“You have a question for me, don’t you?”

Hit right on the mark, Schultz only managed to drop his jaw dumbfounded.

“May I… ask?”

“The pursuit of knowledge is a principle to uphold in life. Always remember that. It’s a truth to adhere to as long as you live.”

I found myself speaking as if I had lived twice as long, despite only being the same age.

Schultz couldn’t muster a counter despite the absurdity but followed her words and pursued his curiosity.

“I’ve been pondering on the way here, but still, I cannot fathom it. Lady Lunev, for what reason have you…”

“Taken in Sion?” she interjected.


Her eyes told me she’d known long before.

After composing himself with an awkward cough, Schultz spoke calmly.

“My real name isn’t Sion, but Schultz. My parents are unknown to me, and since childhood, I’ve moved from city to city, living off menial work. You could say I’ve lived just to survive.”

Schultz disclosed his background candidly, considering he had nothing to hide.

“I’ve thought my life unjust at times, but never complained. My beginning may have been hard, but I endured and managed to get this far.”

Lunev silently listened, unwavering.

“I felt fine living independently, but the world is vast, and I realized in the mines that day, I’m just like a mayfly spinning aimlessly, an uncertain life that could end at any moment.”

Touching the shoulder where he had sustained an injury that day, a memory seemed to resurface.

“I may be presumptuous, but I believe you, Lady Lunev, have seen and endured much in what must have been a formidable life. I imagine you’ve seen others with far greater potential than I possess. Still, I remain puzzled… why, a person of no significant origin, a mere mercenary like myself, would you take me in like this?”

“Nothing special,” she replied without a moment’s delay.

“Because Sion—or should I say, Schultz—you possess potential that is very much needed by me.”

“My potential?” Schultz asked, still not grasping her meaning.

“What potential could someone like me have, unseen and unwanted, with skills limited to the darkness attribute?”

“By the way, the dark-haired demon you met had the same attribute.”


“Wasn’t it 91% or such? It might be even higher by now.”

Dumbfounded, Schultz blinked, not sure he heard right.


Is that even a conceivable figure for a human?

People claim to be chosen by the gods for an attribute half that amount; 91% would rather suggest the descent of a celestial being.

Whether it was the number or the ease with which she spoke, something baffled him about this woman.

No matter how much he found out, she remained profoundly ungraspable.

And another question formed.

What was her relationship with the dark-haired demon?

Her telling of the story carried an affection that transcended mere acquaintance, as if she sought a long-lost lover.

“You speak of that dark-haired demon as if…”


“Lady Lunev, what does that person mean to you?”

Like someone enchanted, Schultz naturally broached the subject.

“Nothing significant,” she replied, still without offense, and with a faint smile.

“He is someone I liked and still like, and will continue to like.”

An emotion that had remained consistent over seven years.

An unwavering affection that wouldn’t change over seventy, or even seven hundred years.

“At the same time, he’s someone I must find… and now…”

Schultz thought for an instant.

The Lunev before him was more earnest than ever.

The sincerity conveyed in her detached gaze was tangible, without doubt or denial.

“He is someone I have to save now.”

The trace of a smile on her lips faded, and although her eyes reddened with strong emotion,


As if knowing the time wasn’t right, Lunev softly closed her eyes and wiped away the trace.

When she reopened them, her face was devoid of sentiment, returned to its indifferent state.

The carriage had crested a hill and before it stretched the dramatic view of Ghaul, glowing with the multi-colored lights of magical stones atop its spires.

In another space, a chill in the air, a man sits alone as though in spiritual meditation.

Suddenly, someone approached in haste.

“Lord Garnian! We’ve located Lady Hastia’s position!”


“The remaining kin that had previously escaped have now regrouped and just left Ghaul! What shall we do?”

Despite the urgent report, Garnian showed no signs of reaction.

He simply rose from his place, took a deep breath, and said with a resonant voice full of internal strength,

“We must ensure she is returned unharmed and safe.”

Having received the order, the elf immediately left without additional questions.

Garnian, too, was about to move towards Hastia when a noble voice echoed within him.



Pausing in place, Garnian widened his eyes, attuning to the voice.

‘I won’t keep you long. I trust that you will handle this matter without issue.’

Either encouragement that he was capable or a warning against failure—both notions intertwined in that single statement, after which Nephrodite’s voice faded.

‘I will follow Nephrodite’s words.’

With a vow of absolute success, Garnian stepped forward, resolute determination in his eyes, with a level of magical power behind him too vast to fathom.

(To be continued)


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