The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 183


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 183: The One Protected by the Gods (4)

This is not a self-defense tool I simply carry to protect myself in this unfamiliar land.

Behold the thick, green liquid dripping from the tip of this sword.

It’s poison—a very potent one.

This elf approached me with the sole intention of taking my life.


Attempting to resist, it swung its other fist toward my face.

I easily dodged by turning my head and then burrowed into the space under its raised arm, pressing forcefully into the lower part of the wing joint.


Before it could scream, I grasped its mouth, completely silencing any sound.

Why else would it be called a vital point?

Even a minor force could inflict immense pain, making it a prime target.

Besides, even if it’s an elf’s body, it’s not much different from a human’s.

The pain, if anything, would be amplified, not lessened.

A mere 10 seconds.

I’d like to ask how it feels to experience such pain, a first in its life, but unfortunately, time did not permit.

I swiftly grabbed its collar without a moment’s rest.

“What are you? Why is someone like you by Lady Hastia’s side?”

It’s not your turn to ask questions, is it?

It seems the moment of enlightenment I provided was insufficient.

This time, to prevent any questions from arising, I raised my hand again to offer a second opportunity for realization.

“Wait, just wait! Don’t misunderstand! I only appeared because it seemed like you were going to harm Lady Hastia! That was my only intention!”

I always think this in such situations: If you’re going to make excuses, at least come up with something convincing.

This foolish elf, including the rest lurking around the corner, not daring to show themselves.

They have been consciously following us since the entrance of the city.

Likely, just like Hastia, they detected the same White Elf energy and followed.

A comrade thought lost ended up alive and at his destination?

If they were normal comrades who sincerely wished for her return, they would have appeared without hiding and asked what had happened.

But they didn’t.

Instead of a warm welcome, they harbored malicious intent, secretly following behind.

“Can you hear me? It’s me, Hastia! Is anyone around?”

The naive elf lord was mentally reaching out in all directions.

Anywhere else, and it would be uncertain, but this place is the capital of the Garam Kingdom, Ghaul, in front of the headquarters of the Garam Magic Society, where mages of seventh rank and above throng.

There are plenty of people other than me who could hear that mental cry.

If she keeps this up, she’ll be taken away by the mages of the academy before the White Elves get her.

Assessing the urgency of the situation, I turned my gaze forward again.

“No more warnings. From now on, you only answer my questions. No commentary is permitted.”

As I gently raised my other hand to his wing joint,

the elf nodded pitifully, willing to answer any question.

* * *

It was strange.

Surely, I could feel the presence of my clan members nearby, yet none appeared.

Wondering if my voice hadn’t reached them, I tried finely adjusting my mana, but nothing changed.

Hastia puffed out her cheeks in frustration.

Still determined not to give up, she closed her eyes to focus on mental resonance when suddenly,


Someone approached without a sound and grabbed her arm.

Startled, Hastia turned her head immediately.

“Si, Sir Sian?”

It was none other than Sian whom she had just parted ways with.


Without a word or explanation, Sian solemnly led a bewildered Hastia somewhere.

With wide eyes and unsure of the reason, her cheeks flushed red.

Just as she wondered where he was taking her in such an embarrassing state, their steps halted in the middle of the street.


With a perplexed expression, she looked ahead to see,

at the end of the street they were facing,

a group of men in hoods standing.

Recognizing the two of them coming from the opposite direction, they turned their gazes one by one.

“It’s my clan members!”

Hastia smiled with joy upon finding the ones she sought, but the clan members’ expressions weren’t as bright.

“I was worried I hadn’t been heard! Sir Sian brought me here…….”

Pausing her grateful gaze upon Sian,

Hastia’s face suddenly stiffened.

She noticed a sense of wary caution mixed in Sian’s eyes, who was still looking ahead impassively.


At that moment, Sian gripped Hastia’s hand even tighter.


Then, instead of continuing forward, he abruptly veered into a side alley.

“Si, Sir Sian, why? Did something happen with my clan members?”

Despite Hastia’s urgent question, Sian remained silent.

Instead, he appeared unsatisfied with their current pace and,



Suddenly lifted her lower body, he leapt up the wall, taking to the rooftops.

Caught off guard, Hastia turned red as an apple, unable to utter a word or resist.

As their unintended escape continued,

they landed back on the ground, and Sian snapped his fingers in front of Hastia’s face.

“Snap out of it.”

Startled, Hastia quickly shook her head.

Sian’s half-closed eyelids betrayed his disdain.

“How did you learn that your clan members were living on this land?”

Without a moment to breathe, Sian threw the question.

“Well… I didn’t always know, but I heard it from clan members who had been to the borderlands. They said they had settled there long ago……”

“Do you know where that settled place is?”

“Well, I heard it was the Ushif Empire.”

“And why arrange to meet in the Garam Kingdom?”

“Well, that, because, you see…….”

Hastia struggled to find her words.

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure myself. I was just told by the companions that accompanied me that they had arranged to meet a clan member here in Ghaul……”

Her voice faded to a near whisper.

“Was the clan member they were supposed to meet named Nephrodite?”

“How did you know?”

Sian bit his lip, as if he expected this all along.


During their intense conversation, another voice suddenly entered their minds.

The two immediately turned their gaze to its source.

“It can’t be! It’s really Hastia!”

Just like the White Elves they had met earlier, three White Elves, their heads covered by hoods, were rushing toward them.


Hastia’s face lit up with joy.

Upon their arrival, the elves prostrated themselves in front of her.

“We’re so relieved to find you safe! We were worried that something terrible had happened to you…….”

Some were so moved that tears flowed.

“We must leave this city quickly! Everything’s gone wrong! There’s no clan member here to help us!”

Confused, Hastia turned to her clan members with a look that demanded an explanation.

* * *

During my past life, there was only one time.

I had set foot in Fruina.

If I were to summarize my impression in a single line, I’d say it’s a land unsuitable for humans.

Aside from the cold weather and barren soil, the way the White Elves looked at humans left a strong impression.

In simple terms, they reviled humans like pests.

It’s different from how dragons disdain weaker species.

They simply detest associating with humans.

I was even told that humans should be eradicated from their land altogether – that says it all.

That’s why this naive elf is so peculiar.

In a foreign land, despite being kidnapped, she followed me, a completely suspicious human.

Any other White Elf wouldn’t even fathom doing such a thing.

So, the idea that these elves, having troubles, would come to ask humans for help?

Even so, they wouldn’t abandon their ancient customs to such a degree.

They’re a race that, even facing extinction, would attempt to resolve dangers on their own.

Much more straightforward than humans born with double standards.

In other words, what they’ve been trying to do is not the collective will of the White Elves.

It’s a highly personal and unacceptable deviation.

“From the beginning, it was all wrong! Clan members assimilated into human society? That never existed in the first place! It was all a plot devised by the Garnian faction!”

The middle-aged elf named Roel explained that after Hastia disappeared, a clan member named Garnian showed his true colors and ordered them to come to Ghaul obediently.

While following the order, they heard Hastia’s voice inside the city and followed her energy here. Hastia asked with a puzzled expression.

“But even if we were deceived, what was Garnian planning to do by bringing us to Engway?”

“That is a matter to be investigated later! For now, we must focus on escaping here and returning to Fruina!”

Hastia, unable to decide, clenched her fists in contemplation.

I don’t want to interrupt their serious situation, but they’re making two major mistakes.

There were never any clan members assimilated into human society?


There are.

And they’re in a very famous place, in a very influential position.

And what? A clan member named Garnian is the mastermind behind this?

I’m 99% certain, even though not 100%.

He’s not the mastermind.

He’s just a faithful executor of orders.

The real culprit is somewhere much higher up.

While I watched their uncomfortable conversation with mild interest, an elf approached me.

His dual candles were lit, and it didn’t seem like he came to say nice things.

“What are you? What’s your identity?”

Looks like they’ve aimed their protest at the wrong target.

“What were your hidden motives around Lady Hastia?”

Understanding their suspicion isn’t an issue for me, but don’t they realize this kind of indiscriminate doubt won’t help at all?

I thought it wasn’t worth replying, so I closed my mouth.

“Stop it, Alphonse! Sir Sian is the one who solely helped me!”

“Even more reason for suspicion! How could this human, exuding sheer malice so openly, aid Lady Hastia with pure intentions?”

Exuding sheer malice.

Well, that’s not entirely incorrect.

At least this eyesore of a female has correctly judged me better than the foolish young woman.

“Pointless slander is harmful! What’s certain is that Sir Sian here saved me! Without his aid, who knows what misfortune I might have faced by now!”

Despite her bold proclamation, their distrustful gazes on me persisted.

“Even though we haven’t spent much time together, and my naivety might have led to hasty judgments, I stand by what I’ll say here today!”

Then, with a determined expression, she came to my side, turning to the clan members and said,


She suddenly grabbed my hand and declared,

“I’ve given my Soul Stone to Sir Sian here!”

She uttered something incomprehensible.

What’s a Soul Stone?

Hold on. It’s not completely unfamiliar. I’m sure I’ve heard of it somewhere…

“You’ve gone mad, Lady Hastia?!”

Their reaction, outraged to the point of panic, was quite a spectacle.

(To be continued)


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