The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 182


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 182: The One Protected by the Gods (3)

For five hours already, from the city’s central streets to the residential areas and rice fields, there hadn’t been such a thorough patrol. Schultz had been quietly following along, but by this point, he was starting to feel uneasy.

Lunev Rainriver.

He had heard rumors about her, but he had not expected her to be so obsessively relentless. Searching the entire city for a clue that might not even exist seemed more hopeless than finding a needle in a sand beach.

The academy members following her appeared used to this sort of pursuit, showing silent, expressionless faces as they continued their commitment. Schultz, with his experience from long-distance mercenary missions, was managing to keep up, but feared this could easily turn into several sleepless nights.

‘Does she not get tired?’

Even as he wondered, he was impressed by her relentless progress through rugged mountain paths without a single drop of sweat. Her obsession bordered on madness.

What kind of entity must the ‘Black-haired Demon’ be that she is so determined to find it? Schultz still couldn’t understand it.

Five hours into the patrol, Lunev stopped her strides deep within a thick bush in the mountains. She looked around, then turned her gaze to the ground. Schultz’s anticipation rose, but his confusion only deepened as he witnessed a bizarre scene unfold. Suddenly, Lunev sat down hard and, like a dog, began sniffing the earthy ground with fervor. Despite seeing it twice, it was an image he couldn’t get used to.

The academy members, as if expecting this, didn’t try to stop her, some shaking their heads or simply holding their foreheads in resignation. Fed up, Schultz inquired.

“What exactly are you trying to smell?”

“If I must explain, it’s a peculiar scent akin to a perfume made of blood. Not quite a pleasant scent, really.”

At the mention of blood perfume, Schultz felt a chill. Soon after, Lunev stood up, turned to the academy members, and simply said, “Here.” As if they had been waiting for the signal, the members quickly formed a circular formation. As they infused the ground with their magic, a blue magic circle emanated from the point where Lunev was standing.

Startled, Schultz attempted to retreat hastily but was reassured by her.

“There’s no need to be alarmed.”


“Just stand there and feel it. When your own dark attribute power reaches its peak, you’ll see how it changes.”

Schultz was dumbfounded. Lunev sat back down, lightly touched the ground with her neatly folded hands, and as her magic activated, resonations began to stir from the earth. It was similar to when she cast the Replay spell in the previous mine. Yet not only her but Schultz began to feel a strange and familiar energy flowing through him as well.

‘Dark attribute power?’

He sensed a dark attribute magic similar yet distinctly different from his own.

“There was a carriage… and there were knights.”

Lunev, gently opening her eyes, began to speak softly. The surrounding crowd held their breath and listened.

“Did someone attack for something inside the carriage, or…” Suddenly, her gaze snapped elsewhere. Shortly thereafter, without a moment of hesitation, Lunev threw herself down the rugged pathway leading to a valley below. “Lunev!”

The shocked academy members and Schultz followed after her. They slid down the slope and arrived at a creek with clear water, where a small wooden carriage without wheels was resting.

Gently touching the carriage, Lunev’s lips formed a smile, a mix of joy and madness.

“I’ve finally found you, senior…”

* * *

Occasionally, he dreamt. Standing alone in a barren wasteland, surrounded by thousands of knights ready to charge and kill him on command. With a golden aura of protection and encouragement shining from the heavens for them, he held only a demonic sword in his right hand and none by his side. As the knights charged with thunderous cries, he killed them all, mercilessly, without a trace.

Soon, the golden aura would vanish replaced by dark mists enveloping him alone, standing under the sky. Usually, he’d wake from the dream about then, but once, a thought crossed his mind—he wondered what expression he would bear having killed everyone and left alone at the end.

He awoke under the sky, just before dawn, veiled by a deep blue curtain. Since he last closed his eyes, he had slept for about three hours—quite a long rest this time.


While he glanced around absentmindedly, he knit his brows slightly. Hastia, wrapped in his cloak, had somehow curled up right next to him. She was supposed to be by a tree on the opposite side before; when did she move?

Caught in an awkward moment, he watched her as Ceyram teased him.

[What’s this? Disappointed you couldn’t get a jump?]

Without bother to respond to that, he asked instead.

“What exactly is this so-called protection of the gods?”

[Sounds fancy, right? But you know how it is—those lofty beings won’t bother guarding against a few worthless humans.]

“And what are they protecting against?”


Ceyram pointed sharply at his forehead, leaving him speechless with ironic laughter.

[It’s their secrets, not mere humans, they protect against. Whatever god granted her protection is most likely not even bothered by her kidnapping by humans, nor would they care about any suffering she endures.]

His frown deepened with the explanation.

[The deity, whoever it may be, has enshrouded something inside this little one for protection. What bothers that god isn’t human interference, hence no activation. You, though, seem to be considered a threat capable of unraveling divine secrets.]

[Indeed. A being that could threaten their secret is what you’re repelled by.]

As Ceyram looked down at him with fascination, he pondered upon the secrets those high and mighty beings kept. He wasn’t a truth-seeking scholar, nor was he particularly interested in others’ lives, so digging into such private affairs wasn’t his wish.

However, he contemplated that whatever secret this unknown god hid within this frail elf would do her no good and likely bode ill for her future.

As Hastia peacefully slept, a wealthy smile graced her face, appearing unconcerned about the grim future.

* * *

In the capital Ghaul of the Garam Kingdom, the city was uniquely positioned towards the lower end of the continent, unlike most capitals placed centrally in territories. And Ghaul had a significant historical meaning—it was where humans first manifested magic to protect themselves. While the specifics were lost to time, making it more legend than history, it was crucial for the entire realm of human affairs.


Hastia couldn’t help but marvel at the spire situated in the city center, topped with a brilliantly glowing magical stone representing Garam’s kingdom, casting mana light in five brilliant colors.

[Humans sure have come far, deepening their use of mana like this!]

“You said some colleagues you came with are meeting at where?” he asked.

[‘That would be the main Academy of Magic, I presume!’]

“Academy of Magic main building?” Not exactly receiving news for him.

“And someone from there is part of your family?”

[‘Well, I’m not sure about that. I was only told to meet someone there after exchanging letters…’]

If a white elf had been part of Garam Magic Society staff, she probably wouldn’t have been clueless about it.

Anyway, it was a place he preferred not to approach.

Sensing his reluctance, Hastia took a step back from him.

[‘You’ve brought me this far and that’s enough! I can’t burden you any further, so I’ll go alone from here! Is that where I should head?’]

She pointed to the Academy of Magic building right behind the spire.

[‘I wish I could keep something to remember our meeting by, but I must return this to you.’]

She folded the cloak he lent her and handed it back.

“If you can’t even speak for yourself, how will you manage alone?”

[‘It’s okay! I just sensed my family’s presence nearby! Responsive spiritual affinity will surely make them hear me!’]

She was convinced they would respond to her.

[‘It’s a humble gift, but…’]

She pulled a white gem from her belongings and gave it to him.

[“Just think of it as a protection stone! Should you ever face danger, this stone will protect you!”]

Before he could raise the question of why she’d been kidnapped if she had such a useful item all along, he swallowed his words and maintained composure. After a respectful bow, she hurriedly took a few steps, waved back at him, and left.

[Will you truly let her go without any hesitation?]

“If I intended to leave her be, I wouldn’t have accompanied her past the city gates.”

He had done what he could; the rest was to keep watch from a distance to ensure her safety. Given the city’s general safety standards, he presumed no significant issues would arise, although…



Immediately after Hastia left, in an alley near the main road shrouded in shadows, he grabbed hold of another figure who was aiming a sinister dagger at him, slamming them against the wall.

Trouble, it seemed, hadn’t decided to entirely leave him be. As the figure writhed in pain, the pointy, white ears distinctive of an elf emerged.

(To be continued…)


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