The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 18


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Emperor’s Tour (5)

“Report the situation!”

Hearing the sound of fireworks, Duke Vert rushed out of the tent.

Guard Knight Yulken immediately ran over to start reporting.

“Monsters have appeared near the camp! We estimate their numbers to be at least the size of one unit!”

“Which monsters have appeared?”

“Mostly mid-to-lower class monsters including slimes, swamp toads, and moss golems, but from the demonic energy we’re sensing now, it seems likely…”

“Looks like some higher-class monsters have shown up as well.”

Following the Duke, Emperor Dione himself made an appearance.

The Emperor had already completed his full armament, including his sword.

“Monsters have an incredible sense of smell. It seems they’ve detected the appearance of a truly special feast.”

The Emperor’s face was slightly reddened, perhaps due to the influence of the alcohol.

“Do not overexert yourself, Your Majesty! We should evacuate outside the defense line immediately…!”

The Duke urged caution, but the Emperor paid him no heed.

Instead, he raised his hand high and cast a spell.

“May the brilliant light of guidance illuminate the darkness…”

A large sphere materialized over the Emperor’s palm.

The sphere soared into the sky and brightly lit up the area limited by the storm, making it easier for the knights to arm themselves.

“I’m still in good shape.”

A sense of leisure overflowed from the Emperor’s face.

-Thump! Thump!

A mysterious vibration was felt from beneath the ground, reminiscent of the footsteps of a giant creature.

“Although it was said in jest, isn’t it rare for monsters to come all the way to a human encampment?”

“It’s not just rare, it’s almost unheard of.”

Monster subjugation usually took place near the entrance of the Limia Valley or within its surrounding areas.

If they crossed the set boundary line, it was judged that they would impact human territories, and at that moment, a subjugation operation would commence.

The place where the Duke and the Emperor stood now was a rear camp near the defense line.

Though slightly distanced from the camp near the valley where monsters had emerged, it would be fair to say this was the first time monsters had directly infiltrated the human encampment.

“All troops, complete armaments and head to the camp immediately. Non-combatant forces should evacuate outside the defense line quickly!”

At the Duke’s command, the knights moved in unison.

There was no time to waste in reaching the camp, which might already be engaged in combat.

Above all, the Duke’s son was still there.

“Isn’t your son over there?”

Knowing this, the Emperor asked casually, but the Duke did not show it.

“One must be able to protect oneself. What we must focus on right now is not my son but the monsters, Your Majesty.”

Impressed by the Duke’s steadfast demeanor, the Emperor clicked his tongue.

“Truly a man of steel.”

Nevertheless, he also issued orders to the knights of the Imperial army.

“Hear me, Imperial Army! From this moment, join with the knights on the frontline and begin the operation to subjugate the monsters! Show no mercy and leave not a single monster alive!”

The Emperor, too, had finished preparations to lead the soldiers in monster subjugation.

“Right, I must see to the princess’s evacuation…”

“Your Imperial Majesty!”

A knight from the Imperial army hurried over with an urgent expression.

“What’s the matter?”

“I regret to report, Your Majesty, but the princess is currently at the camp!”

The Emperor’s and the Duke’s expressions changed dramatically.

“What do you mean? Why is the princess there?”

The princess should have been at the rear camp, and her sudden presence at the front was perplexing.

“Some 30 minutes ago, she left with her Guard Knights, saying she wanted to meet someone personally. It seems she might have gone while Your Majesty was in conversation…”

The Emperor was flabbergasted.

“Who would she meet in such a dangerous place…?”


A chilling scream assaulted their ears, as if the monsters were warning them not to waste time with unnecessary discussions.

Now was not the time to worry about his daughter’s safety.

The Emperor quickly composed himself and issued an order to the knight.

In the agony of his severed arm, Troll thrashed violently.

To forget pain with more pain.

Amidst the relentless downpour of the staff, the enchanting dance of the demonic sword continued.

(To be continued)


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