The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 179


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 179: The Black-Haired Devil (4)

“Lu, Lunev?”

Schultz doubted his ears and questioned himself several times whether he had heard wrongly.

The name that one can never be ignorant of, even if one is not from the kingdom, as long as they have stayed for more than a day.

Lunev Rainriver, the granddaughter of the head of Garam Kingdom’s Magic Society, Regens Rainriver, and a once-in-three-hundred-years prodigal genius magician.

Recently, at just nineteen years of age, she reached the exceptional realm of 8-star mage, practically a being beyond human.

Could it really be that the woman who could crumble this very building with a mere flick of her finger now sat before him?

It was impossible.

It must be a different person with the same name.

A person reputed to be holed up all day in the Society studying magic wouldn’t come all this way just to investigate a murder case.

Schultz refused to accept the reality.

“Please come in.”

Upon her permission to enter, a member of the Society cloaked in blue entered.

“Sir James Rodrian. Lunev Rainriver at your service!”


Schultz’s denial couldn’t last long.

While it’s possible to encounter people with the same name, Lunev, having the same surname, Rainriver, was inconceivable.

Thus, the woman before Schultz was without a doubt the same Lunev he knew.

What kind of bolt from the blue was this?

While it seemed that the Society member was delivering some report, Schultz couldn’t register a thing.

“Why are you stiff as if you’ve been petrified?” Lunev asked carelessly, her gaze on Schultz.

“No, that’s not it!”

Schultz briskly straightened his spine, adopting a rigid posture.

“I heard that on the morning the murder happened, you were exercising… Have you always done that regularly?”

“Yes, well, that’s correct…”

“You don’t often go near the mine?”

“I pass by occasionally, but I did not go there that day.”

“Then you wouldn’t have seen the knights who were waiting in front of the mine that day, right?”

“Of, of course not.”

After his reply, a moment of silence passed.

Looking intently at Schultz, Lunev handed him a few pieces of paper from her desk.

A list with the personal details of various individuals.

“Is there anyone you recognize here?” she asked.

Schultz didn’t respond right away.

There were around sixty names on the list, some of which were all too familiar to him.

“May I know what this list is for? May I ask?”

“It’s a list of people who died that day.”

Lunev spoke casually, shrugging her shoulders.

“On that day, including the lord of Vince, a total of 63 people died in the mine. Although they were impersonating knights of the territory, they were all mercenaries personally hired by the lord of Vince. There were unregistered mages and mercenaries from other countries mixed in too.”

“Why are you showing this to me?” Schultz inquired, swallowing dryly.

“You came from another country as a mercenary, didn’t you?”

“That’s correct…”

Realizing that she must have already researched him somewhat, he didn’t bother to deny it.

It was fortunate, perhaps, that there was no mention of the mercenaries from his former group, the Red Horse.

“Yeah, there are a few people I’ve seen while doing mercenary work, but I don’t really know them well. After all, I’ve left that life behind,” Schultz said, distancing himself from those listed as unrelated.

“Could you lend me your hand for a moment?”

Out of the blue, Lunev requested his hand.

Bewildered, Schultz extended his hand, and Lunev, holding it in hers, closed her eyes deeply.

After about ten seconds, she opened her eyes and nodded.

“Approximately 6-star in magic ability, and an attribute score of 51%. Those are pretty decent figures. It’s rare to find someone with such an attribute score in darkness…”

Schultz’s eyes widened in a flash.

“What did you just do?”

“Don’t be alarmed. I simply used my ability to check your capabilities. With talent like this, even if there was a mass slaughter in the mine, you could have easily erased all traces with darkness magic.”

With every word, it felt like a pointed jab at his very core.

Schultz’s heart pounded loudly within him.

“You seem to be sweating a lot. Is that normal for you?”

As the shocks mounted, Schultz found himself unable to continue the conversation.

Lunev looked at him with an oddly interested smile.

“I guess you’ll need to join me at the mine.”

Unable to give an affirmative yes or a negative no, Schultz realized his body was already following her to the mine.

Arriving at the work area within the Vito mine,

Lunev led Schultz away from the accompanying knights and Society members to where the body of the lord of Vince had been discovered.

“Sniff, sniff.”

Suddenly, as if searching for its owner like a puppy, she began to sniff around.

“What are you doing?”

“Just looking for a certain scent. But with several days gone, there doesn’t seem to be anything in particular.”

Would even a dog be able to smell anything after so long? Schultz kept his thoughts to himself.

While he watched,

Lunev, sitting on the ground, applied the mana she manifested onto the surface.


A strange resonance emerged from the ground as it reacted to the magic.

As Schultz gazed at this alien sight, Lunev calmly absorbed the vibrations of the earth.

“I had suspected, but it seems there was more interesting stuff than I thought?”

After a while, she stood up and while glancing over casually remarked,

“What do you mean?”

“Was it like seeing the black-haired devil right before your eyes?”


Schultz’s pupils quivered like an earthquake.

“Why would you bring up the black-haired devil all of a sudden?”

“There’s no need to deny it. I’ve just confirmed what happened here the other day.”

“How do you say that?”

Facing the doubtful Schultz, Lunev flicked her finger.

Then, the sphere of mana still in her hand suddenly headed towards him and began to rotate around his head.

Confused, Schultz blinked, and soon vivid memories of the past day replayed in his mind like a dream.

“It’s magic called ‘Replay.’ It uses the remnants of magic and energy in a specific space to show you scenes from the past day in your head.”

“I’ve never heard of such magic.”

“That makes sense. Even my grandfather, at the Society, doesn’t know about this spell yet.”

Magic unknown even to the Society?

Could there really be magic that even the most obsessed magic fanatics haven’t heard of?

Glancing at Schultz, who looked utterly dazed, Lunev watched him with a profound gaze.

“Despite your claim of not going near the mine, you were at the scene, and you even received healing from the black-haired devil?”

With the realization that she had witnessed the same memories he had, any further denial would be futile.

Schultz, with no hesitation, bowed his head to the ground, just as the day before.

“I don’t know what you want, but I have nothing to do with that devil! It was just a coincidence that I ended up there…”

“It’s not a devil.”

A totally unexpected response surprised Schultz, causing him to slowly lift his head.

“Not a devil wearing a disguise, but an assassin. One who goes around saving various people, including you and me…”

Unable to understand, Schultz merely blinked in confusion.

“It seems we have a lot more to talk about, don’t we?”

Crouching, Lunev met his gaze with an oddly mixed look of intrigue.

* * *


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