The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 177


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 177: The Devil with Black Hair (2)

There’s a superstition that has been circulating on the continent for a few years now, known as ‘The Tale of a Demon who Disturbs the Order of Light’.

At first glance, it might sound like a nonsensical tale spun by a storyteller for entertainment, but in the past few years, anyone grounded in reality would recognize it, as it has spread widely across the continent.

It’s said that three phenomena occur before this demon shows up.

Firstly, a stream of red, like spilled red wine, spreads out in all directions like a river, and those who witness this sight naturally feel a chill down their spine and break into a cold sweat.

Secondly, an unknown black mist descends from nowhere, darkening the view, which is definitely not a natural occurrence but rather seems to swiftly envelop everything as if to trap its target.

Lastly, from the depths of this land of ignorance, strange footsteps can be heard and, when they draw close enough, you lock eyes with cruel, blood-red irises, as if stained with blood.

If one were to experience all three of these phenomena,

they are advised to kneel immediately and pray fervently to their god—not for salvation,

but to plead for the least painful death possible.

Perhaps moved a tad by such actions, the demon might concede to lessen the pain…

“Is there, is there no one outside?”

(Vince, startled by the unforeseen events, yelled loudly towards the outside of the workshop.

Before entering, he had positioned a considerable force of fifty men outside, but for some reason, there was no response to his call, let alone anyone rushing over.

“Why is there no answer! If anyone can hear me, come running!”)

His voice, tinged with panic, once again rang out, and from the end of the bloody stream, a figure emerged.

-Thud, thud.

Relief washed over Vince as he wore a smile of reassurance.

The one who appeared was a knight of his domain, clad in a high-quality brown leather armor.

Vince believed he had come running in response to his call.

“Why have you come alone? Rather, what in the world is happening…?”)

It was a fleeting moment of relief,

as Vince’s body froze once more when a worrying thought abruptly crossed his mind.

Had his judgement been impaired by the unexpected situation?

In a crisis where even the entire force running over seemed insufficient, how could it be reassuring that a single man, walking as leisurely as if on a stroll, was approaching?

Even a three-year-old child would find it strange.

Overwhelmed by sudden fear and dread, Vince, as well as his knights, began to sweat profusely.

“Identify yourself!”

Although one knight mustered the courage to demand identification, there came no reply.

With distinctly bright red eyes, as if soaked in blood, the figure simply continued to approach, slowly amplifying the fear of those who faced him, as if he were emanating an eerie energy that couldn’t possibly be of this world.

-Thump! Thump!

Then, a bulky knight by the name of Sion, whom he had previously subdued with one hand, stepped forward.

Without any hint of shrinking back, the knight gazed steadily at the advancing entity with crimson eyes.

This knight was special to Vince.

He had bought this knight at a slave market during his merchant days for a hefty sum and subsequently freed him, hiring him as his guard knight and bringing him to the domain, so there was a certain attachment.

Already strong in his own right, the knight had also been fed the blood of demonic beasts, acquired through great difficulty in the dark market, making him able to withstand the strength of dozens of adult men, almost like Vince’s final line of defense.

Despite the menacing presence coming forward, the demon with red eyes did not stop his advance.

He showed no signs of slowing his stride, his gaze fixed uninterruptedly on Vince.


The bulky knight swung a massive fist.


A dull sound echoed, and the sensation of striking solid jawbone was palpable.

Sensing that his blow had hit its mark and intending to send him flying with his strength, something unexpected happened.


Strangely, the unidentified knight did not budge an inch.

It was only a passing moment before the knight felt a numb pain where his face met his clenched fist.

The bulky knight belatedly realized that what his fist had encountered was not the other’s face, but a hand—precisely, not even the palm, but the back of the hand.

The swiftly swung fist had been simply blocked by a slightly raised hand.

Unbelievable as the sight was, the pupils of the knight quaked.

Without a word,

(The ominous red gaze finally shifted from Vince to the knight.

Just for a second, the knight’s wrist was firmly grasped.

No matter how much he struggled, the wrist wouldn’t budge.

In frustration, as the knight was about to swing his other fist,


As if wringing out wet laundry, the knight’s wrist began to twist.


The knight screamed in agony as the pain in the twisted bone and nerves merged into one.

The pain was so intense he didn’t even notice his body lifting off the ground.


With a brutal crash, blood flowed from under their feet, where the demon casually released the knight’s hand and once again started towards Vince.

“What are you all doing? Stop him! Stop him now!”)

Vince, more anxious than ever, hurriedly ordered what remained of his knights to block the advance.

It was a suicidal move.

The knights, having no choice but tears and mustered, charged forward.

They had numerical superiority, thinking of using this to advantage in some way, but,


Their hopes didn’t last long.


In the blink of an eye, ten knights lay collapsed.

No sword or spear was swung,

No hand or foot was moved.

Only a strange gust of wind had swiftly passed by.

Now, only two people, including Vince himself, stood properly on the ground.

“What is this…”)

His legs gave way, and Vince found himself sitting on the ground.

Grasping the situation, his face contorted in fear, Vince at last understood.

Denial of reality was not what he had to do now.

Humble acceptance of everything was the only thing he could do—

to pray earnestly that he might die less painfully at the hands of this demon, that was all he could manage.

* * *

Panting heavily, though the bleeding had stopped, the sensation in his body had not returned.

All he could do was gasp for air, gazing in the direction his face was turned.

It might have been better not to look….

But before his eyes, an unspeakable, brutal scene unfolded.

The man with black hair doubted, then doubted again.

Could such an act truly be performed by a human being?

Even he, familiar with the sword and blood from an early age, could hardly face the view completely.

But he witnessed every moment clearly.

Despite the organs in his body turning cold and sweat pouring down, he did not once close his eyes or avert his gaze.

As if utterly captivated by the scene before him…


After concluding the execution, the demon finally rose from his seat.

The black hair as dark as the night sky,

Eyes stained with blood,

The eerie chill emanating from the purple dagger.

Was this the “Devil with Black Hair” he’d heard about in rumors—having actually appeared?

A mix of excitement and trepidation washed over the man, and he swallowed, tasting the dry blood mixed with spittle.

The devil’s gaze finally met the man’s.

In the workshop, they were the only two maintaining their composure.

Wondering whether he, too, would be targeted, the man’s heart flooded with anxiety and fear.

Yet, he did not look away.

If he had to explain why, it was because fascination overpowered the fear of the demon.

It was as if he suddenly understood what it meant to be seduced by a devil.

Without a word,

(The demon fixed his profound gaze on the man.

In this situation, he looked at him with interest, as if somewhat entertained by his unwavering eyes.

He took a step.

Finally, the demon moved towards the man and sat down in front of him, meeting his eyes.

For a moment, a silent exchange of looks ensued,


Soon a pure white light emerged from the demon’s hand.

The light permeated the wounded man’s body, instilling warmth into his bitterly cold flesh.

Pain gradually subsided, the numbness faded, and sensation began to return.

Before long, the man could rise.

It felt even better than before he was subdued by the bulky knight.

An unbelievable series of events.

As he glanced over his body, still stunned, then quickly raised his head,

But the mysterious demon had vanished without a trace.

Only the black mist, proof of his presence, faintly lingered in his stead.)

(To be continued)


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