The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 173


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 173: Those Left Behind (1)

“Have you heard the story? After the incident in Aexilium, now there’s been an incredible event in Brenu too?”

“Are you just hearing about it now? You’re quite out of the loop, aren’t you?”

Residents who had finished their daily chores gathered at the tavern to relieve their fatigue. From the mouths of dozens of people, there was one story that they all had in common.

“Who would have thought? The youngest son of the Duke’s family, just out of the age of smelling of fish, turned out to be an assassin from the fearsome Mist…”

As is often the case with rumors, they are prone to distortion and exaggeration.

An assassin from Mist. A dark sorcerer who summoned the Devil Dragon in Aexilium. The owner of a cursed sword that reaps the souls of a hundred men with a single swing.

The rumors about Sian Vert, the Duke Vert’s youngest son, were spreading uncontrollably day after day, becoming the talk of the town.

“It’s a stroke of luck at least. To catch that guy, the owner of the legendary holy sword showed up himself. Running away with his tail between his legs, subdued by the power of the holy sword, perhaps?”

“My friend, how naïve can you be? Don’t you know that was a cover-up by the royal family?”

“What do you mean?”

“The incident happened right in the middle of the street, and not only the imperial troops, but also many bystanders witnessed it. They all said that the imperial forces were completely overpowered by just one boy… Even the owner of the holy sword…”

The eyes of the surrounding people listening to the conversation sparkled.

“Don’t joke about that! How could they all be overpowered by one person?”

“Do you want to bet? Do you know what the leading informants across the continent are saying right now? Oh, there’s no need for that. Just rush to Brenu and ask anyone, they’ll spill the beans!”

In the midst of this, the tavern owner began to post new wanted posters on one side of the bulletin board, including that of Sian Vert.

“Despite such a handsome face, he really did commit unbelievable acts.”

“Who would say otherwise? It must be quite a story, especially for his family. The Duke of Vert, of course, and there’s talk about the daughter of the house being an astonishing beauty. She had her heart impaled with a massive nail!”

“Just by looking at him, he seems like he would collapse with a touch?”

The tall man with the beard stroked his facial hair as he looked at Sian’s wanted poster.

“Why? Who knows, if we catch that kid, maybe we’ll get to marry that daughter? Hahaha…”

As the three men engaged in their derisive discussion, a woman with indigo hair, who had been sitting at the bar, stood up.

“I’ve finished my meal.”

She paid her bill normally and left the tavern. The three men looked on after her departing figure.

“Wow… did you see her face? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an incredible beauty.”

“Damn. Should I have spoken to her? It feels like a waste just to let her go…”

“Give it up. The fact that she didn’t already run away from your face is a miracle…”

The men’s chattering stopped in an instant as the indigo-haired woman, thought to have left, had already approached their table.

Completely baffled, they were merely blinking when the tall man with a sly smile spoke to her.

“What’s up, miss? Not enough drink for you or…”

– Bang!

A loud sound rang out as the man’s head hit the table with force.

“What… what on earth…?”

– Bang! Bang!

The other men, startled, rose quickly only to intimately meet the table one after the other.

Crushed by an unforeseen strength, they had no opportunity to resist and all fainted, foaming at the mouth.


The woman let out a deep sigh, seemingly not quite appeased by her actions. When the owner, attracted by the noise, arrived, she handed him a substantial purse.

“I’m sorry for the disturbance. Let this cover the damages.”

For a woman capable of overpowering three burly men at once, her appearance seemed unbelievably gentle and beautiful.

The owner instinctively accepted the purse without being able to utter a word of protest.

As the woman was about to disappear, she stopped again in front of the wanted posters.

Then, suddenly, she tore down Sian Vert’s wanted poster from the most visible spot and left the tavern.

Like a tempest that had passed and the seas that quieted after, silence pervaded the establishment.

The woman, after stepping out of the tavern and turning a corner, leaned weakly against the wall before sitting down.

Amid ragged breaths, a faint sobbing could be heard.

Not wanting to give in to tears, she clutched the wanted poster in her hand.


Once she gathered her emotions, she stood up and stepped back onto the road.

Her footsteps courageously moved northward, toward the icy winds and the uncharted lands unkind to humans.

Ellis Vert, the eldest daughter of the Duke’s family, began her journey with determination.

* * *

In the brilliantly shining office of the Garam Magic Society, adorned with multicolored magical gemstones, the busy work of addressing the Brenu incident, which had occurred two weeks earlier, was in full progress.

Foreigners from a different nation had caused a magical disturbance on the lands of the Ushif Empire, an act that could very well lead to war with the Garam Kingdom—a sensitive and grave matter.

“The damages requested by Prince Luinel are surprisingly high. It will be quite a strain to shoulder this solely on our part. The royal house seems to have no interest in providing support…”

“It doesn’t matter. We can cover everything with the funds collected by targeting Garam Magic Society this time. Just pay it off without objection and end it.”

Regens ordered the matter resolved as if the situation was of no consequence to him.

“How is Lunev?”

He immediately inquired about his granddaughter’s whereabouts.

“Well, she is currently in the academy’s laboratory…”

“The laboratory?”

Unexpectedly hearing the location, Regens furrowed his brow.

“Yes. She seems to spend almost all her time there after completely recovering from the internal injury she sustained in Brenu. She’s told us to not look for her unless it’s something important…”

Without waiting another second, Regens pushed his chair back and rose. He headed straight to the laboratory where Lunev was reported to be.

Ignoring all the greetings from the academy members, he flung open the firmly closed doors of the laboratory, and just then,

“Are you here, Grandfather?”

Lunev greeted him in her usual indifferent tone, not directing her gaze at Regens but at various tools in the laboratory.

“What have you been up to all this time?”

“As you can see, I’ve been examining the laboratory facilities and other research materials related to the future experiments to be performed on me.”

Regens was caught off-guard by her unusual behavior, but Lunev simply handed him a sheet of paper.

“This is the revised plan for my upcoming experiments. Please review it and proceed as written.”

Upon this, Regens could hardly believe his eyes.

“Why are you suddenly doing this?”

“I think we need to revise some of the materials we use, like the magic crystals and powders as well. Please check the supply sources I’ve listed for high-quality items.”

“Is it because of that boy?”


Lunev could not outright deny it.

“I checked your condition while you were unconscious. The Heart Curves are gone.”

“You noticed, I see.”

“It must have been removed by that boy…”

“I didn’t mean for it to happen. Honestly, I still don’t really understand why Senior Sian removed them.”

Breathing out a shrug, Lunev continued casually.

“I admit it. The power you displayed that day far exceeded my expectations.”


“I will not say it was all due to the academy’s experiments. I recognize the great influence that boy had on you. At the least, your magic grade is now at least 6 stars, and it’s almost equivalent to 7 stars…”

Lunev remained silent for a moment.

“True, I hit a wall that day. I think it might not be an overstatement to say it was the most reckless thing I’ve done in my entire life so far.”

That day, after sending Sian away from the academy members, Lunev had summoned all her strength to stop Regens. But for her to handle the magic of the head of Garam Magic Society—a grand sage of 9 stars—was from the start an impossibility.

If Regens, worried about her, had not withdrawn his strength at the last moment, she might have suffered severe internal injuries that would have made it impossible to manifest mana for quite a while.

“If it might sound strange to you, I believe that I saved you that day, Grandfather.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“If at that time you and Senior Sian had really clashed in earnest… you might not be in this world right now.”

Regens’ pupils shook violently.

“Not just you, Grandfather. I think we could say that he saved the lives of all the academy members there that day.”

There was not a single falsehood in the still indifferent eyes of Lunev as she spoke seriously.

The true, original power she had felt at the very end while holding on to Sian.

It was so deep and vast that it was impossible for humans to possess, and its ends were beyond measure.

“I don’t believe that power was based solely on the divine weapon called the cursed sword. Surely, Senior Sian had also made painstaking efforts to perfect that power.”

Her interest had now shifted beyond mere fondness for Sian Vert, a man, to the source and value of the power he possessed.

“Magic was the driving force that allowed us frail humans to become masters of this land, right? It was a tool for survival. But after feeling Senior Sian’s power, I realized something. We humans have a long way to go before we can truly dominate this land.”

Sian’s heavy silhouette, enveloped in fog, was vividly flickering in her eyes.

“Just as the academy used me under the pretext of ‘the future of humanity,’ I intend to use the academy for the same reason from now on.”

Although Regens felt greatly confused, he couldn’t help but feel that it wasn’t entirely negative.

What he saw in the eyes of his granddaughter was the truly human look of someone whose will was fiercely set on achieving a singular purpose.

“Let’s take a look, Grandfather. It’s going to be a very interesting journey.”

A faint smile played on Lunev’s lips.

(To be continued)


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