The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 168


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 168: The Mist That Dispels the Light (2)

The vicious criminal who raped and murdered nearly twenty women.

The grotesque and brutal demons on the front lines that made one’s skin crawl at the mere sight.

Even the veteran knights, who had seen all manner of predators, could not let their guard down at this moment.

How many individuals are there who can induce such tension simply by being observed, as fellow human beings?

An existence beyond a mere predator, not sufficiently described by the word.

The knights, currently confronting the empire’s worst criminal, Sian Vert, all shared this sentiment.

“Hear the will of the Emperor of the Ushif Empire, the light of our realm! Sian Vert of the Vert Ducal Family shall cease all resistance immediately and surrender peacefully at this time. There will be no questioning allowed!”

Redback Ackerman, the only high-ranking knight among those dispatched, brandished an imperial edict stamped with the emperor’s seal, demanding compliance.


However, Sian did not even turn his gaze toward Redback.

Feeling a twinge of humiliation, Redback raised his hand to signal, and the knights charged at Sian with all their might.

A boy who was not a high-ranking knight, still shedding the vestiges of youth, could not possibly escape the elite knights’ sharp formation.

That was what everyone present believed until the sound of clashing swords filled the air.


A vortex whipped up fiercely toward the sky.

As the swirling subsided, the knights holding firm to their swords began to collapse one by one, their groans silent, their eyes bleached white as if crushed by an immense force.

“What in the world?”

The elite imperial knights had fallen without swinging their swords. Dismounting from his horse, Redback glared at Sian, but Sian moved forward with an utterly calm gaze.

Enraged, Redback drew his sword and lunged at Sian.


Even as Redback closed the distance to five paces, Sian did not move a muscle.

As a swordmaster who had honed his skills for decades before becoming a knight, Redback was certain he had the upper hand.

Within human limits, no one could respond in time at this range.

However, as he boldly swung his sword,

– Swoosh!

A sound of a blade piercing the air was followed by a splash of blood before his eyes.

The blade had cut something—but it was not his own, nor had he struck Sian.

– Thud.

Redback’s knees buckled, and he collapsed forward.

What could have happened?

Gazing around with a mixture of doubt and confusion, he realized something.

The boy they had been contending with was not something that could be called human at all.

An existence far beyond human limitations. There was no other explanation.

Without a glance of pity for the fallen, Sian silently pressed on.

* * *

“It seems that the imperial vanguard has been dealt with…”

The mages of the Garam Magic Society observed the situation from a rooftop a distance away from the incident, speechless at the extraordinary events before them.

“If a few mere knights could have stopped him, it wouldn’t have come to this.”

Regens expressed no surprise, not even uttering words of amazement.

“Are you sure this is all right, Headmaster? This is the empire we’re in. Given that our reasons for intervening are insufficient, there’s a risk of causing friction with the empire…”

“Cause can be created if need be. After all, there’s no such thing as a just cause that avoids risk. That boy is a necessary existence for our academy’s future.”

The youngest son of the Vert Ducal Family, the continental guardians.

The possessor of darkness attribute levels rivaling that of a god.

An assassin affiliated with the continent’s most fearsome assassination organization, Mist.

Even the currently known facts about him were significant; who knew what more lay behind his impassive facade?

Recent events at the academy were now clearly linked to this boy.

For the sake of the academy, and indeed the future of humanity, they needed to secure him.

Regens eyes held a more resolved intent than ever before.

“Open the formation.”

Upon the command, the mages drew forth all the mana concealed within them.

A faint light emerged in the center of the ground they overlooked, and as Sian approached, the light intensified.

A high-level magic known as ; a superior magic that creates a barrier by manipulating space.

Unlike simple binding spells, this formation employed the mana of multiple mages, ensuring that once established, even the caster would struggle to dispel it.

Lock the target in that space, and the matter would be settled instantly.

Regens’ lips curled with a mix of triumph and anticipation.

– Whooooosh!

Suddenly, a fierce wind, carrying gritty sand grains, blew in, obscuring the mages’ vision and interrupting their smooth flow of mana.

Caught off guard by this sudden disturbance, Regens scanned the surroundings for the source of the anomaly.


Not far from where Sian advanced, a muscular man with tawny skin exuded an overwhelming level of magical power from his hands.

He looked upon the flustered members with a curious smile.

* * *

A familiar sandstorm grazed my skin. Nothing else needed to be seen.

It was familiar, but not quite friendly—it was the power of a certain foolhardy prince.

From the front, at eleven o’clock.

From the rooftop of a building some distance away, an unpleasant flow of mana was felt, leading up to a spot five paces in front of me.

There, a vast magic circle awaited, large enough to cover a plaza, as if biding its time for my arrival.

Had they set up a Seal of Confinement?

Well, it seemed better prepared than the imperial buffoons.

Not that I couldn’t escape if caught, but thanks to the sandstorm, it seemed I’d avoid some unnecessary hassle.

I gripped Ceyram tight and plunged it into the ground.

– Thunk!

The mana within Ceyram transferred through the ground toward the magic circle, which began to emit a blue radiance, quickly followed by the rise of black mist.

– Crack!

With a deafening noise, the magic circle was extinguished.

As though on cue, the master of this vortex swept aside the sandstorm and revealed himself.

“We were supposed to have gone out on a field trip, weren’t we? Thanks to you, I got suspended.”

Ah, right, I hadn’t explained that yet.

Not that I deliberately didn’t; rather, a flurry of events made it slip my mind naturally.

“You’ve been quite the topic lately. Assassin this, that, and even wanted posters that barely resemble you have been spreading around.”

The foolish prince presented the wanted poster with a grin as if to flaunt it.

Even if he was a thoughtless prince, he wouldn’t react this way if he truly believed what was written about me on that poster.

“Ease up, man! Don’t you have a man’s intuition? Do you think I’d believe such nonsense written on a piece of paper? I know you best, you’re not that kind of guy!”

His words made my head irrevocably shake.

“You know I’m not that kind of guy…”

How could this foolish prince claim to understand me when even I don’t fully understand myself?

Yet he could show me an unchanging smile, knowing my true face—it was a complexity of feelings.

“Don’t stress about it! A debt owed by a man must be repaid. Even though you might not have needed it, think of it as compensation for what happened in Nodeli!”

I hadn’t done it for a reward, but it would be problematic to dismiss it this way.

“Seeing my supreme rival get caught here is unacceptable! I may not know when, but the next time we meet, I will definitely…!”

– Whooooosh!

Those who wouldn’t take kindly to this spectacle raised a strong gust in response to the sandstorm.

I glanced up at that moment, catching sight of a sage keeping an inscrutable gaze on me.

Regens Rainriver, the head of Garam Magic Society.

His direct presence here meant that he must have discovered everything about me.

Not particularly surprising.

In fact, it was more surprising that his arrival was this delayed—likely thanks to that capable junior of his.

“I don’t suppose we’ll have much time to talk. For now, I’ll prevent those scrawny folks from interfering. Use this chance to take your servants and escape.”

The foolish prince forcefully unleashed the mana dormant within him.

“That damn voice stays surprisingly silent when it’s needed! It’s utterly useless!”

A larger sand vortex arose around him than before.

Thanks to this, the mages targeting me once more lost their sight, and some even turned away completely.

As he said, without the voice that apparently surfaces now and then, it won’t last long.

For a brief moment, I fixed my eyes on his face.

“Why? Do you have something to say?”

“Be careful of catching a cold.”

That was the best advice I could give him at the moment.

“I won’t catch a cold!”

You might not know now, but you will need to be careful later—especially for the sake of the country you yearn to protect.

As I passed him, leaving behind my last words, the head of Garam Magic Society, who seemed to have teleported, appeared before me.

He had a complex look in his eyes, filled with curiosity and doubt.

“So this is the first time we meet face-to-face.”

At least in this lifetime.

“I believe you know about me, as I do about you.”

Half right, half wrong.

Not just “about,” I know far more about you than you imagine, including the loathsome truth hidden behind that grand facade…

“Let’s not mince words. Follow me.”

That was unexpected.

“There’s probably nowhere left in this empire for you to turn to. So leave everything behind and follow me. I promise not to inquire about your past. As the head of the Garam Magic Society, I swear it upon my name.”

Is this old man really not senile yet?

“Let me clear something up in case you’re misunderstanding—the choice isn’t yours to make. It’s simply a matter of accepting my offer and following me willingly, or being overwhelmed by my power and dragged along against your will.”

His feigning of generosity was utterly repugnant.

“Actually, I owe you gratitude. Regardless of the reasons, you’ve twice saved my granddaughter from the dark reach of the Garam Magic Society.”

As the conversation grew increasingly unbearable, he landed the final blow.

I silently stared at his face, not uttering a word or making a move.

“It seems you won’t opt for the former.”

Aware of my silent conveyance, he began harnessing his magic once more.

“When I saw your magic just now, I felt you’ve reached the pinnacle of the dark attribute. So bring forth all your power, and let me, Regens Rainriver, bear witness to it.”

Indeed, the magic of this 9-star sage of the continent was extraordinary.

A live example proving that ranking was more than a numerical game.

His presence alone caused a faint trembling in the body.

“I hope you live up to my expectations, if only slightly. Dark attribute isn’t something you come across often…!”

– Thump.


As he babbled on, he suddenly clasped his head and fell to his knees.

A bit taken aback, I frowned, and then…


I sensed a very familiar scent drifting from an unknown source.

“It seems I’m not too late.”

Accompanied by an indifferent voice full of affection.

(To be continued)


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