The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 164


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 164: The Revealed Truth (1)

Exactly half a day after reports of a devil dragon-like monster appearing in the northern city of Aexilium in the Ushif Empire were received, the reinforcement troops dispatched from the Imperial Capital finally arrived. However, by the time they reached, the situation had already been resolved long ago.

All that remained at the site were signs of burning; there weren’t even any corpses left. The supporting troops ended up with a hint of doubt about the incident being less severe than they had anticipated. There were very few casualties reported.

Lord Galas claimed that it was due to his meticulous command that allowed them to calmly handle the chaotic situation. However, according to the knights who were present at the scene, it was not so. Most of them were too terrified to even approach the devil dragon, and some couldn’t even remember what happened due to the fear.

Yet, there was one common story among them – it concerned the person who had resolved the monster crisis. Although it was at a considerable distance, and the face was not clearly visible due to a black cloak, most sources agreed that the person looked closer to a boy than an adult.

There were also strange beings that seemed to be his doppelgangers and they took up positions throughout the streets, preventing any potential secondary damages. Some even referred to these beings as saviors.

“Are you asking me to believe this now?” Prince Luinel snorted with disbelief while reading the report.

“That, well, I have only conveyed the report as I received it…”

The attendant didn’t know how to explain further. One could make concessions regarding certain things, but to believe that a single human could defeat a giant monster that was presumed to be a devil dragon was an absurd notion beyond belief.

“Focusing all attention on that cursed girl won’t be enough, and now what’s this…”

Luinel clenched his teeth and crumpled the report in anger. He wasn’t pleased with the way things were turning out; it was as if the world had deemed him useless.

Noticing his mood, the attendant gingerly handed over another letter.

“This… this one was sent personally by Lord Galas…”

“Sent personally?”

“Yes. Although I am unaware of the reasons, he insisted that it be personally reviewed by your Highness. It seems there might be some crucial details that couldn’t be disclosed officially…”

Luinel snatched the letter from the attendant’s hand and swiftly tore it open to read the contents. The beginning of the letter seemed inconsequential, filled with praises for the royal family and Lord Galas defending his actions during the crisis.

Suppressing the urge to crush the letter in his hands, Luinel read on.

“At the moment I received this letter, I heard another piece of news…”

“What is it?”

“They say he’s dead. Lord Galas…”

Luinel raised his head and stared at the attendant for about ten seconds.

“What are you talking about?”

“They found his body torn to shreds in his room. It is presumed to be murder, the culprit has yet to be discovered…”

Even as he chuckled at the absurdity, Prince Luinel’s gaze returned to the letter. At the bottom of the page, there was something written hastily.


The content itself might be nothing more than an uncertain conjecture, but it was enough to pique the prince’s interest.

Just before the monster appeared in the city, an unidentified assassin came looking for him, who was suspected to be the same individual who dealt with the monster. Though uncertain, they bore an uncanny resemblance to someone he had seen at a royal banquet some time ago.

It was none other than the youngest son of the Duke of Vert, the guardian of the continent, and recently the fiancé to Princess Arin…

-Knock knock

The silence broke with a knock on the door, and Prince Luinel turned toward it. As soon as he recognized the distinct knock, he quickly rose and hurried to the door.


As Luinel flung the door open, his expression instantly transformed into an ecstatic smile.


Before him stood his long-awaited companion and friend.

“It’s been a long time, Your Highness…”

Aschel greeted him with the same gentle smile he always had.

“Where have you been? Why did you not respond to my calls? If you knew the anxiety and pain I’ve suffered in your absence, a single night wouldn’t be enough to explain it all!”

Luinel poured out his pent-up frustration without pause.

“This is not the time for that. We need to devise a plan to kill Violet immediately. If not, that woman will… Are you even listening to me, Aschel?”

Despite the prince’s outburst, Aschel maintained the same unfaltering smile, without a word in response.

Sensing an unusual atmosphere, Luinel’s brow furrowed. There was a definite change – as if he were not before the same person he knew, but rather facing a divine being rather than a mere human.

“There’s no need to rush.”

After a brief silence, Aschel spoke softly.

“No matter how dark the shadows cast, they cannot hide the smallest of lights. We just need to follow that light.”

Luinel’s eyes shook violently, failing to comprehend Aschel’s words.

“Let us go where the path of truth extends…”

“Where to?”

“The Royal Academy.”

Completely unexpected and irrelevant to the prince, before he could ask why, he saw something…

In just a blink, the silhouette of a noblewoman with long, golden locks appeared and vanished behind Aschel…

* * *

“A devil dragon?”

“Yes. It’s only what the witnesses claimed, but no concrete evidence survives, as all traces are vanished…”

Three days after the Aexilium incident, the news had spread far across the continent, even reaching the distant Royal Academy.

“Rumors say that a man cloaked in black single-handedly defeated the presumed devil dragon. It seems so unbelievable that even scholarly circles are trying to verify its veracity.”

While Ramella dismissed the rumor, Lunev seemed lost in thought.

“What if the man who dealt with the devil dragon…”

But her thought was interrupted by the sudden entrance of a frantic academician.

“Lunev! Something urgent has happened!”

“What’s the matter?”

The academician’s pale face was enough to excuse his abrupt entry.

“The head of the academy, Rowen, is here!”

Shock spread across everyone’s faces, affecting even Ramella.

“Why would the head of the academy come here without warning?”

“I—I don’t know! It’s the first time he’s made such a visit without notice…”

While others became busy with the news, Lunev calmly settled back and resumed her reading, as if she had predicted his arrival.

Shortly after, Regents Rainriver, the head of the Garam Magic Society, stepped into the room. All the academicians bowed respectfully, including Ramella.

“Why are you here without any notice, chancellor?”

Without a word, Regents’ voice came out in an emotional whisper.

“Leave us.”

At that, Ramella realized – when he said ‘everyone,’ he didn’t mean Lunev.

While their relationship had often been turbulent, today’s atmosphere seemed particularly volatile. Regents’ gaze towards his granddaughter was not one of affection but filled with inexplicable anger.

Once the room was emptied, all business-like demeanor gone, Lunev spoke nonchalantly.

“I assume you’ve resolved the matter I asked about?”

She was referring to an issue related to the Auram academy. Regents bypassed her question, the anger in his voice barely contained.

“Speaking not as the chancellor but as your grandfather, I’m giving you one last chance. Tell me everything you know.”

“About what?”

“Sian Vert.”

She then looked at him with suspicion.

“Why didn’t you speak of Nodeli having Sian Vert?”

“There was no need to speak. Speaking wouldn’t help and I didn’t want to.”

“Wouldn’t help?”

Struggling to keep his anger in check, Regents’ face began to redden.

“Have you forgotten the extensive damage that boy has done to our academy?”

“Weren’t they all baseless suspicions? Nothing was confirmed…”


The explosion from Regents was inevitable, as he finally confronted her.

“The incident with the Auram academy is no different! If you had spoken sooner, you wouldn’t have been kidnapped, and they wouldn’t have been able to expand their influence within the academy. Weren’t you supposed to be our future?”

Lunev laughed derisively at the mention of ‘future’.

“Why should I live for the academy? It gave me nothing.”


“If I hadn’t been in the academy, I wouldn’t have been kidnapped, and the Auram academy wouldn’t have tried to expand their influence by targeting me. Ultimately, the academy has only brought me bad, not good. Why should I take a stand for such an academy?”

As she spoke, Regents’ face flushed with rage.

“So what matters to you is that boy, Sian Vert?”


Her answer was clear, and they both knew what it meant.

“Very well, you have brought this upon yourself. Don’t regret it later, Lunev…”

Resolute, Regents surrounded them both with a binding barrier and prepared for battle.

“I expected as much. But don’t take me lightly. After all, I am the granddaughter of the 9-star Grand Sage and head of the Garam Magic Society, Regens Rainriver. You’d better rest for a few days after this.”

Lunev’s gaze was steady as immense magical energy surged between the two.

(To be continued)


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