The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 148


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Chapter 148. For What Purpose (1)

In Cyan’s room, located at the end of the left corridor on the second floor of the Royal Residence, Brian sat slumped over on the sofa, unable to escape his sense of self-loathing. The emergency measures issued by Principal Kundel had prohibited all external activities, leaving students and guardians alike confined.

The only thing left for Brian was to clutch his head in futile frustration, a mix of all the world’s negativity flooding over him. “Don’t get too close to the princess,” “Take care of Nana while I’m away,” he failed to keep both promises, leading to the current dilemma.

Was the desire to die out of shame akin to this feeling? It’s unlikely that anyone could be as thoroughly disgraceful in breaking their master’s trust as he was. He felt utterly incompetent and useless, devoid of any courage to face Cyan again—a moment of utter despair.

“Ugh! I can’t stand to watch this anymore!” Emily exclaimed, having observed him for hours, finally exploding with impatience.

“How long are you going to be like this? Even if that child goes on a rampage and kills someone, is it all over? You need to think about what to do now!” Emily demanded.

Slowly raising his head, Brian weakly opened his mouth, “What should I do?”

“That’s what we need to think about now…!” she protested.

“What should I do though? I’ve already done nothing, what can I possibly do to change things now?” he lamented.

Emily considered his state graver than she had thought. A few words wouldn’t be enough to calm him, and she carefully asked to at least alleviate his agitation, “So, where is Nana—the child—right now?”

“She’s with Lady Sirika. It’s too dangerous for us to continue looking after her…” Brian replied, realizing his own negligence.

He had let his guard down just because Cyan hadn’t seemed overly concerned. How could he have been so lax, not capable of handling a situation like Nana’s outburst?

If there was a stone before him, he’d want to slam his head against it. The truth about Nana’s actions was still unclear, and with the princess discovering the scene, they had moved beyond Brian’s control.

Sirika warned him not to do anything and to stay locked in his room, cautioning that she wouldn’t be able to protect him if he disobeyed. What was he supposed to do in this situation? Would taking the blame himself and resolving the crisis be a better choice?

Maybe that would spare Cyan any harm…

– Snap!

A sharp sound snapped Brian back to reality. As he slowly turned his gaze forward, he saw Emily’s face, her palms having slapped his cheeks forcefully. The warmth from her hands, along with the stinging pain, made its impact.

Calling him an idiot, she berated him for looking so dumbfounded when he was supposed to be a knight sworn to protect his lord.

Brian, still in shock, could only blink in response.

“If something has happened, you need to fix it! Are you just going to wait here until your lord returns?” she snapped.

“Fi-fix it?” he stuttered, clearly overwhelmed.

Emily asked if doing nothing would resolve the situation, which obviously it wouldn’t. Brian, unable to answer immediately, knew that he couldn’t confidently say Nana would return to them after everything was settled. He understood that Sirika, who always put Cyan’s safety first, wouldn’t easily allow Nana to return, particularly if she deemed her a threat.

Emily’s harsh line of questioning left him speechless, but it was clear he shared the sentiment. If Cyan knew of the situation, his fury would undoubtedly be great, and it was a wrath no one could bear.

Brian slowly realized what he must do, even in these dire circumstances, and decided to meet with Sirika.

* * *

One day following the incident and the emergency measures, the members were stalling Principal Kundel’s arrival. However, even with the delay, he was expected by the following evening. Kundel’s attention to the Royal Residence indicated suspicion towards Cyan as a party involved in the incident.

While Cyan had maintained a cooperative relationship with Kundel, it was not based on trust. Neither trusted the other, and Kundel had been trying to uncover Cyan’s true nature. The fragile relationship could crumble at any moment.

Sirika predicted that Kundel would be furious at the murder occurring within his academy, regardless of nobility or royalty, and that he might interrogate everyone in Luwen to root out any connection to the case.

However, at the moment, Cyan was not present, and with Nana in an unstable condition, replacing Cyan in handling the situation was out of the question. Kundel’s early arrival would certainly complicate matters, and Sirika had to resolve the situation alone.

Suddenly, she sensed an unfamiliar presence near the window and rushed to investigate.

“What is this indiscretion?”

“Sorry for the sudden intrusion!” It was Brian, Cyan’s servant, who had hastily climbed in through the window and into her room, circumventing any potential witnesses.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait quietly? What are you doing here?” Sirika reprimanded him.

“I know it’s impertinent and foolish, but I have something to ask of you, Lady Sirika!” Brian declared despite his trembling voice, showing a desperate resolve.

“Where is Nana?” he asked.

“She’s in a safe place away from the academy,” Sirika responded.

“Will you send her back to us once this is all over?” he continued.


Brian was left speechless by her abrupt response, and Sirika shrugged nonchalantly.

“What did you say?”

“I said I won’t send her back. It’s better for Cyan, and for you who serve him, to let that child disappear,” Sirika stated indifferently, implying that once the crisis passed—or perhaps even before it was resolved—she would eliminate Nana.

Understanding Sirika’s intentions, Brian swallowed his fear and steeled his resolve; he knew what he had to do.

“I will take Nana!” he exclaimed.

Sirika didn’t react to his seemingly absurd declaration.

“I know it’s absurd! But what Lord Cyan would…!” Brian couldn’t finish his sentence before Sirika, her eyes hardened, grabbed him by the collar and hissed warningly.

“Do you think this is some child’s game? Taking that half-breed child away, is that what you think is best for your lord?”

Brian’s lips quivered, unable to formulate a response.

“I’m not blaming you. It was my foolishness and ignorance that allowed such a dangerous being near Cyan. Do you think running away with the child will solve the situation? Maybe for the moment, but this will happen again and again. If you’re truly Cyan’s knight, wouldn’t you want to do what’s best for your lord?”

With difficulty, Brian spoke his unwavering intent, “More than helping my lord, I just want to do what he desires!”

Sirika watched him silently, her gaze intense and bearing down on him like the reaper’s stare. Feeling his blood chill and heart race, Brian met her eyes without flinching, desperate to not retreat.

Suddenly, a man appeared at the window where Brian had entered.

“Lady,” he announced urgently as Sirika pushed Brian aside, “Principal Kundel has just entered Luwen!”

While Brian was shocked, Sirika calmly inquired about the principal’s entrance route.

“The academy,” the man replied.

Kundel’s arrival was sooner than expected, and Sirika’s expression soured.

“Do you hear? Stop this foolishness and return to the dormitory. Stay there until Cyan returns.”

Unable to argue further, Brian hung his head in defeat when suddenly another messenger burst in through the window with a grave expression.

“Big trouble, Lady! A dragon from the subspace has disappeared!”

The room’s atmosphere turned heavy as everyone grasped the severity of the latest development.

(To be continued)


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