The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 146


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Episode 146. True Face (4)

Twenty academics had come to Nodele, and among them, six who had participated in the ruins exploration were not members of the Garam Academy but magicians from the Auram Academy, who had aimed to abduct Lunab.

Four of them, including the leader Caron Rainz, were the ones I killed without leaving a trace.

That meant there were still two unaccounted-for members who had left the ruins early and caused some trouble.

Had they made a preemptive move fearing their identities would be revealed?

My guess was that the two who had fled early weren’t the only ones.

There must still be Auram Academy members in the village yet to be revealed.

Regardless, now that they have shown their hidden fangs, they won’t leave this village quietly.

“Did you know about Caron’s true identity?” Lunab asked while we were hurrying back to the village.

“Wasn’t he affiliated with those opposed to your academy?”

“Yes. To confess, I’ve known for quite a while. Even though I knew the truth, I kept silent at the academy.”


“At that time, I didn’t care what happened to the academy, I was in a state of having no will at all. I considered it none of my business and ignored it.”

Her words implied that she might have a different mindset now.

“I never trusted anyone during my time at the academy, and the one I trusted the least was Caron. He tried to indoctrinate me more than once, saying that magic is the heritage only the capable should possess. Each time it disgusted me, making me feel nauseous…”

“What about your grandfather? Did he just watch as those people ran amok in the nation?”

“He dismissed their pathetic struggles, saying they knew nothing of the truth. But after my recent kidnapping, his mind has changed. If this incident spreads to the academy…”

“If it spreads?”

“I suspect about half of them will be executed.”

She speculated with a dark glint in her eye and a nonchalant tone.

Whether they lose their heads or something else, it wasn’t my concern, but I didn’t like the situation escalating further.

It seemed we had already strayed from our initial objective of a discreet visit.

“Someone’s up ahead!”

Lunab, who was running ahead, suddenly yelled.

In the middle of a sandy path, a man in a blue robe lay collapsed.

Without need for further inspection, he was clearly an academic of the Garam Academy.

“Hey! Come to your senses!”

The academic struggled to raise his head and met Lunab’s gaze.

“Lunab? You’re safe. That’s a relief…”

Though the smile he gave was that of seeing a savior, his condition looked beyond salvation.

“The Auram Academy scum were hiding among us… this place is dangerous. You must evacuate quickly…”

“Don’t speak! I’ll heal you quickly!”

Just as she was about to cast a healing spell,

-Thu-the academic dropped his head heavily and breathed his last.


Lunab was not the kind of woman to dwell on the dead out of weakness. She closed his eyes without a word, stood up, and with stern eyes said,

“I never thought I would feel like this.”

There’s a clear difference between a life with purpose and one without.

Having no goal means having no reason to live, which naturally leads to indifference to everything around.

When I first met her in the imperial city, that was exactly how she seemed.

But not anymore.

In Lunab’s eyes now, I could see a variety of emotions that were not there before, with anger standing out prominently – anger towards the Auram Academy for causing the current crisis.

I had a feeling things were about to get much worse…

Boom! Boom! Bang!

My anxiety quickly became reality.

From the center of the village, a sandstorm erupted with a loud boom, a clear sign of Set’s advance there.

Is that guy planning to destroy the entire village?

“Let’s go, senior!”

Following her, we quickly made our way into the village.

The streets were deserted, but anxious gazes occasionally peered out from behind house windows. It seemed most people had locked themselves inside, waiting for the situation to pass.

Upon reaching the village center, the first thing that caught my eye was Set, his eyes ablaze with fury amidst the sandstorm.

Beside him were three exhausted academics struggling to maintain a barrier, and on the other side, several magicians wearing the same robes who clearly weren’t on the same side.

At a rough guess, there were more than twenty of them, suggesting that most had been in the village from the start.

Their gaze turned to us.


The barrier academics called out in relief upon seeing Lunab.

“Why are they here?”

On the opposite side, the magicians’ eyes were filled with surprise and confusion.

“Could it be something happened to Caron?”

With Caron missing and us appearing unscathed, they seemed quite flustered.

“Don’t let your guard down, you brats!”

Regardless, our furious little prince seemed ready to destroy everything, his power growing by the second.

Despite having recently awoken from a coma, it was astonishing that he had regained so much strength.

A rampage at this stage could blow away the entire village area.

No wonder the villagers were worried; it wasn’t an overreaction.

“How dare you cause a commotion in the village in my absence? If you have a god you believe in, pray quickly, for it will be your last prayer! Today, you all die by my hand!”

Set roared like a wild beast and charged at the magicians.

“Holy light’s grace shall protect me!”


Some magicians summoned mana to create a wall of resistance.

Blocked by the sudden wall, Set mockingly yelled,

“This flimsy wall will break under my fist…!”

Just as he was about to punch through the wall,


He coughed up blood unexpectedly and collapsed on the spot.


He tried to rise quickly, but his overexerted body, still weakened from recently coming out of a coma, wouldn’t obey.

“Lightning of judgment!”

The magicians didn’t miss the chance and launched an attack spell.


The lightning created a loud disturbance, but it didn’t reach the foolhardy prince.

In front of Set stood another wall, immaculately white without a crack.

“That was close.”

Lunab sighed with relief and reinforced the wall.

When she acted, the faces of some magicians noticeably changed.

Lunab glanced at them with a detached gaze and asked,

“As a member of the Garam Academy, I ask, what purpose brings you here?”

The red-haired magician at the forefront spoke up,

“What happened to Caron, who was supposed to escort Lunab?”

He answered the question with another question.

“He’s dead.”

Her response was clear and unhesitating.

“You jest. That man isn’t someone who dies so easily…”

“In this situation, do I seem like I would joke around for fun?”

She left him to gulp down his surprise with unexpected assertiveness.

“Follow us quietly, and there won’t be any major trouble.”

Attempting to shift his strategy, he revealed his true motive, trying to persuade her.

“Don’t listen to them, Lunab! Come to this side…”

Magicians on the other side jumped in to dissuade her. However, based on their condition, going to their side didn’t guarantee a favorable outcome.

“Can you handle it? Having shown your fangs so blatantly, the Auram Academy won’t just stand by and do nothing.”

“It doesn’t matter. What’s important to us is only Lunab. We’re here to save you from the ignorance of the Garam Academy pit.”

I’d heard enough of this tired rhetoric and decided to step back and watch what would unfold next.

“Look, the boy behind her is Sian Bert!”

A magician, with a somewhat familiar face, pointed to me and spoke out.

Immediately, dozens of eyes that were on Lunab turned my way.

“Sian Bert?”

Their eyes widened like surprised fish, unable to understand.

Why would I, who should be grounded to the academy, be here with Lunab?

“Let’s make a proposal.”

In a moment of silence, she spoke again.

“Abandon all plans and leave the village quietly, as if nothing has happened.”


As soon as she finished her words, every eye around us, mine included, widened in shock.

What is this junior saying?

“If we refuse to leave, what will you do?”

“You’ll die. All of you… and that includes me…”

She created a mana sphere in her hand, which then sharpened into a dagger-like form.

Before one could wonder what she intended with that—


She stabbed her own throat with it.

It was a shallow prick rather than a deep stab, but blood began to flow from the wound, indicating she wasn’t just putting on a show.


“What are you doing?”

The academic members yelled in shock, but with her eyes unchanged, she continued calmly,

“You want me, but I have no intention of going with you. If I’m gone, you’ll have no reason to be here. My grandfather won’t stay quiet over my death either.”

Was she using her life as a bargaining chip?

Other people might dismiss it as mere posturing, but not her. If necessary, she was ready to go through with it.

Though it’s not an unfamiliar situation for me, what a surprising junior she is.

“Put it down.”

Unable to bear it any longer, I reached out and pulled her wrist down.

“This is my matter. Don’t worry about it, senior.”

“It’s not that. There seems to be no need for it.”


It seemed we had been found out.

I was not at the academy but in this troublesome place instead.


Carried on the harsh winds of the sandstorm, I sensed a familiar presence.

Though expected, it was not particularly welcome – the allies were quickly approaching from this direction.

(To be continued)


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