The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 61

Episode 61

Three weeks flew by in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to Madellia Page’s faithful execution of the contract, the bizarre rumors about Elin Ludwick had vanished without a trace.

I had received news through a Griffin rider that she had just departed from the Papal States, so I would soon have the honor of seeing her again.

“Rain, you worked hard again today~!”

Sandra Kepel playfully hits my back. It’s her way of saying I was well used for menial jobs.

But my day’s not over yet.

Once daily student council activities wrap up, I have to teach Kasena Page.

‘I need to teach her the fundamentals of magic.’

After an accident at six years old, she had built a wall between herself and magic, leading to a slower pace of learning.

However, telekinesis was an exception. Perhaps because it was essential for her life, she had an exceptional talent for it and picked it up rapidly.

Other than that, she had nothing. Which made this journey arduous.

“I don’t want this! I want to use walking magic!”

“That’s part of the advanced 1-star spells. You need to master the basics, step by step.”

“No! I don’t want to! Teach me! You’re my tutor!”

Adorable, but stubborn.

Indeed, all Kasena Page was focusing on were lofty ideals without wanting to ground herself in the basics.

“Fine. I’ll write down the formula for you, so why don’t you give it a try?”

“Really?! You should have done this sooner!”

Kasena beams with joy.

Rain scribbled a mathematical formula on a wax tablet using a stylus, and briefly explained the runes and Imperial mathematical expressions required.

“Try to calculate this in your head.”

Kasena stared intently at the wax tablet, letting out moans and groans as veins popped on her forehead.

“It’s too hard! How am I supposed to do this!”

Then suddenly, she extends her fingertips and traces geometric patterns in the air.

Through her graceful motions, the powerful language of runes, glowing with light, emerged in the air and began to dance.

It was a sight I hadn’t seen in a long time, and just as thrilling as it was 300 years ago.

‘The bloodline limits of the Page household…’

The bloodline limits of those descended from the progenitors of magic were indeed… beautiful beyond words. That was the only way to explain it.

“The rune to inscribe is buoyancy (浮)!”

While the Ludwick family bore the ignominious title of “Thieving Magicians,” the Page family was known as “Drawing Magicians.”

Watch now as Kasena draws the rune in the air, with waves of light flowing from her fingertips, taking the shape of a rune.

‘It’s not just its beauty.’

It’s unbelievable, but the bloodline limits of the Page family don’t require mathematical computations. All they need is to draw the rune and wish earnestly for what they want it to do.

Such an alien concept to magic, which was founded on mathematical principles by the progenitors, the Pages simplified runes to maximize their bloodline limits’ potency.

“How about that, pretty isn’t it? You can try a hundred times, but you’d never manage, Rain!”

“Well, that’s because I’m not of the Page lineage…”

Unlike the typical magician who grips a magical circle to activate spells, Pages grasp the runes they draw in the air to unleash their magic.

I’m not particularly jealous.

Really, I’m not.

Being born into the progenitor of magic’s lineage is certainly glorious, but personally, I’m more drawn to the kids from Bell Quires.

‘It really feels like sorcery from another world.’

When the runes shattered into particles of light, Kasena’s body floated effortlessly in the air. The buoyancy was a rune of telekinesis with inherent levitation properties.

“It worked, it worked! See that? Behold my genius! 2-star spells would be a breeze!”

If she has such talent specifically for telekinesis, I might need to rethink my teaching strategies. I’ll have to discuss this with Madellia.

“Keep up that spirit and try another.”

“No! That’s enough for today!”

I’m the teacher here, so why does it always feel like you’re the boss?

However, there was a silver lining to finishing class early. It granted me some time to ponder how to get Kasena to walk using magic.

Yet, it was a perplexing challenge. A way to use magic on the body without causing any burden or harm; does such a method even exist?

“What are you pondering over there? Daydreaming can get you injured during exercise.”

After school in the gym.

The student council duties ended swiftly, and on a day when the magical volleyball club was on break, Logan and I ended up working out together after a long while.

“I was just thinking about how to minimize the physical strain that comes with using magic.”

“Tsk, that strain and the subsequent muscle pain are signs of growing stronger! Enjoy that pain every time it comes!”

“Why am I even trying to talk to you…”

Sighing, Logan looked a bit dejected.

‘He’s very much like a puppy.’

Shaking my head at his muscular figure, I noticed the engraved magical circles and suddenly became curious about something that had piqued my interest before.

“Speaking of which, I heard that Wing-type magicians risk twisting muscles or shattering bones when activating those magic circles; is that true?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“But who in their right mind would start learning that? What about beginners? Only those wishing to shatter their bodies would enter such training.”

Then Logan chuckled as if the question was foolish.

“Do you think we’re idiots? Of course, beginners are imprinted with a different fabrication to prevent such injuries.”

“What kind of fabrication?”

“One that eliminates the strain on the body. Beginners can do anything and not get hurt.”

So, there was some kind of insurance.

As I was listening to Logan, I suddenly got a shiver down my spine as the solution to the problem burst forth, and I involuntarily dropped the barbell.

It was the sensation of breaking through a mental block.

“Beginners have this benefit removed as soon as they remove their beginner’s label so that─”

“─What is that? How do you do it? Can you also do that inscription?”

When Rain suddenly got excited and raised his voice, Logan stepped back, slightly flustered, but soon proudly shrugged his shoulders.

“No, Young Master! I am Logan of Chei Haek. Chei Haek’s supreme martial technique! How could you not know? I have already learned everything.”

Suddenly, Rain grabbed his shoulder tightly.

“Logan, would you like to work on a task with me?”

“A task? What sort of task do you mean?”

“Well, if I must say, it might be about the Page family becoming a sworn ally of the Chei Haek school. It’s definitely not a losing proposition.”

And hence began a hectic week.

Apart from completing my studies, once done with student council activities, I had to learn the principal enemy technique from Logan.

By then it would be about 7 o’clock, and from there I would head to the Page family’s mansion to teach Kasena.

A break? Only when I occasionally had free time during lunch for a chat with Pippi.

Despite the exhausting routine, it wasn’t boring; in fact, it was enjoyable.

“No, Young Master! Didn’t you say an additional magic circuit should be added around this acupressure point?”

“Oh, what effect will that have?”

“It would prevent the magic reaction from causing harmful effects to the body.”

I was genuinely pleased.

Yes, it was enjoyment.

This entire journey was a venture into a new world of knowledge, an unexplored sea of learning for me.

‘This principal enemy technique is incredibly tricky.’

Without Logan’s instructions, no matter how many reference books I read, realization would have taken a lot longer. The complexity made the understanding all the more enjoyable.

‘I must study hard.’

This knowledge will become a part of me.

And, because I promised, I will give them the ability to walk again. That was the condition of the deal.

“Why are you dozing off? You said you wanted to learn about the constellations!”

Kasena would cheerfully look through the celestial telescope by the window each night, laughing like a young girl, casting aside any other concerns.

Hence, the evening lessons rarely lasted even an hour.

I had to teach her at least a little magic within a month to save face in front of Madeliya…

“Why do you love the universe so much?”

I asked, leaning against the wall beside the window with a sigh.

“The departed for the universe. Did you know that? They say the gods can fix anything. Absolutely anything! Naturally, they could fix my leg too, right?”


“So I’m searching for it. The meteors in the universe are traces of gods traveling to other worlds!”

Gods, huh… perhaps the existence of gods was a support for Kasena.

“After the gods fix my leg, I plan to go on an adventure.”

“An adventure?”

“Yes! An adventure! But now it’s okay! Rain promised to make me walk!”

At that moment Kasena smiled brightly, and I couldn’t help but let slip a hollow chuckle, reminded of the time Listar grabbed my hand and said ‘world’, and the smile that followed.

Had I worn such an expression as well?

When Listar had said that, my mind was awash with a bright sensation… a past now unreachable, which I shook away from my head.

“I’ll leave for today. I’ll make time and come again.”

As I was about to leave the tower, that’s when it happened.

“Wait a moment!”

Kasena suddenly called out to me, coughing awkwardly a couple of times.

“You… mentioned it last time. That you were busy with your own studies at night because of teaching me.”

“Yes, that is true.”

Late at night was the only personal time I had, having often greeted the dawn due to my rune studies.

Yet Kasena, seemingly pleased by that, smirked smugly.

“Here, a gift.”

Using telekinesis, a box wrapped in luxurious silk flew in front of me.

“What is this?”

“Open it!”

With curiosity, I opened the box. Inside it revealed a pair of crystals, encased in the finest silver.

I halted my breath for a moment.

It was a tool used by scholars.

A faint red glow hinted at the presence of precious carnelian. It had to be a magical tool with protective enchantments for the eyes.

“Is this… glasses?”

Why would she give me this? With a mix of bewilderment and incredulity, my voice shook without my control.

“Yes! Do you like it? I heard studying at night can damage your eyes. If you like studying, you’d better take care of your eyes from now on!”


“Rain has really been teaching you diligently! I asked my father to order it from the finest craftsman in the empire. Feel free to be as thankful as you want!”

Though she shouted with bravado, she kept sneakily glancing at me, obviously curious if I liked the gift.

For a moment, my heart ached.

What was this emotion?

Suddenly, I remembered Hirpien visiting the black market in search of something for her grandfather. It contrasted with Rin, who had never thought to give a gift to her comrades.

‘Yes, I had felt this way before.’

Unlike Rin, hesitantly but surely, the Companions in the hero party had given gifts to Rin. For example, there was the time when Kies made a floral wreath during training and gave it to Pride, who laughed heartily…

‘No, you knew all along.’

It was the courage to acknowledge gratitude that I lacked before. And the courage to reciprocate it…


A bitter laugh marred by distress twisted my face, and Kasena flustered, her hands fidgeting with concern.

“Why are you laughing? Don’t you like it? Sorry! I asked them to encircle it in gold, but they said they couldn’t make that so quickly…”

“It’s not that, miss… I’m just… grateful.”

“Is, Is it really to your liking?!”

Suppressing the sorrow for the past, I nodded, and Kasena, previously confused, proudly crossed her arms again.

“Hmph! Then smile happily! Don’t confuse people for no reason!”

“I apologize, miss.”

“Well, say thank you then!”

“Thank you, miss. I won’t forget this kindness.”

“Hmph! Of course, you should be thankful. I’ll let you go early today. Use those glasses and study hard!”

To have initially intended to give a gift.

How did this happen…

After bowing in gratitude to Kasena, I fled the room as if escaping. My legs gave way and I had to support myself against the wall immediately after.

‘Let’s properly reciprocate this time, Rin….’

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