The Rebirth of the Hero’s Party’s Archmage chapter 60

Episode 60

The next day, as I entered the classroom as usual, I felt piercing gazes and heard murmurs around me.


I had no idea why, but I was so tired I could die, so I gave up trying to figure it out.

The incident with worsened my already poor physical condition, and the exhaustion hit me hard after overexerting myself because of Kasena.

I plopped down in my assigned seat and used the plush textbook as a makeshift pillow when I heard the dignified steps approaching.

“Did you stay up all night studying? Hmph, are you trying too hard now, worried you’ll fall behind me in the final exams?”

Krista Warden sat down with an air of arrogant nobility and spoke.

“It makes sense to be anxious. After all, you’re sitting next to Krista Warden.”


“But it’s still two months away. Aren’t you a little too diligent? Well, struggle all you want. The outcome is already decided.”

As Krista loudly went on, she suddenly scanned the classroom atmosphere, then whispered into Rain’s ear.

“…Hey, is Peach doing okay?”


“No, it’s not that I missed Peach or anything, but if anything happened to her while she was with me, I’d have to compensate you.”

Gertrude Fenton, having to observe such foolish behavior from her charge, pressed her temples as if her skull was splitting.

“Please just decide whether you want to be tough or friendly, Miss.”

“Tch, friendly! That one and I are rivals! I was just asking because I was curious!”

“Ah, let it be. Seems like you’ve been quite busy lately.”

“What? Do you know what it’s about?”

At that moment, a playful smile flashed across Gertrude’s face.

“Oh dear, haven’t you heard? The gossip is all over the streets. Of course, it’s just rumors, not necessarily accurate. That’s also why the classroom is so noisy now.”

“What is it? Tell me already!”

“A raven-haired boy was caught attempting to elope with the young lady of the Page family. Hohohoho.”

Elope? That’s something you hear in novels, isn’t it? Lovers eloping together?

Suddenly, Krista’s face turned beet red with anger and she began hitting Rain’s head furiously.

“You…! How dare you indulge in romance in this sacred place of learning?! Haven’t you heard of keeping distance between men and women? If you lose to me because of this ridiculous affair, I won’t forgive you, I said I won’t!”

Despite this, Rain didn’t even lift his head.

Then, a bizarre realization struck him, and his body tensed.

‘The young lady of the Page family?’

Was her name Kasena Page? I’ve only seen her once when I was six… I remember she got along well with Sandra Keppel because she was quite active.

The problem was, as far as I knew, she hasn’t appeared in public or private ever since.

‘So what’s this all about? Is Gertrude playing tricks again?’

There were rumors going around that she had died, and even Krista half-believed them. If she were alive, she would have enrolled at this year.

‘Hmph, no need to worry then.’

For a moment, she didn’t even know why she thought there was nothing to worry about.

* * *

“The revival of Archmage Lyn?”

It took a whole minute for Elin Ludwick’s head, spinning in shock, to calm down.

“Isn’t that a good thing? He was the one who achieved unbelievable feats during the times of turmoil. Wouldn’t it be good if he returned?”

Who was Archmage Lyn?

He was a figure who could freely manipulate all eight elemental magics, earning him the title of Elemental Master.

A genius among geniuses who had developed dozens of theoretical magic models into practical formulas.

His emergence alone propelled the relatively small Osarius School into the ranks of the great eight schools.

If that boy were alive, magic would definitely have advanced by leaps and bounds, and he himself would undoubtedly have reached the Truth, becoming the third Sage.

“It’s not as simple as that.”

Inquisitor Biljiwin sighed and shook his head, adding that what followed was strictly confidential.

“According to Haraderiman’s oracle, Lyn’s soul has already left his body.”


“It is said that his body, encased in ice, shall never awaken.”

The honorific title of Haraderiman was ‘The Radiant that Caresses the World’, and it was said his divine light could perceive all events in the world.

Elin Ludwick couldn’t hide her profound disappointment after hearing this.

Any magician who read about Lyn’s heroic acts dreamed of his return, fantasizing about meeting the great pioneer who laid down extraordinary achievements.

“That’s……well, quite regrettable. But would someone like Tureina be unaware of this? Besides, isn’t that person already dead?”

A scornful smile bloomed on Yuliana’s face.

“She’s not the kind of woman to die easily. There was once a perfect opportunity, but I missed it due to my mistake.”

“You tried to kill… that historic figure? Wasn’t she your teacher?!”

“It was for the good of the world. How long do you think Tureina has been studying dark magic? It’s not a short story.”

The fact that a disciple had tried to kill their master was shocking enough, and the revelation that Tureina was alive and studying black magic was another huge shock.

Had Elin been an ordinary person rather than a genius, his brain might have stopped functioning for a good while.

Wearily, Inquisitor Biljiwin rubbed his forehead.

“The Abyss always tempts humans with longing for their loved ones. It seems not even someone with Tureina’s magical power could be free from this desire.”

Yuliana laughed bitterly.

“Never once free from that desire… poor woman. She spent her whole life in longing.”

Silence hung in the air for a moment.

Biljiwin cleared his throat and continued.

“Anyway, Tureina has been promised the revival of Lyn.”

“That’s a lie.”

“This is according to Haraderiman’s oracle. Actually, if you connect the dots between Lyn and Tureina, her ascent to the head of the Black Church makes sense.”

“I can’t say I’m entirely convinced,” the three foregoing FakeWarriors—humanity’s strongest soldiers—had already been dispersed across the continent to investigate and purge the dark church. While there were originally twelve warriors intended, the significant human and financial costs required to train just one meant they were usually operated in smaller numbers like this.

“Something big feels imminent. Haraderiman can’t see it clearly either. That’s why everyone’s on edge.” As Elin listened to these words, she felt her body grow lethargic, her consciousness slipping away from her. It was too late when she realized the sleepy haze was due to the drugs mixed with Yuliana’s cigarette smoke. Elin fell forward onto the desk as Yuliana placed her hand on her head, closed her eyes, and began to murmur a Dragon Tongue incantation—a simplified form of the witches’ rune altigma spells, using the spirits that permeate the air like dragons. A white mist soon slipped through the fingers of Yuliana’s grip on Elin’s head, and snippets of Elin’s memories flashed before Yuliana’s closed eyes.

“How did it go?”

“She wasn’t the borrower.”

It was her niece… This was simply an attempt to cover for her. Yuliana finally lifted her hand from Elin.

“We’ve got the wrong person. It’s not this woman; it’s her niece, Elin’s niece.”

“If we’re talking about Elin Ludwick’s niece, that must be Rain Ludwick,” someone commented.

“Hmm, is this individual well-known?” Billjiwin, the inquisitor, shrugged casually and marked ‘innocent’ on the inquiry document.

“She’s under surveillance by the Special Magic Division. They even stopped us from interrogating her about the Ledacable incident.”

“She went to the black market? At her age?”

“Yes, indeed. An odd one, but there’s no need to worry. If anything comes up, Doran Sleyd, that meticulous man, will deal with her.” While the inquisitor seemed unbothered, Yuliana looked at the name Rain Ludwick with suspicion.

‘She went to the black market in search of the Book of Tureina… really?’

* * *

“Quite the event you stirred up yesterday, Rain Ludwick. To think you’d attempt to flee with my precious daughter—I was nearly floored.” Rain was called to the dean’s office right after lunchtime (he had hoped for a bit more sleep) to listen to Madelia Page say this.

The events of the previous day had spread like wildfire throughout the city. Thanks to her distinctive hair and the striking beauty inherited from her mother, the rumors had taken flight.

Above all else, the reemergence of Page’s elusive successor threatened to cause a massive stir across the entire magical world.

“I’m sorry, your excellency. It wasn’t an escape but a strategy… Perhaps my feelings got the better of me,” Rain tried to excuse, unable to reveal the reality of having been baited by Casena’s provocation.

“Really?” Madelia Page’s smile grew.

“I’m grateful that you were so impulsive. Last night, for the first time in almost ten years, I had a conversation with my daughter. She talked about learning magic with eyes shining. She wants to learn, to walk again.” The unexpected response left Rain slightly bemused.

“That’s quite encouraging.”

“Yes, I owe you an immense debt.” Her smile, a combination of sorrow and joy, was unnerving as Madelia, superior in rank, expressed gratitude. Rain could only wave his hands in protest.

“I’ve hardly done anything yet. We’re just getting started.”

“But how exactly do you plan to get her walking?”

“It’s about electrical signaling. Sending current through the nervous system with magic.”

Upon hearing this, Madelia Page’s face revealed a dawning realization as she paced near the office window.

“Is that even possible…? But could Casena use such a thing?”

“The magic used is beginner level, ranging from 1-star to 2-star spells.”

“2-stars and beginner level? Regardless, it’s not about the level of magic. Applying current to one’s body can cause immense damage with even a minor mistake.”

Rain being Rain, having opened the Vel Sidiere at his tender age and able to read the body’s magical circuitry, made it seem plausible. Madelia’s eyes said as much.

“I believe it depends on one’s effort,” Rain replied.

Madelia hesitated for a moment before offering a barely visible shake of her head.

“No, I can’t authorize it. Her body is already damaged; trying such things in a crude state could only lead to further harm.”

“But the progress you have shown is truly incredible. She said herself that she wants to learn magic?”

“More precisely, she said she wants to learn magic to be able to walk by her own strength.”

“That’s secondary! The point is her newfound interest in magic. As she learns, she might see new possibilities and futures!”

Though Madelia Page seemed overly optimistic, stretching out her hands… Rain wondered, is this what Casena truly wants?

“Won’t this be deceiving her? Casena doesn’t want to learn magic. She wants to walk. Magic is merely a means to an end, a tool for her to walk again by her own strength.”

Madelia, perhaps realizing her own selfishness, slumped onto the couch with a sigh.

“But we don’t have many options, do we? By learning magic and waiting for the right time, things will eventually work out.”

While Rain agreed with Madelia’s sentiment, they felt it was too focused on their own perspective.

What is magic, after all?

‘Those who seek shall find, those who search will discover, and those who knock will have the door opened to them.’ Magic is the path to hope, the gateway to the divine symbols gifted by Black Sun Karenden to humanity. There must be another way.

“Could you give me some time? I’ll consider an alternative path.”

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